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  • Greg Green
    Greg Green

    That the best diesel motor you have....period

  • that guy ch2
    that guy ch2

    I can find u any part u need n I'm in Detroit

  • Lance Lickiss
    Lance Lickiss

    Royal blue with a white two tone

  • Spencer Lowe
    Spencer Lowe

    Id run with the oem color or a blue color

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    The stack behind your head, might have alot to do with it being stupid loud. 😂

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    People already have candy green first gens, and said people are IRbin bums as well.

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    Blowing just as much white smoke as it rolls coal

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    Shop chairs are 15 bucks at RK

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    I get 20-22 mpgs on 38s in my 07 LBZ Duramax

  • Juan Reta-Zuniga
    Juan Reta-Zuniga

    Good luck trying to do that out here in California ive been struggling to find parts out here for my 85 first gen

  • MyLife AsCaoimhe
    MyLife AsCaoimhe

    i am beyond jealous youre restoring this and im not

  • MyLife AsCaoimhe
    MyLife AsCaoimhe

    my. dream. truck.

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones

    I feel like with some of the other videos.....u keep talking about blue! ..... but u may just keep mean and dark? Best of luck with this toy!!! I know its going to be sweet!!

  • Anthony 12VCummins 440RB
    Anthony 12VCummins 440RB

    *parts out there left and right... hahaha good luck

  • Landon Peterson
    Landon Peterson

    Do matte teal 2 tone with black matte

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis

    Make it into a badass tow rig

  • Joe G.
    Joe G.

    It's an old truck keep it original paint color bro

  • Joey McKinney
    Joey McKinney

    Paint it illusion blue with metallic black with grey sparkles

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral


  • Matthew Beske
    Matthew Beske

    What Color: Blue or Silver. And on the dash it must read: "No Airbags... So, Today We Die Like Men!"

  • Myles Sobry
    Myles Sobry

    Really looking forward to this I just bought a first GEN

  • Presto Is A Killa
    Presto Is A Killa

    you should restore/ build out a bad ass version of each generation of every cummins ram they made! id be super stoked to see what you could do to a nice Gen 2/3

  • Marty Bashynski
    Marty Bashynski

    Flatbed and lifted with dually conversion 💪🏻

  • Denver Buerge
    Denver Buerge

    Bada$$! I love it! 1st gen baby....that's where it all started. Amazing

  • Tyler Felske
    Tyler Felske

    Classic tow rig for the kit car

  • Austin Sutton
    Austin Sutton

    Someone’s never had a shit box 😂

  • Isaiah Mcbean
    Isaiah Mcbean

    gasoline green with chrome rims wit white walls

  • Fuller Patterson
    Fuller Patterson

    black w/ blue

  • Dustin Lemley
    Dustin Lemley

    White it out with black trim. Or destroyer grey.

  • Cooper Autrey
    Cooper Autrey

    I would make it the metallic turquoise from the 07-13 Tahoe's tbh

  • Kelen Efta
    Kelen Efta

    What happened to Ben and his green jeep?

  • Margaret Mobley
    Margaret Mobley

    paint it GoMango old skool color

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz

    Make it black. Call it the black pearl

  • mortiz2166

    Bright ass blue! or hot pink. Something crazy, but like a candied royal blue would look insane

  • Epic Sack69
    Epic Sack69

    Seat all the way forward like a women

  • Braden Thompson
    Braden Thompson

    Paint it Cummins red or electric blue

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Love the D 250 💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍

  • Austin Martin
    Austin Martin

    Where do you get the alpha obd?

  • Jared C.
    Jared C.

    Where’s your girl???

  • dillon dufrene
    dillon dufrene

    Candy Teal

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    can you make a other video right now

  • Triston Makin
    Triston Makin


  • Strelok

    god dodge makes some beautiful fuckin trucks

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    Do a candy apple red Will a ton of metallic flake

  • Jakob Flores
    Jakob Flores

    pearl white

  • Caleb Lee
    Caleb Lee

    Please lift it and put big off-road tires and rhino 16-17” rims and LED lights and off-road bumpers

  • Ryan Conti
    Ryan Conti

    Slam it. 20x12 on nitto 420 with letters out. Flat black with candy green pin striping. OHIO low rider.

  • Brooklyn Boy
    Brooklyn Boy



    baby blue

  • Jake Broussard
    Jake Broussard

    You should make it red white and blue!!!!

  • BSR Xehn
    BSR Xehn

    Dark blue with white and silver flakes

  • Rick James
    Rick James

    Nice truck I love the old schools they look and sound so good.

