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  • blaccteezy

    Dude you need a band saw lol

  • james bennett
    james bennett

    I’ve had them for 3 years and love them

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Sorry I’ve been this much trouble lying after seeing you still throwing boards from I’ll be P on your RAM install them on my run and look them if I have a product that I love I’m going to stick with it you probably should’ve done the same thing I’m stuck with all BP waterproof motors two motors per board are you really knew how to install them and I also think it was a little cheaper, unless you’ve got them for free I’ve gone back with what I know works, just saying bro. I would highly recommend on Katie’s truck you do RBP‘s stealth steps👍🏽

  • Ben Nikolas
    Ben Nikolas

    you didn't show us a vid of you putting in the seatbelts? was looking forward to seeing the maroon belts

  • Jason Minhinnick
    Jason Minhinnick

    Dude don’t just leave that wire wrapped around and taped.

  • Zachary Castillo
    Zachary Castillo

    When you posting the video today

  • Brad White
    Brad White

    Mine does the same thing, and amp doesn't get back to you at all.

  • Mr. LouisianaDawg
    Mr. LouisianaDawg

    Motor burned up

  • Norberto Rodriguez
    Norberto Rodriguez

    His girl is always in those type of pants on the videos. Now im not complaining. Im just saying. Dudes smart.

  • cody Hernandez
    cody Hernandez

    I'd choose amp over rbp

  • KarnsKustoms

    Good luck getting support from AMP they are the worst to deal with .

  • HOBrian2003

    Have a look at Tesa Tape, blows 3M away.

  • Zachary Castillo
    Zachary Castillo

    When you posting next video

    • Zachary Castillo
      Zachary Castillo

      What time you gonna post it

    • Zachary Castillo
      Zachary Castillo

      What time is gonna be posted

    • Zachary Castillo
      Zachary Castillo


    • Zachary Castillo
      Zachary Castillo

      Ok thanks



  • Adam Pfeiffer
    Adam Pfeiffer

    I think it is to late to say this but you should get coil overs

  • Ray Candler
    Ray Candler

    You probably have the motor clocked wrong to the arm.

  • Ben Barker
    Ben Barker

    Heat sink connections would be better than tape but works

  • Antonio Reyes
    Antonio Reyes

    Ryan out of rbp and amp which one has the biggest gap in between the step and vehicle? Which one hangs lower. What are the measurements? Are they easier to get in than factory?

  • done right diesels boyle
    done right diesels boyle

    Where do u get ur tail lights at

  • done right diesels boyle
    done right diesels boyle

    I just love how u spend good money for something that goes not right i just sent 360 on rear tail lights that would not work right did everything right spyder tail lights are a jk

  • Alex Porter
    Alex Porter

    Always enjoy the content on both channels, yours and Katie's.

  • Keith’s Garage
    Keith’s Garage

    Lol I’m SO glad I waited and went with the RBP steps, fricken LOVE them and love not having any of these amp step problems. Sucks they don’t make any for your Taho! But for the price, the half assery that is the amp steps is kind of ridiculous. I mean sure there electric running boards & I guess they work. Until they don’t... Until the motors jam over & over & eventually corrode or just break because there cheap & not sealed. Until the module falls & gets damaged in one way or another because it’s only secured by a ZIP TIE in some random spot by the battery! And in the meantime the lights start to go out one by one because there only connected with crappy butt connectors! (unless you get lucky or do the right thing & solder them). And no these are not assumptions, I’ve personally seen this stuff happen on trucks that have been brought in. Some of witch I’ve had to fix. Now sure there probably not the worst in the world but they have a lot to improve upon before I would EVER pay that kinda money for them OR recommend them to anyone period.

  • Jonathan Hennebury
    Jonathan Hennebury

    Should've replaced your stock door speakers since you already had the panel off and the speaker unscrewed

  • Christian Lemus
    Christian Lemus

    I never had amp power steps I bought the RBP ones not to long after u shot a video on urs I got em for just over $1000 your right was pretty damn easy and clean install 👍

  • Jay James
    Jay James

    Rep doesn’t make running boards for every truck or suv !, which sucks

  • Money-pit

    those aren't the xl amp boards those are just the regular cheap ones

  • project_raven _
    project_raven _

    Lol sounds like mine after I took my truck offroading and they haven't opened in about a year 😂🤙 they were cool when they worked

    • Eddie Williams
      Eddie Williams

      They need to b water proof

  • Bobby D
    Bobby D

    this guy poops all over a posilock, then proceeds to strip and wrap a wire, then electrical tapes it.......oh the irony.....I see this stuff every day..... and people want to know why mechanics charge so much? because they have to fix your work..... LOL!

  • Michael Pierce
    Michael Pierce

    Do you still have the 6.5 zone lift for sale?

  • swayde welborn
    swayde welborn

    Somebody that works at RBP must have had this experience with amp steps so that’s where the RBP steps came from lol

  • GOE

    Dude, stop your whining, you’ll.figure it out. I have AMP steps on my Ram 1500, they work flawless.

