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  • James Louis
    James Louis

    Make more videos with the Silverado

  • Teenagewasteland1000

    Hmm I was looking at these style trucks with the long bed. I know they make the Manual one, but this build is amazing

  • Rock Fire
    Rock Fire

    Yo wonder how much he spent on paint

  • Ohio 5pt7
    Ohio 5pt7

    This is for sale again for 7500 on fb

  • bryian white
    bryian white

    Im new to your channel, its given me alot to think about on the things I'm doing. 99 Durango and 01 ram. I wanted to thank you for all you do. Keep it up !!

  • Yorky The DJ
    Yorky The DJ

    Restor a Dodge Dakota I own one myself but I would love to see how that look for motivation and also inspiration. Mine was handed down and its pretty beaten up. So that would be awesome to see.

  • Aaron Evans
    Aaron Evans

    HOLD ON! Did I just notice that all of your gauges work? That's just unheard of on those older chevy's.

  • Bradley Jordan
    Bradley Jordan

    Just curious about the headlights and tail lights, how hard were they to put in bc they have the LED strips, thank you ! Love the videos man

  • Ulises Sanchez
    Ulises Sanchez

    Sounds like just like my bus 794 👍🏻😮💚

  • Joshua Isaac fowler
    Joshua Isaac fowler

    Ok where tf is the silverado v???

  • iAnchorMain

    should do a 2010-2017 Chevy dually build/restoration

  • Angel Escajeda
    Angel Escajeda

    Damn it bro you killed it with the purple

  • M E
    M E

    Loved this build. I've always wanted to do something like that.

  • Dale Elliott
    Dale Elliott

    Honestly you should do a chevy k1500 z71 restoration that would be sick paint it a real nice blue or something classy. Love the videos keep em coming.

  • jay jay
    jay jay


  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood

    Love the colour, needs some powerful led strips on the roof.

  • Jason Partlow
    Jason Partlow

    How do i order merch,really want a decal for my truck


    Do a lifted dually

  • Kahnes Fishing
    Kahnes Fishing

    I think it would be pretty cool to get an old dent side ford

  • Kenan Schoon
    Kenan Schoon

    7:05 Did anyone else notice the headliner flapping in the wind when to window was open

  • Bryanskelton 5804
    Bryanskelton 5804

    My 07 work truck single cab has some mud tires and over time they get rly loud it sounds like a semi rn hah

  • jake smith
    jake smith

    Do a "blue collar" build. A good solid build that most guys could use, that is solid and reliable, but not over the top or a SEMA quality build. Something rugged you could take off road and not worried about it.

  • hensleyoutfitters guessing to hunt
    hensleyoutfitters guessing to hunt

    Do a Cummins 2500 2001 2nd gen and do ur normal ?

  • BIGCASE Gaming and more
    BIGCASE Gaming and more

    Wild color like a orange f450 platinum 2019 unique never seen a neon orange ford

  • Joshua Rath
    Joshua Rath

    I think you building an SRT4 Neon or Caliber would be sick

  • Karsten Costain
    Karsten Costain

    Do a 80s Chevy square body!

  • Corey Pieti
    Corey Pieti

    70's Ford mud truck

  • Justin Medina
    Justin Medina

    Do a drop build

  • Adam Willoby
    Adam Willoby

    Resto mod build.

  • Jason Arbuckle
    Jason Arbuckle

    You’re absolutely right having a “long bed” is useful but..... I don’t know about an 8 foot bed😏. It’s unbelievable how useful a 14 foot bed is. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Travis Wolfe
    Travis Wolfe

    Jeep jeep jeep

  • Robert Parsons
    Robert Parsons

    2nd gen Cummins I’m talkin life kit spacers and make that thing the wildest color ever 🔥

  • FuriousDarts3

    Crazy build

  • Alex Reichert
    Alex Reichert

    7.3 resto

  • John Pease
    John Pease

    You should do a first gen dodge build

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    Do an orange Ram or Jeep

  • Gunner James
    Gunner James

    Build a bright orange vehicle!

  • Rezzy

    02 ram 1500

  • Sergio Monsivais
    Sergio Monsivais

    This dude is a wannabe Evan shanks but with trucks lol

  • mike cronin
    mike cronin

    keep the truck for your company truck

  • Marvin Watts
    Marvin Watts

    You should get a 1995 ford f150 or f250 and restore it

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Just wanted to know how warm you wanted that monster your holding ?

  • Big mell626
    Big mell626

    Resto to sema...

  • Big mell626
    Big mell626

    Black leather type material for the headliner....

  • DaviDiazXx7

    Take a shot everytime he says “to be honest”.

  • TitanGaming

    I wanna see an old 1940s-1960s build!!

  • Travis Ratlief
    Travis Ratlief

    Hey Ryan I just recently bought an 05 Silverado, where did you buy the front bumper at? I can’t remember what video you were talking about it

  • Juan Velasquez
    Juan Velasquez

    Is there really a difference in metalized window film?

  • Slinging Scoops Company
    Slinging Scoops Company

    My vote is make a poor man’s build. Cheap, minor painting, lift and stuff like that.... but seeing a dually would be sick too!

