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  • Brady Elrod
    Brady Elrod

    You just need a private garage/shop 😂

  • Johnny Hernandez jr
    Johnny Hernandez jr

    Those guys are useless bro i have a 04 2500 2wd i had a bearing blow out i watched 1 of your videos gave me the upmost confidence to do it myself boss i not only replaced both bearing but the inner outer tie rods n bump stops and swaybar links saved mmn yself over 800 i only spent in parts 280 i was so proud of myself 😂😂 your videos are so helpful and your truck is awsome as well as your other vehicles 👍👍👍

  • Patrick Prass Jr
    Patrick Prass Jr

    I do alignments all day, you just need the adapter extension for your style rims there sounds like they were being lazy man but sure you got it handled by now

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    String will work... I have big problems with the mechanics at my home office... They suck

  • Mike

    I'm fired up for you about them wanting to be lazy you should put it on your channel what place it was because you could hurt their business👍🏻👍🏻💯💪🏼🙏

  • Jim Cross
    Jim Cross

    Motivate urself to cut me them 4x4 decals you said u could 💔

  • Jim Cross
    Jim Cross

    You need a Dorman 905-512 Steering Shaft Bearing

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    I do alignment every day, to adjust the toe only it would only take about 20-25m. I love when a car comes in and that’s all it needs because it doesn’t take much to adjust it and the toe normally never fights u like the caster and camber does sometime do a lot of vehicles

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    How much do you pay the neighbors.?🤔

  • Luis Garza
    Luis Garza

    Where can I get them headlights

  • Fatty3232

    You're better then me cause I would have put them on blast

  • Demetrius Johnson
    Demetrius Johnson

    mine is 10 years old and still working

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    I wouldve got those lazy asses on camera and post it . I would also contact upper management

  • 803_Yota

    I work at a toyota dealership and I could have easily done that alignment in less than an hour with the stocks on🤦‍♂️ camber and all. Those lazy worthless mfers give all techs a bad name where there are some such as myself that bust a$$ and stay late all the time to help anyone out. It definitely wouldn’t fit on our alignment rack with 12 wides tho stock tundras barely fit 😂😂😂

  • Kenneth Gomez
    Kenneth Gomez

    Drop the name of the place 😂

  • Blackdiamondf150

    You will use that ball joint press a ton! I just found out the hard way today that Mcgaughy’s kits actually call for a different ball joint on the 15-20 f150s.



  • Bob Evans
    Bob Evans

    Put their name out there! Come on! Do it! Ta hoe up! Move south ! They ain’t sceared! Around here! NC rollin!

  • Michael Leisenring
    Michael Leisenring

    I told you in the beginning of the build that those cv angles were gonna be to much if you stack them struts

  • PRiM4L R4G3
    PRiM4L R4G3


  • countryboy 8910
    countryboy 8910

    I replaces my rack and pinion to on my o2 camaro the reason why your stealing is tight is because the bolts that connect the tie rod ends to the hub are to tight. You have to losen them thats what I did to fix my stiff tight steering.

  • Emmanuel Silva
    Emmanuel Silva



    I would call the HR department or find the shop owners number and call them and release the name of the garage so they can lose business for being such pieces of shit.


    Just do the alignment yourself its super easy to get it really close.


      Really all you have to do is make a mark in the center of both tires on the front measure it then rotate 180 degrees and and measure it from the backside and then adjust until both measurements are the same. I done my powerstroke on 37s w/ 8" lift and my leveled duramax on 33s the same way.


    My truck is too wide for an alignment rack. Or so they say.

  • trcampbell74

    That is bull man... So sorry you had to deal with that crap. But so glad you're not tolerant of it. You remind me of what my dad who was a machinist engineer... No formal education except high school education, said... If man made it, man can fix it... More power to you young man!

  • Daniel Pniewski
    Daniel Pniewski

    Have u tried the sway bar links and bushings that's what my old car did and it worked

  • Martin Caballero
    Martin Caballero

    I like how it looks. How big is the lift? And how big are the tires and wheels?

  • Brock Sasser
    Brock Sasser

    Squat it just to see what it’d look like and just to see how it is

  • J

    You should of put the name of the place on blast. Shout the name out on the next vid so people know to avoid that place.

  • Ian Locket
    Ian Locket

    Awesome playlists! I have learned so much in the past two weeks watching and wrenching on my 03 Silverado! Now I want a Tahoe for the wifey...(or at least tell her its for her)

  • Rodolfo Velasquez
    Rodolfo Velasquez

    Dude i love the tahoe for sure

  • Rodolfo Velasquez
    Rodolfo Velasquez

    I would align it for sure i aligned a truck that had a 10 inch lift and 37 with -50 offset i never say no

  • Dave Barr
    Dave Barr

    I dont take my shit to anyone anymore. true story, people suck period. ive never seen more ill motivate, lazy and unknowledgeable slackers before in my life. i learned some seriously expensive lessons in the past but having a wrench in my hand for the past 35 years I feel like there's really not a whole lot I can't figure out for myself nowadays

  • Ethan Larrea
    Ethan Larrea

    hey man i got your truck on a couple of my widgets

  • chris wyatt Pandemic_Silverado
    chris wyatt Pandemic_Silverado

    You’re a hell of a lot nicer than I am, I would’ve put ‘em on blast! Just speaks to your character kiddo. Well done.

