PROBLEMS + Powder Coating My Light Bar! | Building a Banana Ram | Part 22
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  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith

    You could loft the back 8-12 ft of that shop and build out shelving systems and add roller cabinets and have tons of space. If you're not working on Lime; it should not be in the shop while you're working. That too is wasting your space.

  • Rob Becker
    Rob Becker

    you need some pallet racking on the back walls, store so much stuff.

  • 14jrloco

    You haven’t out grown that shop . you’re house keeping sucks and your organization skills suck also

  • Angry Mike 67
    Angry Mike 67

    Ok, why can't everyone use this music ????? So much better than a shitty beat using crying babies and alarm clocks...... Great work on the truck but a huge thumbs up on the music choice cause it didn't even make me wanna fast forward !👍👌

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    You ok bud?


      She’s live! You’ll see every day I didn’t upload in that video!

  • alex shannon
    alex shannon

    Hey Ryan, I'm having withdrawal here, you need to get some banana ram content going.... Lol

  • Terry gajdica
    Terry gajdica

    Who else checks everyday to see if he posted

  • Mason Shead
    Mason Shead

    Paint the RAM in the front of the truck red

  • g10v411

    ehh your girlfriend's channel doesn't work?

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez

    What chu do for a living beo

  • dutchyellowram

    What are you doing at 7:00 minutes?

  • D_Sulzy

    For the trash, just buy those big rolling cans for all the trash and then you can just throw em in the back of the truck and take em to a transfer site? If they have em in Ohio!… great videos brotha!!

  • Scotty M
    Scotty M

    Am I the only one who notices Katie has not been around?? lol 🤔

  • Daniel Haller
    Daniel Haller

    Anybody else waiting for the next next video I'm excited to see the lift finished & new interior in the banana ram

  • Philzson19

    Hey I watch all ur videos but one video a while back u changed ur cabin filter an put a freshener in it was was that freshener or can u tell me the video I looked thru them all can't find it thanks life time supporter love content keep up the great videos

    • Jake Malone
      Jake Malone

      they have the air freshener cabin filters at walmart that i know of, can’t remember what they’re called but they should be just with all the other filter/car stuff

  • Lyrical Walrus
    Lyrical Walrus

    Tbh the hills green and the illusion cherry 🔥🔥🔥

  • Quatele Inc
    Quatele Inc

    Appreciate the work bro 💯💪🏾

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones

    Try to find some used pallet racking. Cheaper and u can still park under it or even used it as another work bench if u put some plywood on the shelf. But on another note, love the channel and forsure love ALL the content!! Love what u do. Wish i lived closer, would love to learn and help out. Its what i love doing. Ur just like me and my buddy here in Wisconsin. Please keep up the cool shit, love it!!!

  • Day 2 Day
    Day 2 Day

    You need a loft, with storage shelves on it and under it. Easily make a free standing one.

  • Joe Keith
    Joe Keith

    You need a sand blasting cabinet

  • Bryce Trahan
    Bryce Trahan

    Yeah man shelves dude?? Clean up a little homie lol. You’re doing good tho man

  • Curtis Hicks
    Curtis Hicks

    Love watching your videos when I can't do anything with my truck do to sucky Pennsylvania weather lol

  • Brocc Tini
    Brocc Tini

    Whats going on with Katie’s 6.0 brother

  • Jarvis Rothenburger
    Jarvis Rothenburger

    Clean that shop ya hoarder

  • Dre Kitts
    Dre Kitts

    Make sure to get the powder off important things it blows right off but once it gets moisture on it you will never get it off completely it like stains my dad and I powder coated in the garage all winter and we had to repaint the walls and had to replace a lot of things because the powder would not come off

  • Matt Yarlett
    Matt Yarlett

    You should put down a heavy tarp when sand blasting so you can screen out the garbage and reuse the sand.

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Gosh I love these videos

  • Caleb LeBeau
    Caleb LeBeau

    like my old man always said "the more room you get the more shit you get"

  • Demons Racing
    Demons Racing

    Ok in my opinion I honestly think the ram badges and emblems may look pretty good color matched to the suspension, just a thought but it'd be interesting

  • Rexious 0
    Rexious 0

    laying stuff on the floor isn’t gonna make it convenient for you, that shop is perfect just get industrial shelving and clean as you go

  • Seb’s Kustoms
    Seb’s Kustoms

    What about a shipping container outside to store the stuff you don’t currently need for your builds? It would free up alot of indoor space and be weather proof.

