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  • Mike

    I got an idea just tent the limbs on the running lights to fog lights

  • Jen Tictac
    Jen Tictac

    Not liking the tail lights. Trying to but.... At least you can put the old ones back on if you wanted to. Like everything else you are doing.

  • Bryan Bankey
    Bryan Bankey

    the Morimoto XB fog lights would look killer in there,but also around $200 bucks!

  • Frankford Garage
    Frankford Garage

    Awesome job on the emblem

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones

    Absolutley killed it with that front end dangggg that looks gorgous

  • Mary-Beth Laurent
    Mary-Beth Laurent

    Great job!!!!b Keep it coming. Just bought a new horn and new back up, headlight and fog light bulbs for my 2008 Hummer H3 :)

  • Andrew Denson
    Andrew Denson

    wassup with them boots bro 😂😂😂

    • Andrew Denson
      Andrew Denson

      RYAN MAYER 😂😂😂😂 put me on


      That 2020 fit

  • CowboyJeffy34

    Who else thinks he should have way more subscribers

  • mpjeep06

    I love it good job 👍

  • james marlar
    james marlar

    Ryan try plastic promoter spray in future

  • Kelen Efta
    Kelen Efta

    Use VHT night shades on the lower fogs

  • Luke Powers
    Luke Powers

    Can you please make this thing super cool on the inside as well as the outside

  • Shane Hernandez
    Shane Hernandez

    Do u have a video of you doing the new coats on the frame not of the Tahoe just any vehicle


      Yes! I did a whole frame resto on my last truck! It’s on my channel!

  • Lilshu13

    Caddy does have retractable running boards so I know you like OEM parts so you might wanna look into that. Not sure if it would work but I dont see why not they are both the can suv. Chris.

  • Alex Goekler
    Alex Goekler

    Black out the pillars with wrap

  • WobO

    “Oh my goodness” x 100 times.

  • Tyler Combs
    Tyler Combs

    On the chrome taking off with degreaser thing you tried, I think it’s only with a certain degreaser👌

  • Tommy Coyle
    Tommy Coyle

    Love ya Ryan but every video is “6.0 is gonna be lifted soon. Ram is gonna be re geard” lets see it


      We’re waiting on backordered parts 😩😩😩

  • Jonathan Andersen
    Jonathan Andersen

    Does bang make you poop?


      Sometimes honestly

  • Everything Quads
    Everything Quads

    Oh my goodness

  • Eliot Douthit
    Eliot Douthit

    I shitbyou not ryan try zep

    • Eliot Douthit
      Eliot Douthit

      Atleast show everyone what it does try it on a piece that you dont really care about first

  • Richard Lewis III
    Richard Lewis III

    The front end looks sick!

  • Toney Jackson
    Toney Jackson

    Would you consider start doing tahoe giveaway with merch. Gonna be a sick build🤘


      I might actually!

  • Larry Selfridge
    Larry Selfridge

    Check out wil-bond. It’s a great surface prep for paint. I use it all the time

  • XtakingsniperX

    i think the old Tahoe tail lights were better tbh

  • LUCiD

    🔥 Hyped

  • T Perry
    T Perry

    Serpentini..American and proud of it

  • Darren Kokoski
    Darren Kokoski

    "OH My Goodness" counter......New Record!!!!!! Lol

  • Larry Deaton
    Larry Deaton

    Tahoe is looking good with every little detail. Can you tint the headlights and fog lights? I have seen it done and it looks pretty good.

  • Jeff Hobbs
    Jeff Hobbs

    I’m disappointed you passed up the rainbow unicorn bang. It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.

  • Giovanni Diaz
    Giovanni Diaz

    U sould get the black c shaped drl for it to match it takes alot of the chrome away from the front bc its a projector and if u want the hid kit is a size h7 for low and h1 for high beam

  • Cole Devlin
    Cole Devlin

    I think you need to build a tbss

  • SanchezFla

    Where did you get your pre cut tint at again can't find the video you talked about it

  • Zach Mickelson
    Zach Mickelson

    Bro! I’m excited too see the rest of this! Build my dream truck. Plz?!!

  • Gary Daigle
    Gary Daigle

    If your worried about fitment on the front, look into doing a NorCal mode on the front fenders.

  • Bradley Adkinson
    Bradley Adkinson

    I think that would color match really good with the 20-22” red and black tis rims wrapped in 35 iron mans

  • Din Miftari
    Din Miftari

    The badges look great. I wonder how it’d look if you made the bow tie red and the outline black

  • SchmidtyTV

    "sMaLl mOd bIG dIfFeRenCe''

  • Terrance Freed
    Terrance Freed

    The tail lights will look better if the truck was black.. so they look out of place.. but its your ride

  • Kyler Byassee
    Kyler Byassee

    Hey ryan what happen to the Chevy

  • Krimion

    Too guud to wear masks

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G

    aftermarket offroad front bumper needed wont look right as is with a lift


    Had a package that was supposed to be delivered on the 11th and @ 1:45 am on the 11th it was in chillicothe then suddenly they changed the expected delivery to the 13th.


    I was gonna tell ya to get toredor red. Thats the same color as my 6.0p-stroke.. i knew it'd be a close look.

  • Alec Jones
    Alec Jones

    i did the same thing on my silverado bow tie except i had black with a white outline

  • Alex Arevalo
    Alex Arevalo

    My front end looks juicy too 😂

  • Quickscope dipping
    Quickscope dipping

    You should either squat it or slam it

  • Leland Steffen
    Leland Steffen

    Do you still have the 03-05 cateye?

