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  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    Need to do the tailgate handle color match it

    • Tory Killbreath
      Tory Killbreath

      Idk Channel IMO it would look better to add purple to the emblems where the Red is

    • Zach Bogdanski
      Zach Bogdanski

      I’d also tint the mirror lights

    • Idk Channel
      Idk Channel

      No lol do it purple not enough purple come on

    • Ashton Compton
      Ashton Compton

      RYAN MAYER Get to if hahah


      Shhhh I forgot about it 😂😂😂😂

  • Declan Quinn
    Declan Quinn

    I love to see how you still get so excited about each thing you do to your builds.

  • Mr. LouisianaDawg
    Mr. LouisianaDawg

    why not put a red tent over the rock lights

  • Fatty3232

    Looks good my man.. but you had the perfect time to upgrade your speakers with the panel's off.. im learning alot from you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Caleb Maendel
    Caleb Maendel

    looks great but tint or paint the mirror blinker light black

  • Tony Cappo
    Tony Cappo

    You should tint the lens on on the tow mirror it would look sweet

  • Jon Hall
    Jon Hall

    You should ask Jack about the Recon mirror lights. They got him a set maybe they’re on the market now or they can get you a set too. Cool color match. Did you worry that your factory paint had possibly faded enough the color would be off? Great video and tips. Really like the way you don’t back down from a mod and admit that things don’t always go 100% every time. Sweet!!!

  • Shaun Haggerty
    Shaun Haggerty

    Are you doing the tail gate handle

  • Christopher Coleman
    Christopher Coleman

    Couple issues I see. 1. All pavement princess vehicles 2. Window tint is a ticket waiting to happen.(enjoy that high $ ticket) 3. Tow mirrors out and not towing Idoit alret

  • ricky garlitz
    ricky garlitz

    You got 3 trucks, 2 lifted and ever go in the mud or anything. You just look at them. No wonder you wear gym shorts with boots. Smh

  • Wicked Estilo
    Wicked Estilo

    Whole video about the truck 2 minutes about the rock lights wtf

  • JeanPaul Ruiz
    JeanPaul Ruiz

    Will this mess with any of the factory warranty.. this looks amazing!

  • Devin Ritchie
    Devin Ritchie

    You should buy a bullet antenna and paint it purple

  • Rogers Iphone
    Rogers Iphone

    Ryan how much are your LFTD decals

  • Matthew Avery
    Matthew Avery

    Need to get tinted lenses for the mirror lights now bub😎

  • PGHJohnTrains

    Should have painted some of the inside trim parts since you had everything apart.

    • PGHJohnTrains

      Love what you did!!!

  • Mike Tindall
    Mike Tindall

    Vehicles are looking good.

  • reizer01

    Should get the blacked out mirror light from boost auto

  • Ethan Myers
    Ethan Myers

    Get smoked turn signal and pull it all together!

  • Jonas Johansson
    Jonas Johansson

    Handels yes .. mirrors big no

  • Darci Walter
    Darci Walter

    Love my cool sweatshirt

  • steve judkins
    steve judkins

    Hey Ryan, off topic but what’s the name of the company that did the seat belts in your Ram ? Wanting to do my Sierra.


      Safety restore!!

  • Jared wagner
    Jared wagner

    You should replace the tow mirror turn lights with smoked black leds. I did and they are a big hit to the look of the truck.

  • FB3 TV
    FB3 TV

    For goodness sakes change out those stock speakers!!!😂 I changed mines on my ram with some alpine sxe 6x9's even with the uconnect radio it sounds 110% better.

  • Kalama Davis
    Kalama Davis

    You should paint or wrap the pillar between the front and rear windows gloss black make it look like one solid window

  • Austin Hougendobler
    Austin Hougendobler

    Whens the exhaust coming for the tahoe? Cant be driving around looking that good and not sounding good to match. Lol

  • Hector

    Question, why did you go with green and not purple?