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd

    Love how the Tahoe is changing 😀😎

  • chris wyatt Pandemic_Silverado
    chris wyatt Pandemic_Silverado

    So glad I watched your install video of the RBPs on your truck and took your recommendation and put the stealth power boards on my truck. Plus RBP gives a VA discount. Watching this video, not impressed with the Amp research at all...

  • Troy Brandon
    Troy Brandon

    Love watching your videos man! But as a licensed technician I really wish ud fix up your twisted wires and make a permanent connection! Believe me it will cause you or the next owner issues!

  • GPTitan

    Why didn’t you buy RBP if you like those more?

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    If there is to much resistance they wont open or close . Loosen the 4 bolts connecting the board to the bracket and then re tighten them.

  • Dylan Andrews
    Dylan Andrews

    Okay Ryan, got your point; pick up the RBP’s instead.

  • hansell antuna castaneda
    hansell antuna castaneda

    Seems like he’s just bashing amp and promoting RBP 😂😂

    • Joshua Johnson
      Joshua Johnson

      @Bobby Roberts lmao

    • Bobby Roberts
      Bobby Roberts

      Grizz 2 well if you watch the previous videos he states he wants to try different companies. You can’t know who’s the best if you only try one company. Come on now

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      @Bobby Roberts So why didn't he buy RBP to start with? Kid is trying to get that sponsorship. Not sure if that's the best way to sell a product- he has credibility issues to start with.

    • Bobby Roberts
      Bobby Roberts

      Well when you spend 2 grand and they say to zip tie and let hang, have to cut the product with a grinder and have bitt connectors. Other than the name, it’s a shit product

  • Jim Auto
    Jim Auto


  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    the running board heard you talking shit about AMP steps and said screw you, I'm not gonna work😂😂😂

  • Jeremy Medlock
    Jeremy Medlock

    Sounds like the board thinks it in the opposite position

  • bennyburns77

    Disconnect the battery and so it's reset

  • peeweepeach1

    As an electrician scotch tape is the best you will get. The rest are sub standard

  • Sergio Velix
    Sergio Velix

    Overpriced junk

  • Joseph Cirelli
    Joseph Cirelli

    $1500 isn’t pocket change for me! I would expect the boards to fit my vehicle, a bracket to hold the module in place & plug n play wiring. And it to work flawlessly! Looks so far like RBP steps for the win! Thanks Ryan for all you do making your videos! I learned so much so far. Love Katie’s channel cuz I have a ‘05 F350 6.0L myself.

  • Samsgarage99

    Can't wait to see Tahoe lift kit

  • Paul Meadows
    Paul Meadows

    15 minute mistake...... Watching you complain the entire install without seeing them work. Part 2 should be 15 seconds of the steps dropping down and coming back up.

  • Jamie Wawrzonek
    Jamie Wawrzonek

    Not to be ignorant but why didn’t you buy what you have on your truck.

    • Jamie Wawrzonek
      Jamie Wawrzonek

      Well that sucks! But I’m sure you will figure it out. And the Tahoe will look just as awesome as the Chevy Truck


      Not available for the Tahoe!

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Like the video

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    Man seems like you could’ve used the rbp one’s

  • Zerek Peel
    Zerek Peel

    Twisting that wire then slapping electrical tape on it is junk man.

  • Daniel Falk
    Daniel Falk

    This. Looks. Sick. Cleanest Tahoe that’s on stock paint I’ve seen in this year. Keep cranking bro. Don’t listen to anybody telling you to stop. Also I had the same thing happen on my 2000 lifted F-250. Disconnected and reconnected the motor ground and it worked magically after that.

  • Timmy DeMattos
    Timmy DeMattos

    Would probably be good to solder the connections ...

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    You guys should film stuff like the camping trip! I know that I personally would be really interested in content like that, I think it would be cool to get some non vehicle related content. Maybe mention it to Katie, if you aren’t interested in it maybe she would be. Have a great trip!

  • Wade Anders
    Wade Anders

    Maybe next time you should stick to rbp steps😂

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    I overslept lol

  • mathew b
    mathew b

    Is this a rbp commercial??? You are sponsored by rbp I get it but its every little thing you are bitching about is getting annoying ive been a subscriber for years but seriously your shit is old the mid west if full of lifted Tahoes its old you act like yours is the only one in the country and its definitely not

  • Travis Eaton
    Travis Eaton

    May want to solder the wires instead of just wrapping them around one another. That’s going to cause a short down the road. Or could be your issue with the drivers side now.

  • Skyler Berg
    Skyler Berg

    Is it possible that the motor is upside down?

  • Tim C
    Tim C

    Your pretty dumb. Main thing your chick is Hott...

  • KBTR

    That is not hard wiring, hard wiring is when you actually soldier the wires and shrink wrap them its waterproof and a whole lot safer, the way you are doing it is dangerous can start fires or corrosion and short out a lot things

  • The_Darkness_Knight

    love the videos keep up the good work have a great day.

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    I love my amps was really easy to install but I have the one you connect to the obd II port. Why didn’t you not order the plug & play one?

