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  • Gabriel Boucher
    Gabriel Boucher

    nice truck

  • Tenma_FN

    Those parts you powdercoated... if you did not remove all the rust the rust will over time break through the coat. Also you need to set that oven up with a ventilator.

  • Michael Hanna
    Michael Hanna

    Do you lift?

  • Joseph Ball
    Joseph Ball

    You should check out getting a sandblasting box to do little parts...

  • Nick Hanegraaf
    Nick Hanegraaf

    Dammit ryan. I now hate you because of you i went and bought a powder coating rig😂

  • DDwitDaRebel

    How come the color didn’t disappear like on the purple stuff you did???

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer


  • TNM Atlantic
    TNM Atlantic

    Calls torsion keys "LIFT KIT". Clickbaiting little goof

  • Outside Vehicles
    Outside Vehicles

    Street black rims

  • Jesus Alvarez
    Jesus Alvarez

    One question were do you buy the powder and what powders do you need to get that shine finish i really want to buy that Eastwood set up and powder coat my own stuff

  • Izek Logan
    Izek Logan

    Should of got nitto r triple 8’s for the hellcat

  • Kevin Lynde
    Kevin Lynde

    I was told by one of the nitto personnel that travels to shows, to show off the different types of wheels, that they are discontinuing the Nitto 420S and transitioning to the 420V so you might check first Ryan!?

  • Thomas Oneal
    Thomas Oneal

    I have 305/50/20 nitto 420s on 12 wides on my 09 ram. I love them. Just wish they had some wider than 305. Only down side

  • Jolly Green Cummins
    Jolly Green Cummins

    I've been through 3 sets of Nittos two 420s and one 420v. They all rode like ass

  • 1_wide_5.4

    Street truck

  • Bryce Whitworth
    Bryce Whitworth

    i don’t think street would be the way to go especially due to where you live the truck wouldn’t be able to handle ice on slick roads like you said you want it to personaly i think you should put some nitto grapps on that truck with some cheaper rims just my opinion

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    RIP ryan getting all that powder everywhere 🤣🤣

  • Bangs 2nd shot garage
    Bangs 2nd shot garage

    I’d honestly put some Nitto mud grapplers instead of 420s. Put those on a future low rider build.

  • Alex Case
    Alex Case

    Thought it was a winter truck, 420’s wouldn’t do good in the snow

  • Craigon

    the nitto420s would look good, but if you're building this to be your kinda "winter beater" you need something that will help get through all the snow and everything. just something to think about

  • SosaGamer

    I love your videos because they give me the courage to try stuff myself

  • David Reimer
    David Reimer

    Hay, On my personal winter truck i would go for a luggy all terain tire but not a mud tire. Reason y is becouse u need siping and mud tires dont have that if u know what i mean. For snow and ice i would go with BFG KO2, Cooper Discovery AT3, Good Year DuraTrac, or Nitto Terra Grapler. I dont know how much snow and ice u have but those would be some of the best A/T tires on the market


    you should make videos on transforming the look of the quad by powdering it and you will probably use up the last of your purple powder.

  • Cole Y
    Cole Y

    Get the nitto 420’s, go full on street truck

  • Jake Brownell
    Jake Brownell

    go with the nitto 420s for the street truck look i think it will look sick



  • Dylan_05z71

    Def off road tires like someone says you are building it to drive for winter

  • Armando Gonzalez
    Armando Gonzalez

    The powder coated oven rack 😂

  • Shane Pitts
    Shane Pitts

    Do some milestar patigonia m/ts

  • Aaliyah Dorigo
    Aaliyah Dorigo

    go with a off road tire set up

  • Rhett Martin
    Rhett Martin

    Off-road tires. If you bought it to go in the snow in Ohio 420’s probably aren’t the best idea

  • Fishy Boy
    Fishy Boy


  • levi scott
    levi scott

    No please go off-road tires with it. If it's going to be your daily it can't be a city baby

  • 317 Dmax
    317 Dmax

    Nitto 420s or toyo proxes both r good I've had both

  • taylor jackson
    taylor jackson


  • Terry Lusk
    Terry Lusk

    Zip strip. Saves lots of time

  • Jackie Hodgson
    Jackie Hodgson

    Now you have me wanting to powder coat everything on my truck during this brake😂

  • matt248524852485

    Nitto 420 all day love it

  • Evan Hord
    Evan Hord

    I’m all for the 420s on the Silverado!

  • Steven K Irving
    Steven K Irving

    you need a small Sandblaster would it be hard to powder coat rims? I woudl like to powder coat my factory ram 1500 Rims Orange

  • Warren Decker
    Warren Decker

    Looks like you need a sand blaster now to add to the collection

  • Steven K Irving
    Steven K Irving

    The item that i wanted was out of stock! Made in the USA!!

  • Jay James
    Jay James

    Wire wheel !!

  • Kasey Krumwiede
    Kasey Krumwiede

    For the Silverado you should do 35/12/18’s. Some cutting to fit but it would make that truck look amazing!

  • Adam Pennington
    Adam Pennington

    22x12 and Nitto 420s👍🏻💯

    • Adam Pennington
      Adam Pennington

      I ran 420s for 2 years zero problems

    • Mike Maes
      Mike Maes

      On a winter beater? Not much upstairs huh??

  • Jeremy Mcjennett
    Jeremy Mcjennett

    Street look would be dope!

