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  • Dwight Cann
    Dwight Cann

    Should have taken the time to knock out the dents on the wheel well.

  • gringochoppers

    Where did you buy the tint??..or what kind of paint is it for to work with the Raptor liner??..Haven't checked with a paint supply store yet but I'd like to know exactly what to get so I know what I'm looking for when I do go.

  • Colin McCreary
    Colin McCreary

    This looks shinier or more reflective than others I have seen is this due to the pain that was chosen?

  • C Bob White
    C Bob White

    You sanded the truck bed and then sprayed in the bed liner, without a mask. You should have waited until you had a proper respirator and apparently you knew you needed PPE, but did it anyway, for what a video you can post. You sir, are an idiot.

  • Papa Jon
    Papa Jon

    Great video Ryan!! That Passion Purple is the perfect color and now you have a matching bedliner and all I can add is "Go Bucs!!!" Thank you so very much and may God Bless Woody Hayes...

  • Brian Bond
    Brian Bond

    SWEEEEEEEET!!!Need to do that to my '76 El Camino


    What's name of that paint used as a base color

  • Darren Oerlemans
    Darren Oerlemans

    Raptor is good, did my truck. You have to use primer on the bare metal because it will not stick.

  • SnatchFace827

    Oh dang I thought this was your other bed liner video sorry

  • Sebas E
    Sebas E

    I got a liner in my ram bed and on my diamondback cover I wonder if I can give it a fresh up coat with the raptor liner spray just on top of it ?! If anybody knows My looks old and not nice any more

  • Les Skinner
    Les Skinner

    Cowboy boots and shorts ! Love it haha...

  • Joao francisco dias
    Joao francisco dias

    Ficou linda.

  • TheDailyProductionsShow

    SEMA trucks don’t even look like this Me ummmm yea and sema trucks don’t have stock rims lol 😂

  • Show Your Boxing IQ
    Show Your Boxing IQ

    How long was the wait between coats?

  • Alex Bailey
    Alex Bailey

    quit talking guy and do the video

  • Clay Spencer
    Clay Spencer

    Can I mix my own candy paint in the tintable raptor bedliner

  • Backwoods_outlaw

    Yup that sound about like a sicks.0

  • Logan Tague
    Logan Tague

    What was that thing you used for sanding your bed I need one of those!

    • Anthony Hawes
      Anthony Hawes

      Him!! I need him to sand mine as well

  • Justin Doyle
    Justin Doyle

    How much was the kit $100 ?

  • Crikmtb

    Has it held up good?

  • OutLawTy X
    OutLawTy X

    Hey man I love your videos I have one question do you use regular paint for the tint or is it a special paint I have to pour inside?

  • Angel garcias
    Angel garcias

    Thamm look s perfect good jod that like under coring where you can buy it can got any color

  • Angel garcias
    Angel garcias

    W up my friend where can buy it good any jod and the car need do my Toyota chaser thing good buy one mored lest work good video bro

  • lupillo zac
    lupillo zac

    Como se llama el color de la pintura

  • Oscar

    Sorry to say but all that sanding was excessive. The stuff doesn’t bond so good to bare metal. You’re sanding all the way to way metal in a lot of places and those areas will fail so much faster than the areas that still have paint.

  • Tim brown
    Tim brown

    low pressure oil problem I'll bet you have a bad o-ring on the stand pipe

  • Paul S
    Paul S

    12 minutes wasted'

  • Matt Frye
    Matt Frye

    Definitely need to wear a respirator when using that stuff.


    That is a cool A** color what is the paint code for that paint on the outside of the truck?

  • 808dan

    This guy must've watched alot of barney as a kid.

  • Derek Adamson
    Derek Adamson

    I used that exact spray on liner and after having it a year, it chips SO BADLY I spent 100 on the raptor Spray liner, and i was quoted at $500 for a local shop to prep and spray their own product, im thinking the extra $400 was probably worth it, considering how crap the raptor lining held up.....

  • Miata Is Always The Answer
    Miata Is Always The Answer

    Truck looks great! You should consider cleaning up your beard, the way it goes down your neck doesn't look very good. Your jaw line would look much better if you had the beard on that line.

  • mike silva
    mike silva

    Fix the Ford!!!

  • JEY Law
    JEY Law

    How long does it take to dry?

  • Karl Krouse
    Karl Krouse

    So DOES look good the liner would be applied last, now i want TO do the bottom, like a chip gaurd, you suggest last do it when the liner IS applied

  • Garrett Lamb
    Garrett Lamb

    The lines rail’s really bring it out

  • Stacy Harris
    Stacy Harris


  • JC War
    JC War

    Obviously, I've had "some" bondo over there. . . . Bro, I laughed so hard, don't even really know why, lol.

  • Texan Balaban
    Texan Balaban

    Ol black 6.0 needs some engine help, sinister diesel

  • michael wilkinson
    michael wilkinson

    What paint did you use and what paint can be used?