  • Jeremy Mock
    Jeremy Mock

    Kdp comes out doing a fat burn out lol

  • Jeremiah Halderman
    Jeremiah Halderman

    Far From Stock makes so many amazing parts for 1st gen trucks

  • Mason

    think Candy Apple Red would be dope

  • Nijji Haley
    Nijji Haley

    Keep it an original color, no need to b flashy with a classic

  • iTrizMa

    Royal blue, I’d definitely teal

  • Diego Goethals
    Diego Goethals

    On dat newe truck i like die lowrider stijl on the front gril lick 78 caddy lowrider wicht pick-up tronk

  • Nicholas lopes
    Nicholas lopes

    the new truck would look so good flatbed and dually

  • Randy Hague
    Randy Hague

    Blue 100%

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    I fuck with it, 3M has some cool 2080 series vinyl wraps, you should check out Matte Brown Metallic, Matte Indigo, Matte Charcoal Metallic and Matte Slate Blue Metallic. Those are the colors I like for this truck. One of those or if you must paint it, go for a deep Navy color, I’m sure there’s a candy midnight navy color or something. I’m stoked for this build actually, it’s something different.

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee

    You need to do your spin on a Jeep!!!


    Plum crazy purple

  • Tate Guzmanuk
    Tate Guzmanuk

    Peep my insta for some inspiration (@tateguzmanuk) flat bed Dually with long horn colours

  • Millions Mills
    Millions Mills

    Candy orange

  • Johnny York
    Johnny York

    Hey my guy! If you can the diesel king, specifically for 12v’s is “V-belt and son” this guy will set you straight! Definitely take care of the killer Dow pin, there should be a gear under the dash for your indicator to move the needle where you want it.

  • Travis B
    Travis B

    do not do any of the body work yourself on the first gen. send it to a professional

  • Jared Arizmendi
    Jared Arizmendi

    Do you have your truck in West Virginia in sunny side road lol

  • issac schnoebelen
    issac schnoebelen

    Talk to Greg a his is sick

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    And another one I’ve realized you’ve quickly out grown the new shop already

  • Garrett McBryde
    Garrett McBryde

    Builds a bagged truck to tow. Finishes it and doesn’t tow...what gives? For the 1st gen, dually, custom flatbed, a brown.

  • Bobby Giggity
    Bobby Giggity

    Bro blue would look good asf

  • XxYT_T-type10xX

    Build a race truck

  • James Herman
    James Herman

    Put a flatbed and dually rear end on first gen!!!!

  • Nathan Vansickle
    Nathan Vansickle

    Gotta 2 tone the truck

  • Leighton Dubois
    Leighton Dubois

    Silver or a pearl white! Take my advise this time!! Lol

  • Jake Orsak
    Jake Orsak

    Paint it a shade of blue and silver.

  • Harley Dean
    Harley Dean

    Lime green 😍😍😍😍

  • Braeden Davis
    Braeden Davis

    Hey Ryan idk if you'll respond but what do you do for work like how do you afford all these trucks?? But I love your videos and all your trucks!

  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez

    you ever think about a clean 2nd gen? 😎

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    What about a Ramcharger? Converting to diesel

  • Mike

    Panther Pink, yeah build the first Pink panther truck. I think it'd be cool.

  • Kougar Lanier
    Kougar Lanier

    Paint it purple with green powder coated parts

  • Zachary's RC Galore
    Zachary's RC Galore

    Now you need a 24v 2nd gen

  • Ajay Garbs
    Ajay Garbs

    The monster can on your tool box is the color you need to paint the truck

  • Ben Dover 1.0
    Ben Dover 1.0

    You should put a flat bed on the first gen

  • Brodie Cordray
    Brodie Cordray

    Do a white with the underside blue

  • T O
    T O

    Should make it a two tone like the old fashion trucks with the cream and other accent color

  • Jen Tictac
    Jen Tictac

    Old Skool time. Sweet! Building a 1986 El Camino... this one will teach you patience like you never knew you had! LMAO.

  • Lucas Boutin
    Lucas Boutin

    Throw some forest green on it with silver and green metal flake

  • joe kloeckner
    joe kloeckner

    Screw a new bed...flat bed it

  • Lucas Cobb
    Lucas Cobb

    Gun metal grey

  • tyrone harrison
    tyrone harrison

    Please don't put any gay ass big rims on that square body. Don't fuck it up.

  • Shediction

    You have the highlighter green so now you need highlighter blue!

  • endopain ss
    endopain ss

    Don't ruin this truck with wide wheels

  • Jacob MATTHEWS
    Jacob MATTHEWS

    Like a baby blue.

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez

    Ask Greg a

    • Angel Sanchez
      Angel Sanchez

      For help on the 1 gen

  • Dylan Potrikus
    Dylan Potrikus


  • Kevin Schnell
    Kevin Schnell

    Do blue

  • Kole Cherniwchan
    Kole Cherniwchan

    Anyone know what happened to Katie?