  • Jake C
    Jake C

    i’m begging you to get rid of those taillights 😭

  • braddeem

    You also might be able to find a set of projector headlights that already have black bezels around them for your fog lights

  • braddeem

    I don't know if you know this but they also make the bezels that light up

  • Nick S.
    Nick S.

    That outro though 😳

  • Life with FrankieJ
    Life with FrankieJ

    Fire!!! 🥵🔥🔥 Absolutely love the black look.

  • 412 Auto Care
    412 Auto Care

    I have a Tahoe also that I debadged and I’m currently in the process that your in. Adding black accents really do make a big difference.

  • `

    WTH I never got notified about this video.

    • `

      I see the bell was shut off. Weird.

  • Patrick Madden
    Patrick Madden

    15% tint would look sharp too

  • Mj Garcia
    Mj Garcia

    Hey Ryan you should put some aftermarket bumpers on the Tahoe like you did the ram with some tow mirrors I think it will look aggressive

  • Taylor_ Perez
    Taylor_ Perez

    17:59 that’s what she said

  • Unknown Name Unknown Number
    Unknown Name Unknown Number

    Lucky if we can get away with 50% or 40% on the front windows around here. If I did 5% I wouldn't get a mile down the road and I'd probably get life in prison.

  • Patrick Schultz
    Patrick Schultz

    Sick bro!!

  • Twizzy228

    Flipping the colors on the bow tie would have looked great

  • Thomas

    I see he switched from Monster to Bang 😂

  • JS Broadcast
    JS Broadcast

    16:30 that’s what she said

  • John Cubero
    John Cubero

    no mask?!?! that clear will KILL you!

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Wow Ryan looks great 👍🏻

  • Andrew Molin
    Andrew Molin

    If you’re going to tint it just do 5% film all around over rear privacy glass. And then do the shield in 50 or 70

  • lbhamlo


  • preston1234567891234

    When we gettin the “looks so darn good” merch?

  • DJ Nee
    DJ Nee

    Bc of you and the little details that make your projects pop that is exactly how I do my build. I do the little things bc I know it pops and once’s it’s noticed it’s like wow that looks good. So I have to thank you for that!

  • Bradley Walsh
    Bradley Walsh

    Next time you do a Chevy badge just lay the masking tape all across and press it down. Then take a exacto blade and cut in the crease there and then peel the access off. Comes out 100 percent every single time

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    You should put rigid rock lights in the fog lamps but get them with the shroud/housing so it looks clean and like it belongs. Also please try and get the running boards back on, especially if you’re lifting it, they act as like a side skirt on these era trucks and just looks unfinished without them imo.

  • Rob Hardy
    Rob Hardy

    What size compressor do you use for your spray gun?

  • Si Simons
    Si Simons

    DO SOME RESEARCH/TESTING ON OSPHO ! it will kill any rust , and the best part it leaves a black finish ,, let it dry on metal , do not wipe off ,, eats paint so be careful .

  • Rich Bentley
    Rich Bentley

    It's the little touched that make a build.

  • Dan Hampton
    Dan Hampton

    Won’t ‘oven off’ oven cleaner strip that chrome off of the plastic? Try that next time.

  • Samsgarage99

    I like black grill better and every different signs black can't wait to see that Tahoe lift kits

  • Dibarra95

    Big tire small wheel maybe? Boggers? Lol

  • Captain BDP
    Captain BDP

    Pause arent those gay bang drinks pre???

  • Michael Badger
    Michael Badger

    Put a Cali lean on it

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    U have the best intro songs wat song is that

  • rccola525

    Please remove the front license plate junk off and it’ll even look that much better.

  • matthew morrison
    matthew morrison

    you should remove the door molding

  • vanessa rogers
    vanessa rogers

    Oh my goodness

  • Antony Gantt
    Antony Gantt

    Homie make a video of cleaning up the garage

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Do your own color match headlights 🤔

  • Pinkerman Ranch
    Pinkerman Ranch

    Think it would look good with out the door trim

  • Steven Clowers
    Steven Clowers

    That is fire 🔥 tho

  • Braden Isom
    Braden Isom

    You’re a lot braver than me spraying clear in an almost closed garage no mask😂

  • Wicked Winter
    Wicked Winter

    The factory lights chrome is super thin and flakey so easy to remove where as the badge isn't do to the fact that the badge is meant to see weather and moisture so its thicker

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    Bro you had us in the cabinet.....🤣🤣

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Grill should have been colormatched, it just looks like there is a hole there. Escalade tail lights are looking like a hole on the red background too. Red and blacked out just does not work. Black on black.....always. Black on red- NOPE.

  • Christian Stewart
    Christian Stewart

    I say do the steps

  • Logan Payer
    Logan Payer

    Why do u waste money on Bang, the cheapest energy drink is coffee or if you want some real energy get some cocaine

  • Jorge Quezada
    Jorge Quezada

    You should try putting tint on the head lights lmfscrew did it on his Silverado if you want to see how it would look on the head lights

  • Robert Keen
    Robert Keen

    Love watching the motivation man thanks.

  • Mike Myers
    Mike Myers

    I always get excited when I get the notification of a new video

  • #mississippicountryboy

    I love how you turn vichles around and make them look better than what you find on a lot Keep up the great work man Love the videos

  • The last Angel
    The last Angel


  • john russo
    john russo

    Open the head lights up black it out or color match and add a projector in it and itll look awesome

  • Seven

    I think it would look better without the bow tie in the middle of the hatch just my opinion tho. It’s starting to look really good can’t wait for the new shoes and lift