  • Ethan Carriere
    Ethan Carriere

    My guy you telling me you can’t afford an alignment

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    The first thing I did myself was install a radio in my first truck 3 years ago. After watching your videos, I am doing more stuff by myself instead of wasting money on someone else to do it. I just wanna say thank you for giving me that mindset. I love your videos and keep up the hard work.

  • SVGRAM_345

    Love the content man, the builds are Awesome. If I had a choice to choose between a shop or YOU to build me truck. HANDS DOWN ... my respect to you Bro. 👌🤝

  • Jay Neitz
    Jay Neitz

    That’s a gmt 900 steering gear I used to build them. Seals go out on the inside a lot

  • justin ferreira
    justin ferreira

    Pos the name of the shop so we can all leave bad reviews

  • Ray Candler
    Ray Candler

    Those axles are going to commit suicide. Definitely throw some new hub assemblies on it for sure. They don't usually make it more than 100k on the 07-13's and not nearly as long with 12 wides.

  • Ryan Decker
    Ryan Decker

    U do need some special adapters for big offset rims they make a few different ones we use hunter as well but they shoulda had em

  • BrandonRoberts08

    You should color match the inside trim pieces

  • Nick Kauzala
    Nick Kauzala

    I got like the same shit crime a guy when I took my dads duramax to get it done and I did it with him on the floor at our shop

  • Jesse Nichols
    Jesse Nichols

    I have a feeling I know the shop you're referring to on the alignment.. if it's the same one that did your sweet wheel weights lol Call em out so everybody knows

  • Connor

    Yo that "mechanic" is PATHETIC. But ryan youre the man.

  • Badhabbit Gaming
    Badhabbit Gaming

    We get that over here bro hence why I dont work in a shop no more, grinds my gears with the laziness that some have 💯👌

  • CalebCutler

    Drop the name of that shop. I would be glad to leave them with a review. Don’t be shy. Share the name of the place!!

    • CalebCutler

      I’m a certified alignment tech. I aligned everything! Even ups trucks!!! No excuses!

  • Troy L
    Troy L

    This is why I'm here, your passion with everything you do, your all in. must have been belle tire lmao i don't go there anymore, everytime I did ,seemed as a chore to do anything..similar to your situation..Take care 🙂

  • Dirt bike dude 21
    Dirt bike dude 21

    Are those tires for the tahoe 35s or what size

  • clayton brown
    clayton brown

    U might not see this butttt, bring It to az and I'll align it for free man, people suck. I'm getting my ase's in college classes while I'm in highschool and we have a hunter machine there 😂

  • clayton brown
    clayton brown

    Only at 10:00 and I'm betting the hubs... He drove it without the CV axle, right? I did that on a 4wd and the hubs went out.. the CV axle holds the bearing and everything together

  • clayton brown
    clayton brown

    Pub mix is where it's at😂😂😂

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    Your lucky the front wheels didn’t fall off lol The cv axles hold the hubs together The 2wd hubs are different part numbers lol


    Ryan that's why i started to do my own repair and mod work. the most frustrating is when we go into places to get work done there because we cant afford a expensive machine. and they treat us like a complete idiot that has never picked up a wrench before in our lives and we easily know more than they do.

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    I use that same siphon pump to suck 4.5qts outta my trans dipstick and refill it with every other engine oil change for extra $20 I’ve did this since truck was brand new and I got 180,000 on 37s 4.56 gears and my trans has never seen worn fluid in its life lol

  • Jett Westfall
    Jett Westfall

    Go to tire discounters or Nelson frame and axle. Nelson is a great old school truck shop

    • Jett Westfall
      Jett Westfall

      I just know you’re in Ohio. Not sure where at but Nelson frame and axle is in Columbus area

  • Project 1 Gen
    Project 1 Gen

    I just bought my first impact the other day Milwaukee High Torque 1/2” just like yours. The reason I got it is you, personal experience of using one on a farm.

  • Brian Bruno
    Brian Bruno

    Put their ass on blast

  • DJ Nee
    DJ Nee

    Anyone else catch the fact he said Silverado instead of Tahoe 😂😂😂. You got this Ryan! F ppl!

  • Greg Sandberg
    Greg Sandberg

    I feel like a lot of local tire shops are like that. If it’s modified at all they don’t want to touch the vehicle.

  • Presto Is A Killa
    Presto Is A Killa

    why dont you take it to somebody who has a set of chassis ears? saves your hundreds of dollars and days of repairs when you know exactly where the noise is coming from

  • Don Taylor
    Don Taylor

    Transmission Fluid is way better for power steering systems. Transmission fluid is a conditioner not anywhere as corrosive as Power steering fluid.