  • Allen Zell
    Allen Zell

    Man...that is not a good look for Kelderman. I think this is my favorite build so far for the practical reasons even if it is a Dodge 😜

  • Flatbroke Garage
    Flatbroke Garage

    Build a loft in the back of the shop. Storage under and above would free up so much space

  • Travis Stokx
    Travis Stokx

    you need to get to organizing bro asap

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Ryan-If you need more room, it does pay tobe organized.

  • Outerspaces landscape
    Outerspaces landscape

    little mac ram

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith

    Those colors are gorgeous on that truck wow!! 🤩

  • Cameron Jackson
    Cameron Jackson

    Where's Katie at


    You need SHELVING!!!!!!

  • Lee Lahd
    Lee Lahd

    Build a loft.

  • Alan Heigel
    Alan Heigel

    Ryan orders stuff gets it in a week Katie orders stuff and never seems to get it 🙄

  • Danny Compton
    Danny Compton

    Also, from what I see you haven't outgrown the shop you need better organization. A set of shelves to keep the stuff you have not installed yet on (like the interior in your way). 15 feet of useable wall space behind the lime truck.... Doesn't seem like you are utilizing any. A another bench. Some wheel dollies to push things your not currently working on right away out of the way. Also, a blast cabinet to contain the mess and recycle the beads. Maybe a parts washer next to that. Your work flow is inefficient.

  • E Butle124
    E Butle124

    Check marketplace for Pallet Racking, it can usually be found cheap. It’s very modular and it makes for great workbenches too!

  • Danny Compton
    Danny Compton

    Dude.... solder wick. Its a braided copper cord. When you press it against solder and heat it it absorbs all the solder from your joint. Works like a camp at unsoldering stuff.

  • scott Ireland
    scott Ireland

    You need to get a little conex container for storage parts . You can get one pretty cheap it’ll fix your storage parts

  • 307_ SCOOT
    307_ SCOOT

    love real life vids

  • Zerek Peel
    Zerek Peel

    Shop may be a little small but it doesn’t look like you’re an organized person

  • brice dennis
    brice dennis

    Is it possible to powder coat the brake calipers or would that be a waste of time. If so I think some yellow on those would make the lift really pop just a thought I know nothing about powder coating lol.

  • Tim Ford
    Tim Ford

    That light bar does look awful sweet. Just might have to look in to doing that.

  • Rural Ridez616
    Rural Ridez616

    buy some parts carts we use them for each job that comes into the body shop. Keeps things very organized.

  • Ryan Law
    Ryan Law

    There are two things you can do for more space: 1: Build a loft and shelves. 2: Finish Katie’s truck. A little bit of organization goes a long way.

  • James Blount
    James Blount

    Why is the Lime Ram in the shop? There's no work being done to it, yet it's taking up 150 sq ft of usable shop space. You really should setup a full length wall of 3 tier shelving to aid in organizing the shop. You could put the whole interior on the bottom shelf out of the way.

  • Jeff Michael
    Jeff Michael

    You need to build a mezzanine above to store parts & materials not being used......this will clear floor space for production


    Clean out the shop and put in an epoxy floor! That shop has the room you just need to get all the crap off the floor. It looks like a maze of parts.

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget


  • Tracey Bishop
    Tracey Bishop

    Buy or build shelves. Stack project stuff on shelves ao you can move them out of your walk space.

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    No apologies needed brother!

  • Matt's vlogs
    Matt's vlogs

    Anybody else wondering where Katie has been?

  • Scott Gentz
    Scott Gentz

    Is there another unit close by you could park vehicles in and store parts? Then you can work out of this shop

  • Damon Crabb
    Damon Crabb

    For future sandblasting projects talk to dirtymax jack

  • T Nelson
    T Nelson

    Gets some shelves start with some organization and clean the shop up ! getting hard to watch

  • nsubira

    Yes lollipop Looks better on banana then illusion purple told you 🤙🏼

  • nsubira

    Cover the trucks when doing powder coating dude lol

  • MrCstone1

    can you put links to the powdercoating equipment you use and also the brand or place where you get your powder supplies? or a video link if you've already explained.... also oven time and temp? thanks!