  • Brody Hawkinson
    Brody Hawkinson

    Build a lbz Duramax or a square body chevy

  • Grey Howell
    Grey Howell

    This man can not sit still 😂😂 always has to have a project

  • Josh Parrish
    Josh Parrish

    You should get a fifth gen and do the same colors but backwards purple truck and green suspension

  • Damian Ayrhart
    Damian Ayrhart

    Do another restoration!!!!!

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Jeep build

  • Joshua Sizemore
    Joshua Sizemore

    Got a 6” BDS COIL on my ram 1500 eco. Could you still put a level kit on top of this to get a little higher or not with the coilover?

  • ryan buck
    ryan buck

    Obs ford!!!

  • nina harding
    nina harding

    Older Jeep build!!!

  • brandon nunez
    brandon nunez

    Lime green ram 3500 dually

  • Tristan Scott
    Tristan Scott

    I thing it would be cool to see an OBS Ford

  • Dakota Sanders
    Dakota Sanders

    You getting the head liner done?

  • bob steve
    bob steve

    You look like a state boy lol

  • squeakytoyz

    Ryan, why does the front end of the silverado look like it sits higher in the front than the rear? do you need to add a 2" lift block in the rear to make the truck sit level? Love the progress and the way it has turned out the Cali lean on camera just kills me.

  • Austin Barber
    Austin Barber

    Call it "The Joker"

  • tony Stewart
    tony Stewart

    What color green is the truck. I wanna put it on my 2003 gmc Sonoma

  • A1.Tonoffrod RoadKingsxNSB
    A1.Tonoffrod RoadKingsxNSB

    Hints Ryan get a Jeep lowkey 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mathew Adam Rambo
    Mathew Adam Rambo

    Another restoration

  • Adam Berg
    Adam Berg

    You should do another chevy build but a duramax, then you would have all 3 of the diesel trucks

  • Koty Kinoshita
    Koty Kinoshita

    I thought of you should get a basic trim truck and show how to upgrade with the more luxury features that are found in the upper trims

  • Wyatt Howard
    Wyatt Howard

    Jeep wrangler.. green cage and purple body panels

  • Dan knippel
    Dan knippel

    I have the same tires on me mega cab. About 20k on them now and they are not as loud as when they were new

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    Truck looks absolutely awesome

  • 1CENT

    Awesome haircut! 👍

  • James Womac
    James Womac

    Get a first gen dodge

  • Adam Skateboards
    Adam Skateboards

    this truck cool asf!!!! I love it!! lol

  • jordan rich
    jordan rich

    What do u use to keep black wheels really clean an vibrant

  • Wyatt Helm
    Wyatt Helm

    it would be cool to see like an 80’s k10 restoration, or another cat eye but dually restoration

  • Jay R. Russell
    Jay R. Russell

    What I want to see more than anything is for you to get that garage shaped up man! Especially if you are going to keep shooting your videos in there. Straighten that shit up, hang some of yours and your partners banners. You like your rides clean man your workspace needs to reflect that!

  • Trenton Mattison
    Trenton Mattison

    Honestly 😂

  • thebestgamer980

    2nd gen

  • Heriberto El Tank Valenzuela
    Heriberto El Tank Valenzuela

    The restoration videos are asome it was cool to see how easy it can be to do stuff and home on your own I’m painting my own truck that I bought as a project

  • Heriberto El Tank Valenzuela
    Heriberto El Tank Valenzuela

    Restore a Dodge Ram 1500 single cab and put a lift on it

  • Mike Tindall
    Mike Tindall

    It would be sweet to see a classic c j 7 or cosmetic new Jeep.

  • Angel Torrecilla
    Angel Torrecilla

    Build something that’s made to offroad say like a rock buggy

  • Deion Adrian
    Deion Adrian

    JEEP!!!! BUILD

  • zach S
    zach S

    Do a Baja suspension on cat eye

  • Jacob :-/
    Jacob :-/

    Sell it and get the Jeep!

  • Unknown Name Unknown Number
    Unknown Name Unknown Number

    Buy a trackhawk and mod it!

  • michael pires
    michael pires

    It would be sick if you took the same running gear as your your ram and put a old style pick up body on it like a 60s or 70s Chevy or Ford body maybe even a old dodge

  • Brady Burkart
    Brady Burkart

    Hey I saw you use harbor freight jack stands they have a recall on them. Chris fix just made a post about it on instagram.

  • matt peterson
    matt peterson

    Ryan please do a square body chevy rebuild

  • 19 Denali Ultimate
    19 Denali Ultimate

    Unhappy with noisy tires? Get louder exhaust

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    I’d love to see you do a prerunner, maybe do a full raptor liner paint job? Shit you’ve don’t everything else haha

  • RobloxVehicleGamerYT

    You and katie should do a build together! That would be cool.

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    *tries to park and finds a car In there* “you little shit”

  • Jack Bazinet
    Jack Bazinet

    Definitely do another restoration

  • billyboytn

    Diesel rubicon

  • Humberto Guevara
    Humberto Guevara

    I wanna buy this work truck!!! Please let us know when it’s up for sale!

  • Kaleb Metcalf
    Kaleb Metcalf

    Lift your ladies F-150, 24x12 with 35’s

  • MotoNS

    Truck orange 6” lift off road build

  • Quickscope dipping
    Quickscope dipping

    Sell the ram build a flat bed dually