  • Jarvis Rothenburger
    Jarvis Rothenburger

    Can u stop saying welcome backward to the channel

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Call and speak to the manager, if the manager doesn't deal with it ask for the zone managers number and complain about 5 guys sitting around and refusing to work on customers vehicles.

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly

    Your popping is probably the lower control arm bushings that are popping

  • Eagles 2017
    Eagles 2017

    Cross member bushing needs replaced brother. Stopped watching as you said the saga continues now I’m gonna keep watching lol good luck


    HEATED!!!! I feel your pain bro. Be patient. The Truck will be amazing.

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne

    I feel you with dealing with people.... I also want a ride machine..... Brutal

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne

    That cv angle wow crazy

  • ron hemming
    ron hemming

    i agree

  • Eric 1
    Eric 1

    hat off to you man. This is why I watch your videos. hard working and humble!!

  • Kristofor Pinkerton
    Kristofor Pinkerton

    What shop is this? i'll know not to go there. We live close to each other I believe.

  • Jimmy King Jr
    Jimmy King Jr

    So i wasn't sure if i like how tall the Tahoe was but when i passed you on 71 today i was definitely digging it!! Great DIY work. Stay away from those shaddy shops around here..OH!!

  • patches. simon
    patches. simon

    After you paint your Tahoe you need to put Brutus on the hood!!!!! You are in Buckeye country. Lol. Love the builds great channel.

  • Jordan Reynolds
    Jordan Reynolds

    you should build a hummer h2

  • J Smith
    J Smith

    The CV stubs hold those bearings together. If you didn’t need front bearings before I definitely would do them now.

  • mancho coronado
    mancho coronado

    I understand u buddy ! I hate lazy people to

  • Allen Zell
    Allen Zell

    You speak to my soul on taking vehicles to people. Ive said exactly the same thing about tire shops local to me. FYI don't use Moog Hubs. Chinese junk. Use Timken or OEM.

  • cdgarcia453

    Hope it fixes it. Not the best brand of parts

  • Alex Belcher
    Alex Belcher

    I couldn’t tell you how many wheel bearings I’ve had to change on my Papaw’s 2009 Chevy 1500 they go out a lot and it’s that same popping sound that you have when they go out

  • Marco Limon
    Marco Limon

    Tell me about it bro! I hate dealing with shops and businesses. And they act like we dont know what were talking about.

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Hey Ryan I love your videos man but is it possible that we could at least watch 3 minutes of your video before getting interrupted? I know that’s part of your money making process, but man it really is annoying listening to you talk and then also you get cut off by a damn return of the Mack commercial and have to turn my shit way down just wondered if you could do that thanks

  • Power 95
    Power 95

    Replace the cv axle my car did the same thing with the popping noise

  • Luke Long
    Luke Long

    Also check the steering shaft u-joints. Cv axles are possible as well

  • Luke Long
    Luke Long

    Try dual steering stabalizers to help with the bump steering.

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts

    WOW can’t believe the laziness of that business. You have a good work ethic. Keep it moving!

  • Blake5.7

    Them cv axles at too steep of an angle

  • Gavin Costello
    Gavin Costello

    Why's the Tahoe getting repainted??

  • Will K
    Will K

    PLEASE fix those spray painted calipers. They look SO bad😂 love the channel

  • Steve Powers
    Steve Powers

    Were the control arms and struts tightened after you put the weight of the vehicle down? Maybe the thumping could be from the binding of the bushings if it wasnt under load first. If not, and everything checks out, it could just be the nature of running such heavy tires, however, I suspect the leveling kit on top of the suspension lift could be the cause as well. Maybe it's engaging the bump stops on the uppers even though you have clearance when stationary. Hope it helps, good luck and keep up the great content!

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson

    Great video, I'm with ya. So sick of shops half assing everything and being lazy. Can't wait for LFTD co. Shop to be a thing. P.s. I'm sure you know this but I think your mic may be going lots of crackles and pops in this video. Keep up the great work man!

  • Danny Compton
    Danny Compton

    the first excuse was 100% to get you to go away. Its obvious they don't want to do it. Leave them a bad review and move along. Find a shop that will. They should have manned up and told you know when you showed the first time. With a simple "unfortunately, our insurance and company won't let me align that with modified suspension, sorry for the inconvenience". Find a 4x4 shop with a rack. Spend some money with those who treat you well and will do the work.

  • Wil da boss
    Wil da boss

    So i have to ask whats the deal with the Cowboys boots because i seen your girlfriend on her channel when shes working on the truck she have cowgirl boots to lol love the builds i follow both of ya

  • mathew hunt
    mathew hunt

    Hey Ryan ! its a great time to take off the body molding on the sides before you repaint it !

  • Luke Voigt
    Luke Voigt

    check for the tires rubbing on fenders

    • Luke Voigt
      Luke Voigt


  • Ellis Johnson
    Ellis Johnson

    I can’t believe that “professional” technician gave you problems for that alignment job... if you run a shop or work at one, customers make your company... point blank...

  • Nathan Vansickle
    Nathan Vansickle

    Check your body mounts

  • Keith Hoffman
    Keith Hoffman

    Thats why I do all my own work brother!