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Ppe my guy dress for the job

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    I’m not late I bask in the moment of having these videos to myself after the hype ... tons to read ... tons to say... shits like tv for the after hours

  • Joey Sawyer
    Joey Sawyer

    Dude when you sand blast stuff put a drop cloth down so that you can pick up and reuse the excess sand

  • Vincenzo

    Need to more shelves up on the back walls so you can store parts to projects without them being in the way ..

  • austin

    For vehicles that your working on Prut parts u pull off in the bed full the bed upp

  • joe snyder
    joe snyder

    You just about need a vice for that bench huh? Lol


    Imagine how tight his garage would be if he would still use his garage at home like back then

  • Thai Vimolsaeng
    Thai Vimolsaeng

    Shelves and organization is all you need, no matter how big the shop is you'll out grow it unless you have a little organization.

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    You need storage and shelf space. Get stuff off the floor. You will be surprised how big your shop will get

  • m r
    m r

    You need to learn how to organize and clean up! The way you operate is a complete shit show 😂

  • Shelby 500
    Shelby 500

    Anyone can bolt on parts. Let's actually see you build something

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis

    Clean up that garage. It is a mess. You could do better than what you are doing.

    • T Nelson
      T Nelson

      Yep everything is so rushed and manic. You product (video) looks rushed and sloppy slow down clean up and do better. Or the channel will go down hill fast.

  • Timothy Kidwell
    Timothy Kidwell

    Great video love it problems is just a part of life live and learn

  • 03fordman330

    You could build a loft or something in the back of the shop for storage above the trucks and clear up a lot of floor space

  • Ryan Root
    Ryan Root

    You should paint the ram logo red as well, I think it would tie in nicely!

  • mays9185

    U didn't out grow the shop you some pallet racks off Craigslist and frame in a corner to do messy projects.

  • Eric Couture
    Eric Couture

    You haven't outgrown that shop you need to clean and organize the right way and get shelves and put stuff away that doesnt belong out. Duh not rocket science.

  • Kevin London
    Kevin London

    Bro if you sprayed in a corner facing the wall the mess wouldn't be all over everything 😤

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    You need to build a temporary booth. Wood and plexiglass. Just big enough to be able to maneuver and move the pieces around.

  • EXBO MAN 31
    EXBO MAN 31

    Get you rack give you more storage space in there

  • djmadd1212

    Keep the exhaust n put it on the walls with the banners.. make it a shop.. add "flair"

  • Denver Buerge
    Denver Buerge

    What's up with the new merch!?

  • u kno debo
    u kno debo

    Paint the hooks 🪝 red


    Didn’t out grow the shop. Just need to be organized.

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas


  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    You can have a lot of space, you just messy from what I see in the video.

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    Wait a minute if the plates don’t work why not cut and weld. Then re powder coat. Since you want to say in your titles building a truck. Not heavy modifying a truck.


    No matter how big of a shop you get it will always fill up !! That’s how it always goes 😂


    If you oil the bit and drill at a lowere speed the bits will stay sharp longer.

  • Tayte Mccaskey
    Tayte Mccaskey


  • Brian Clifford
    Brian Clifford

    You get the shop together Ryan, it just going to take a little time!!🤙🤙😊

  • Thomas Conroy
    Thomas Conroy

    Will those parts not fit in a harbor freight sand blaster cuz that looks a bit messy

  • Bull Deer Outdoors
    Bull Deer Outdoors

    Maybe just be organized, there are mechanic shops working in smaller spaces.

  • Eddie Trent
    Eddie Trent

    The shitter tent is the most impressive thing in shop. Not only is it practical and usable it's a project that's finished.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez

    All the dang clutter he always has is the only thing I don’t like about this channel!!!! Remembers me of Poe Boys channel lol

  • Kyle Roberts
    Kyle Roberts

    Dear god someone start a drinking game with how many times he says Lollipop Red.