  • wilmoblie wil
    wilmoblie wil

    you should go to the 2020 penn state, ohio state game

  • Will Marriott
    Will Marriott

    Wide and los

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor

    Can u powder coat over body filler ?

  • Mason Shepard
    Mason Shepard

    This truck needed at least a 6 inch lift

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor

    Need to get the Milwaukee battery palm sander

  • justin gordon
    justin gordon

    Off road look

  • D.Russ

    The wire brush you used for the Ford truck bed might have worked better

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    I'd love to see a powder coat booth build video!

  • Dustin Drake
    Dustin Drake

    Go with the street truck look

  • ohio dipper
    ohio dipper

    Cant wait to see the garage overhall after all is done lol

  • XvEdit

    If you wanted to powder coat a design could/would you put your first layer down then spray your second powder coat over your first glossy layer. Like would it mess up the color putting it back in heat?

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Once u see purple layed down,it’s in your blood there’s no other color ,lol. Looks cool dude

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    Nitto grapplers are awesome for the street with all terrain purposes

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    Nittos awesome choice bro💯💯💯

  • Jeremiah Halderman
    Jeremiah Halderman

    I like the use of the expensive professional funnel 😂😂😂

  • Lor Waxx
    Lor Waxx

    Everything Is done In The Drive Way !!!! So I Wonder What they goin Hate on this time

  • Adam Keene
    Adam Keene

    The truck looks awesome if you have time I would love you too paint my truck

  • Jason Sampson
    Jason Sampson

    Buy a sand blast cabinet

  • brendan hitchcock
    brendan hitchcock

    Go prerunner look

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Love the videos of powder coating! You should do a cold start on the 4 wheeler!

  • Rich Bentley
    Rich Bentley

    Love the content.

  • Conner McPherson
    Conner McPherson

    Brotha you need a shop, big time!

  • Neil Brinckman
    Neil Brinckman

    He'll yeah street truck would be sic mate. Huge offset.

  • Mike Hardeman
    Mike Hardeman

    I’m just going to be honest I can’t wait to see what your going to do with the Chevy but I would go with the nitto ridge grappler

  • nate hagerty
    nate hagerty

    Off-road tires it’s a 4x4 not a 2wd

  • Parker Jessen
    Parker Jessen

    Definitely a A/t, or a m/t tire.

    • Parker Jessen
      Parker Jessen

      Black Rhino wheels 18x9, wrapped in 275/70/18

  • nate hagerty
    nate hagerty

    How much u want for that kfx in the back🤔😂

  • Joe Colwell
    Joe Colwell

    Go used wheels and show refinishing the wheel and powder coat them?

  • Joe Colwell
    Joe Colwell

    Offroad/ all terrain, street tires wont help ya in the winter

  • Layne Green
    Layne Green

    How much you want for that four wheeler tho👀

  • RQ Projects
    RQ Projects

    Hey for next time put a primer on under the powder coat, colour powder coat is porous so bare metal will rust under it. You can buy a zinc primer powder coat that works awesome otherwise just a rattle can etch primer to protect the steel

  • Troy hadley
    Troy hadley

    Nitto 420s!!!

  • SmllSlvrBck88

    Is ther a certain amount limit for the 10%off cause it’s not discounting with the code

  • Edward Cissel
    Edward Cissel

    Street truck for sure

  • XxYT_T-type10xX

    Where did you get that metal diesel cap. My dad needs one.



  • Jacob Volk
    Jacob Volk

    Go street truck looks the Chevy would look amazing

  • Cory patton
    Cory patton

    U should do some four wheeler vids

  • SmllSlvrBck88

    To get deep into those crevasses use a wire wheel and a torch to burn off any paint that inside

  • Jackson Billions
    Jackson Billions

    Does curing time depend on the size of what your coating?

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    Hope you do a paint match and black rim

  • blackyy512

    No to the 420 tires. And if you plan on going mudding on the truck go with the M/T. Itsjusta6 just got stuck with his truck and he had nitto Ridge grappler 👎

  • Drew Williams
    Drew Williams

    No!! you dont prebake them. It makes the powder weak when done

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    Time to start powdering under the hood stuff lol black green or purple

    • Mike Maes
      Mike Maes

      With the maroon firewall??? Must have manure for brains..

  • wesley

    If you’re gonna use it as a work truck give it the work truck look

  • Shevon Traille
    Shevon Traille

    You should make all your videos this long because I enjoy them more this way

  • Quatele Inc
    Quatele Inc

    Bro did you think about power coating the front emblem green .. it will be fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Stephen Powers
    Stephen Powers

    Get a blast cabinet from harbor freight, would make prep work a lot faster

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    If you’re lowering the 1500 which obviously you’re not I would say hell yeah do the 420s but nahhh if you want that kinda look on something lifted go with the nitto a/t

  • ChrisCG

    We need diesel fuel only shot glasses!!

  • mattybarringer

    yo what ever happened to the lime green 4 wheeler😂😂😂

  • DeerHunter30-06

    Big no for 420s

  • Nicole Seago
    Nicole Seago

    I'm glad he's "honest".

  • Middleton Parker
    Middleton Parker

    If you do street truck it’s gonna look ricer af

  • David Bruner
    David Bruner

    You should get Eastwood to send you a nice big air compressor, they have really nice ones, that will do the job EZ! As much as you promote them, they should send you one out for free!