  • sylvain dufault
    sylvain dufault

    You should do aftermarket tow mirror lights to make the truck look more sweet

  • John Newland
    John Newland

    Should painted the handles and mirrors purple

  • Your moms New boyfriend
    Your moms New boyfriend

    Somebody send that man a heat gun

  • Thomas Colson
    Thomas Colson

    Tahoe mirrors next 🤷‍♂️

  • Ellis

    You should paint your axles purple now too

  • Alex Porter
    Alex Porter

    Definitely suggest a pole barn or something like that for the trucks

  • lance kozlovsky
    lance kozlovsky

    Looks amazing. Also what do you think about tinting the lights on the mirrors

  • Tko Drift
    Tko Drift

    he puttin 4 orion 15s in there

  • Cantalope Drank
    Cantalope Drank

    Man you should really mask up when you paint

  • redneck for life
    redneck for life

    Should pant you’re dash lime green too

  • Dan & Stephanie
    Dan & Stephanie

    Go climb some rocks in that big girl

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    What about the tailgate handle? Also Heavy Duty and Turbo Diesel should be purple. The red just looks off. That would complete it.

  • Fitts Outdoors
    Fitts Outdoors

    What grit sand paper did you use

  • HD42 Gaming
    HD42 Gaming

    I have those rock lights on my Silverado and I love them! They are super bright and pretty inexpensive.

  • SKEE

    Where did you get that mini hand driver? I need one!

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    You make me giggle with the handles. Looks good. I'm from home ohio also, look at homes in north ridgville. No hoa's with land. Hillbilly heaven, back in the day I remember seeing motors hanging from trees.

  • fino V
    fino V

    You should tint the mirror lights! On the dodge

  • mrshine 83
    mrshine 83

    You planning on selling your Tahoe would love to buy it

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Black out ur mirror lights.

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Ur truck is sexy looking

  • Justin Havill
    Justin Havill

    How do you wire the rock lights? do you run it to a switch and how do you do that?

  • Badhabbit Gaming
    Badhabbit Gaming

    Defo right choice for the 2 per wheel well bro 👌💯

  • Nader S
    Nader S

    What about audio

  • Jesseg9211

    Looks pretty sick. You should throw some night shade on the mirror lights for the ram

  • K-Roll

    You should smoke the side mirror signals

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez

    You should tint that mirror light

  • 318 ryder
    318 ryder

    I love them lights got them on my 09 avalanche

  • Humberto Guevara
    Humberto Guevara

    Man I love your videos and everything you do and been watching for years now but you’re political views are really stopping me from watching you now and supporting you....ughhh 😫

  • Anthony Tenhoeve
    Anthony Tenhoeve

    Should smoke the corner lense on the mirrors the clear kinda throws it off a lil i think . And were did you get those lil screw drivers you used on speaker i love those .

  • Ellis Johnson
    Ellis Johnson

    Ryan, you just keep going, man... I love all the builds you’re doing and I love how you and Katie keep lifting each other up!

  • Austin Tucker
    Austin Tucker

    nvm x pipe it with duals and 4 inch tips

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams

    Get blacked out tow mirror turn signals!

  • Aayan Syed
    Aayan Syed

    you need to tint the mirrio light

  • Dom Amabile
    Dom Amabile

    okay now its time to do exhaust on the tahoe i hate the look of the stock exhaust tip just do something simple and it will top off the build and driving experience

  • Owen Pearson
    Owen Pearson

    could you do in depth instruction on how you wire up all your rock lights


      Next video you’ll see!!

  • Ryan Law
    Ryan Law

    😂 Hey genius...why didn’t you just put a garbage bag slid down over the door? Your killing me! 😂

  • Braden Carlisle
    Braden Carlisle

    Need to night shade the turn signals in the mirror now

  • Joey Ostrom
    Joey Ostrom

    Maybe get some boost auto switchback mirror lights, I put them in my mirrors and I’m never going back!

