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  • Edward Garfias
    Edward Garfias

    Ture duals

  • Moose M
    Moose M

    I'm big fan of magnaflow mufflers they are made of stainless steel and great quality. You can many different styles and sound levels.

  • srt hellcat
    srt hellcat

    Are these hub centric?

  • Cayden Young
    Cayden Young

    Hottest Tahoe on IRbin

  • SFG Mercs
    SFG Mercs

    Should off kept same whit head lights

  • Steven Parson
    Steven Parson

    Kardashian thick tahoe!

  • KoveMakesBeats

    Exhaust Recommendation, Flowmaster American Thunder

  • josh little
    josh little

    Borla xr1. I love mine they are cheap and that perfect balance between respecting the neighbors but getting the performance sound.

  • aljurio84

    Have you towed with these spacers?

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller

    I put a 3” diameter cherry bomb glass pack 29” long on my Yukon with a black rbp 5” tip and it sounds great! Not to loud, no drone in the cab but if you really get on her she will come alive!

  • LazySheep Gaming
    LazySheep Gaming

    Hey man please let me know can these work on the front I have a 2010 yukon xl and it looks just like yours except mine is dark grey

  • Clayvantfishing

    Hey can I have those ltz rims

    • Clayvantfishing

      RYAN MAYER how much


      They’re for sale if you want em!

  • Allen Westland
    Allen Westland

    Flowmaster 50s gut the cats and 3 inch out.. Nice and quite till you get all over it.. Cai might look at some shorty headers..

  • buffr


  • Christopher Tucker
    Christopher Tucker

    Gibson Exhaust. I had it on my 05' Suburban and they sound great.

  • Spontaneous Driver
    Spontaneous Driver

    Catback exhaust on the 5.3’s sound amazing.

  • KAKALAK C.Juett
    KAKALAK C.Juett

    I hope the Burban doesn't sound as gay as you sound in this video 🤷

  • BapeX TrapStar420
    BapeX TrapStar420

    Whats the tow hitch u got thats purple


      Gen y hitch

  • Itz_Stanced

    Don’t Care SQUAT IT! Drop The Back On The Tire.

  • Biglao9 _
    Biglao9 _

    Flowmaster 44 i think for my silverado with a 5.3 i get up at 5 am and my neighbors dont hate hate me its perfect

  • Subscribe for free damp pickles
    Subscribe for free damp pickles

    Those wheels are gonna fly off down the highway my guy. Need hub centric spacers


      They are!!

  • ashton peake
    ashton peake

    Are they so sharp that they cut you......

  • Tanner Kay
    Tanner Kay

    True dual cat back straights 2.5 inch pipe 5 inch roles tips powder coated red

  • Cody Jennen
    Cody Jennen

    Do a cat back true dual not to loud but has a nice rumble

  • Supreme Coating
    Supreme Coating

    Your house dirty af tho lol

  • James Norris
    James Norris

    Take the spare tire out

  • its cadet time
    its cadet time

    Dont put a lift

  • Caleb Jackson
    Caleb Jackson


  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez

    get a black widow exhaust , sounds nice and goes with the truck

  • bblazeff1

    Bro, you need a building. Driveway looking like a HOA worst nightmare.

  • MindSET

    Sometimes you sound like Fluffy doing his white girl voice.


    Where are the front tires ?


    True dual cat back straight sounds great

  • Kyle Watson
    Kyle Watson

    Magnaflow Magnaflow Magnaflow. Personal favorite of mine. Systems are flawless and customer service is just amazing. Warranty on the mufflers can’t be beat. Flowmaster to me just sound like an empty cambles soup cans. They are great for your 1st exhaust mod when your 16. Lol.

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd

    I like how it coming a long and keep up the good work I really like what you do

  • Roy Reyes
    Roy Reyes

    get a bullet exhaust

  • Todd Gaskins
    Todd Gaskins

    true duals with dual flow master super 10s and resonaters or not if you want it to sound like a race 5.3

  • Dustin

    Flowmasters super 44 or the original 40 series they both dound amazing

  • Justin Holland
    Justin Holland

    Blackwidow venom 250 is awesome. Have one on my ram and love it.

  • banga8080

    Headlights are sick af

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    One more thing.... since you are a buckeyes fan. Think about a silver stripe front to back off set with a white pinstripe. Go Bucks. I'm from northern ohio. Now in colorado

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    So... I may have missed it. Are you going to put fender flares on it, to cover the distance the wheel is hanging out from the body?

  • Bryce Burnett
    Bryce Burnett

    Flowmaster 50 series sound really good

  • Ryan Barlow
    Ryan Barlow

    Put the Borla atak for the exhaust

  • El Pariente
    El Pariente

    i have a question,Where can i get all those materials,(paint,parts,tools etc.) any particular store??

  • Ricky Jacobs
    Ricky Jacobs

    40 series flowmaster

  • Butta _78
    Butta _78

    1:30 did then wheel spacer look pink

  • Toad Tuggers outdoors
    Toad Tuggers outdoors

    Flowmaster super 10 and the rbp tips look so so good on the tahos

  • destin clavette
    destin clavette

    Hey Ryan, I need some advise on a lift for my 99 Dodge Ram 2500

  • Nicholas Brock
    Nicholas Brock

    I've got a 2011 Silverado with the 5.3 and I got dual straight pipes after the 3rd catalytic converter, so not a true dual system. Don't know if the tahoe has a 3rd but I love the sound I got, not too loud but still a good rumble.