    • redubskie

      So that he could knock them compared to what he has on the ram. He’s comparing apples to oarange

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Ryan-sounds like it's either a wiring issue or your motor didn't work to begin with. Go over the wiring again, use a volt meter with the wiring to make sure your getting power to the right places. Also make sure your motor is getting power as well. Also go over the instructions again.

  • ATX Vehicles
    ATX Vehicles

    Please do a sound system in the tahoe


    Did you try to use the pasdenger side motor on the driverside? If it works on driversside you know its the motor. If not then its in the wiring.


    So why not just go with the RBP boards.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    The build is coming along nice. I might have to get one lol. Have you thought about doing tool reviews?

  • J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family

    From an electrician perspective... Super 33 is the best. .

  • Mike Duhr
    Mike Duhr

    Remove the motor but leave it connected.. Open and close door to see if the motor cycles. If it does then open door and install motor with step down and door open.

    • Todd Black
      Todd Black

      Your right, the motor thinks the board is already out and is trying to retract it when the door closes

  • Jean-Daniel Richer
    Jean-Daniel Richer

    Did you tried to plug the driver side (the one not working) into de passenger side module (the one that is working) so you can check if it's a bad module instead of a bad motor or wiring?

  • john russo
    john russo

    power steps are so over priced doesnt matter what brand you get

  • Joel Pinay
    Joel Pinay

    Should spray paint the exposed metal where you cut now or will rust and corrode

  • smokey joe
    smokey joe

    Ya did amp steps on my dads 01 f250 with 10inch lift and they were trash probably won't ever use them again.but the module did come with a bracket when doing it so ya some differences.and ya similar issues with the boards but they will randomly go up and down while driving and checked everything and everything checked good but was after like a yr when started acting up but ya never again good luck

  • Jovan H
    Jovan H


  • Mason Gil
    Mason Gil

    You might have overloaded the motors on the board

  • Athletic Youth
    Athletic Youth


  • young savage
    young savage

    For 1500 i dont want any problems.. especially for something like step bars

  • Mark Hacker
    Mark Hacker

    Why didn't you buy RBP again?

  • hunter bizzz
    hunter bizzz

    Bad harness or bad motors, i had the same issues for my 2012 f-250

  • joseph chuo
    joseph chuo

    shitty man after that expense....shlda just got the ones i offered you lol!!

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Plug and play makes a world of difference in wiring....I’ve personally spent a week figuring out how to wire my power and heated Ram tow mirrors cuz it didn’t come with directions or online.....so many weird colored wires....who knows how many fuses later , it’s done! :-) keep it up tho bro

  • chipper654321

    Pull your hat down!!!!!!!!!

  • Harrison's Garage
    Harrison's Garage

    Not sure if you wanna mod the lights - I added an LED strip that just pops way more. Link to the video irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/fZhnhJ2nxGuetIs.html and Link to the lights www.amazon.com/VANJING-Pickup-Waterproof-Lighting-Tailgate/dp/B07L83H53C You could probably get some red lights to go with the Tahoe's paint as well.

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Im dying to see the windshield tint

  • D Rose of 2003
    D Rose of 2003

    Sounds like you shorted out the motor

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Your doing 11 inch lift holy lift bro

  • Daily life of adam Schlabach
    Daily life of adam Schlabach

    At the end of the video you have the same background editing song as diygang

  • Landon Does Things
    Landon Does Things

    Katie should film Ryan’s videos like he films hers 🤭😂 🍑

  • Ivan Rocha
    Ivan Rocha

    Send me the old running boards

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    Beirut look better then this garage... Katie camera stills are on point. To bad she can’t speak correctly in her videos. Dumb and pretty I guess. You could always build a bracket to make it work. This is all part of build vehicles unless you want to be like a Evan shanks and add bolt ons..

  • Mike

    Have fun and be careful and be safe on your trip for camping see you guys when you put the next video out

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    You should do a speaker install cant go wrong with a awesome system

  • Ashton Meland
    Ashton Meland

    What kind of paint are you using on the frame

  • mortiz2166

    What did you use to seal the motors? I am putting mine on soon, they shipped in today and I live up north too and what to make sure they last

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez

    I have those on my black suburban bc they came like that from the dealer so it's not customize without the lights tho

  • ericg4x4

    If you just wrapped that wire around without solder, that’s jankey as hell, you just as soon use the posilock!

  • ericg4x4

    If the RBP board’s are so great, why didn’t you buy them instead?

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      Because trying to get sponsored or RBP gave him a nickel to bash the other brand.

    • Jacob Cloer
      Jacob Cloer

      He mentioned he wanted to try this brand out, and he found out they aren’t better. Next time he probably won’t get this brand.

  • Alexander Arias
    Alexander Arias

    I would say the motor is in the wrong position. If I was you I would unbolt the motor from the mount and open/close the door and see if it moves

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    What made you go with the amps instead of the RBP ones?? I saw your video of the RBP and it made me order them🤙🏻 but now I see this video and I’m like damn should I have gotten these?? 🤨 lol

  • CorpOps Gaming
    CorpOps Gaming

    Katie should be in more videos nice video today