  • Alex Arevalo
    Alex Arevalo

    Change the mirror turn signal to the smoked white leds to match the front.

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez

    Huge announcement? Tahoe giveaway maybe 🤔

  • Josh Wiggins
    Josh Wiggins

    Get tinted light for your dodge tow mirrors

  • Ooo Nothin
    Ooo Nothin

    Who thinks the ram would look sick with purple purple badges the make the Cummins writing green

  • Josh lengkeek
    Josh lengkeek

    Tint or black out those little lights on the side mirror and it will look amazing 👌🏻 it does look a lot better already tho

  • Nate Adler
    Nate Adler

    you should black out or tint the lights on the mirrors

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Yeah Ryan that looks great on the Ram much better.

  • justin keen
    justin keen

    There's a purple ram just like that one with green accents and Bryan Texas

  • littleblackblazer

    Gotta be able to see under while mall crawlin' 😂

  • bYd_zombie

    What was that blue screwdriver you were using? I need that in my life

  • 6.7 Panda
    6.7 Panda

    Ryan add the boosauto parts drl smoked lens to the mirrors,it definitely would top it off with the morimotos and cab lights

  • jrverdzco85

    Smoke them lenses

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    I know it would be the biggest pain in the ass ever but adding some green or purple or a mixture of the two to your suspension components would complete the look of your truck. Whether that be paint or powder coating, or a combination of the 2. I think it would be a significant addition and really power home the custom look of the truck.

  • Twizzy228

    Debadge the Ram, it will look so much cleaner!

  • BADZ71

    Get you some boost auto parts switchbacks for those mirrors!

  • Jason Fehr
    Jason Fehr

    Rayn you should get a moon shade.

  • Derek Isham
    Derek Isham

    Ryan... your videos are awesome. You truly inspire me. I just wish i new where to go with my stock 08 silverado. I have a decent chunk of change to spend on it but the color of the truck is so hard to match. DARK CHERRY METELLIC . i love the color but god nothing matches but chrome. And i wanna take her in the mudd. I just need a color combo

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    Do the steps puss

  • James Mac
    James Mac

    Should black out the mirror light recon it would look mint

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    He's gonna "sit there and put the link in the description" haha I love it

  • Samsgarage99

    I like match mirrors to truck it does look so much better than black also that Tahoe lights under tires it's good thing to be easy work on breaks anything

  • rccola525

    I kept wondering what all that back ground noise was and its katie sanding down the 6.0



  • rccola525

    Next for the Ram you should do some custom Katskin leather seat covers.

  • Matthew Beske
    Matthew Beske

    Announcement.... Tahoe give away.... New shop.... what is it? The suspense is killing us! LOL I really like the music in this video!! Sounds "Rock" like the trucks appearances!!

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    My trucks color matched minus the mirrors and handles and I’ve wanted to to it for like 6 months now but don’t have the capability to do it yet though

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    A true lime beauty

  • Logan Eckert
    Logan Eckert

    Why didn't you get a green tahoe to match your other vehicles

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook

    I don't really care about color matched on very much I mean you need some contrast

  • Brocc Tini
    Brocc Tini

    Ok the title says tahoe but over half of the video is on the sema ram.... slowly losing interest

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    About those same rock lights and I approve of them too. They are bright for how dirt cheap they were

  • Fidencio Loaiza
    Fidencio Loaiza

    Bro I love your videos

  • Blue Yoshi
    Blue Yoshi

    And you should tint those lights on your mirrors a little, i feel like that would make it look even more cool!

  • Blue Yoshi
    Blue Yoshi

    Oh man you need to put an nice exhaust tip on that tahoe :D

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    Run them to your doors so when the door open the lights come on. Then have a stitch if you want to run while driving or whatever

  • Rambling Rider
    Rambling Rider

    I'm curious how your money holds out 😂 I have adhd and no money and it sucks not being able to do anything with so many ideas. Keep it up tho! Doing great!