  • Andrew Akins
    Andrew Akins

    I know your probably won’t see this. And I know you just got those spacers. But I promise you would be in so much better shape if you got a hub centric spacer. Coming from the guy that has had a few wheels come off bc of non hubcentric spacers. Even RC. just looking out for ya man. 🙏🏻

  • Tyler Gilmore
    Tyler Gilmore

    i love the vids

  • The Redhead Redneck
    The Redhead Redneck

    Only buy hub centric wheel spacer

  • Pelon Pelon
    Pelon Pelon

    Love that 👕 shirt where can I get one

  • joshua Davis vlogs
    joshua Davis vlogs

    flowmaster40 sound good

  • Ryan Robertson
    Ryan Robertson

    I have a 2007 GMC Yukon and I put true dual flow master super 10’s on it and it sounds great

  • Colton Van Dan Assem
    Colton Van Dan Assem

    You are awesome keep doing what you're doing.

  • Trevor Disinger
    Trevor Disinger

    check out the Gem exhaust tips. you can get custom ID and OD with customizable options on the tips themselves

  • Connor

    Holy shit never put loctite on wheel studs.. Youre never going to get the spacers off.. With the proper torque they wont come off wtf

  • Casper_Wyo_ Zach!
    Casper_Wyo_ Zach!

    Flowmaster 40 series sounds great! I have it on my 2013 chevy silverado 1500 5.3l with a cold air intake! Loud enough on the gas and quit to creep through the neighborhood!

  • Nick Lozito
    Nick Lozito

    How much were those spacers? I see them range from 50$ to $200. And also questions my Tacoma is a 6x5.5 so could I get Silverado 1500 spacers since they have a 6x5.5 as well?

  • offroad_ vlogs
    offroad_ vlogs

    You need to color match the pieces above the rear tail lights

  • Chase Crawford
    Chase Crawford

    I have a 5.3 Silverado with high flow cats to super 10 flowmaster mufflers to 6 inch angle cut tips bumper dumped and I love it not to loud just perfect. @ryan

  • Edgar Z71 Vlogs
    Edgar Z71 Vlogs

    Carven r exhaust

  • Alvantonio Orona
    Alvantonio Orona

    Corsa sport exhaust !! I have a 2016 yukon sounds amazing. Perfect cruzer but no joke when you want it to be

  • Ramiro420

    For the exhaust you should go for a cat back straight pipe duals 🤟🏾

  • Shanik Bhai
    Shanik Bhai

    I no longer need my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Eli Nottingham
    Eli Nottingham

    Hey man I think this is the first time I’ve commented idk lol but keep up the good work man!! Honestly your my favorite IRbinr I love watching every single video and I love all of your builds!! I plan on building my 2005 Chevy Colorado as soon as I’m out of school and can make good money

  • Jsun

    dual 5 inch tips sounds good on these simple and easy

  • Grant Webb
    Grant Webb

    Flowmater super 10 sounds really good

  • Ean Bailey
    Ean Bailey

    Flow masters

  • Kaleb Alsup
    Kaleb Alsup

    Both mufflers off and any borla muffler

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Maestro with the hands ...

  • Brian Williamson
    Brian Williamson

    just dont turn into a carolina boy and squat it with a clapped exhaust

    • Brian Williamson
      Brian Williamson

      It’s bad around here with the squat and clapped v8s


      Big NO! Hahah I’m from the mid west 😂😂😂 we lift it


    I run same spacers on my 07 yukon

  • Danny Delarosa
    Danny Delarosa

    just do a muffler delete

  • Kris

    Junk.. truck is gonna ride like shit . You need hub centric spacers if you’re gonna go that route

  • Frank St. George
    Frank St. George

    Are they hub centric?

  • Wil da boss
    Wil da boss

    Hey ryan if i dm you about some info about the tahoe would you reply back or do you have a email that i can email you back i have a few questions i would like to ask you ?

  • Tyler meredith
    Tyler meredith

    Red and black color match tso tip

  • u kno debo
    u kno debo

    They hub centric

  • nickwhitinger

    Flowmaster 10 series sounds great on tahoes

  • Jake81283

    Why is it a IRbinr thing to drink energy drinks every video lol

  • Austin Strickland
    Austin Strickland

    True duals with 6” shorty tips

  • Richard Hansen
    Richard Hansen

    I think its too wide even if you lift it

  • Jammal Lee
    Jammal Lee

    Hahaha so im confused...i should buy rough country lifts now? Lol didnt you say two yrs ago we shouldnt?

  • Cj 313
    Cj 313

    Nice Tahoe bro.

  • Cody Palmer
    Cody Palmer

    my buddy has flow masters on his 03 tahoe it’s a 5.3 to and it sounds really good and it’s not over whelming loud either


    Looking really good bro...

  • Brandon Barchenger
    Brandon Barchenger

    I think a 8 inch lift will be too big

  • Chris Callejas
    Chris Callejas

    Corsa exhaust tip with a flow maste

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    Be cool to hear what you're thoughts are of the new RAM TRX in the next video =)

  • marshall0792

    There’s a channel called “exhaustaddicts” I recommend taking a look at them for exhaust ideas. They have a couple videos of the newer Tahoe

  • Kevin Adams
    Kevin Adams

    magnaflow is what I have on my Hemi Ram. Good sound, I wish I would have gotten a tip put on.

  • Stoetz

    Ryan, I recently reached out to you via your business email listed. Hopefully you see this!! ps. Great video!!

  • Gmoney Melton
    Gmoney Melton

    Was that you driving the sema truck in Strongsville?

  • israelhuertajr

    Flow master magnaflow

  • MrDethStroke

    Looks amazing and now I know some one who make good custom headlights. I put a magnaflow on my old truck. Decent sound not too loud but you have the deep rumble.

  • Purple_Smokes_

    I saw your Dodge truck on someone’s tik tok back when you were at SEMA and I saw the video so I had to do a double take and I was like hey I know that truck

  • ryan barry
    ryan barry

    Man killed those headlights👍🏻