    It would be cool to do the inner wheel arches and chassis the same purple bed liner colour. It would protect the under side of the truck.

  • Roger Jimenez
    Roger Jimenez

    Great work but just to much talking bro just saying

  • Fidjet702 SinCity
    Fidjet702 SinCity


  • Gr33n N1ck
    Gr33n N1ck

    Those glow plugs are shot

  • Ramon Alvarez
    Ramon Alvarez

    What kind of gun you use

  • Mark Allen Ashcraft
    Mark Allen Ashcraft

    Just like a ford no start,. junk

  • Shari Rosploch
    Shari Rosploch

    How did you get it the same color as your truck?

  • Small Town Adventures
    Small Town Adventures

    If thats a 6.0 get a 6.4 starter. New batteries an run hot shots oil additives n fuel additives. Fuel spring upgrade. Rotella t6 oil new glow plugs an anything below 45 plug it up. Even without plugging it up those will help cold starts speaking from my own experience owned her for almost 10 years

  • goldensnail86

    What did you use for color or tint I keep seeing diffrent opinions on what to use

    • goldensnail86

      @RYAN MAYER sorry I asked


      Non water based auto paint!

  • RoughCountry

    did you use a reducer for the paint basecoat before adding to the raptor liner?

  • Cerco170

    Bro do I see 6 more cases of raptor liner in your garage @1:47?

  • Frank Leonoyed
    Frank Leonoyed

    Are the rattle cans a viable option for people who don't have an air compressor. I just want to do the bumpers and flares on my Jeep but the linex guy wants close to two grand!


      Just gotta shoot from a distance with the cans! Comes out like paint otherwise!

  • chris pires
    chris pires

    You just mixed your own paint in with the bed liner stuff ? Oil based paint or...? I'm looking for a cheap way to do my blazer a white bed liner . This was a cool video . I dig that purple

  • chad Newville
    chad Newville

    Thank you for showing us those cans at the end. Now I know what to expect when I do my Jeep XJ.

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White

    Wait..Did I just watch Justin Bieber spray in a purple bedliner 😆

  • Bubbles

    Tell ya what, I'd rather be Cummin that Strokin😂

  • The Royal Crowned Tiger
    The Royal Crowned Tiger

    The purple looks awesome !!!!!! Keep up the great work !!!!

  • Ray Jon
    Ray Jon

    Too much purple should of done 2 tone purple and lime

  • DIY Eric
    DIY Eric

    Idk what was more fire the finished results or your cowboy boots with basketball shorts wearing ass🤣

  • Rafael Galvez
    Rafael Galvez

    Where did you get the purple paint? What kind of paint is it?

  • derby smoke505
    derby smoke505

    What size air compressor did you use. And if I have a new truck with no rust the bed still gets sanded due to the material adhering better? Been thinking of doing my own liner and a colored bed liner would be cool! Thanks for the videos and info.💯

  • lostlune

    i think a darker color on the top rail would be a really nice accent color.

  • lostlune

    pro tip: not wearing a ventilator is a good way to get cancer

  • lindsay mengert
    lindsay mengert

    Where did you get the pure paint to mix with it and what shade is that!? Absolutely LOVE how that turned out! We are going to do that to our wrangler but an curious on what color you used

  • Free American
    Free American

    Omg that looks awesome well worth the yakyak love great color love it

  • Free American
    Free American

    Get to already 7 minutes in nothing yet the suspense is nerve reckon enough yaking dieing to see the finished product

  • Paul McDuell
    Paul McDuell

    Going to do my F150 short bed and leave the bed rails on. Do you think 4 bottles is enough? Where did you get your tint, automotive paint store? I have a factory silver truck so I'm going with factory paint match. Thanks for the video!

  • Roberto Leeva
    Roberto Leeva

    I used yellow tint to match my f100 and it looks very nice... Very good vid man. Thanks for posting.

  • Alessandro Terracciano
    Alessandro Terracciano

    yes raptor liner is cool, i've just done grill, front bumper, rear bumper and sides with only 3 bottles !

  • Jonathan Rice
    Jonathan Rice

    What ratio of paint and tinner did you use to mix into the bedliner bottle

  • DrGrafenberg

    what area does one rattle can cover?

  • speed demoncivic
    speed demoncivic

    The purple paint was it normal paint or is it that is compatible with the raptorliner.

  • stevo rodriguez
    stevo rodriguez

    Fast forward to about 12 min

  • sitnlow4life

    What kind of paint did you use to tint it with ? Single stage ?

  • Blazin Dragon
    Blazin Dragon

    is that stuff really aggressive where as if I load my truck up with a kayak would it tear up the kayak?

  • timothy sirmon
    timothy sirmon

    Hey Ryan what size compressor do you have as well as what psi do you spray at

  • Matt Behrends
    Matt Behrends

    Your batteries are weak on your 6.0. It should be turning over twice that fast. Great project looking at doing the same thing! Great video

  • Jeffrey Briggs
    Jeffrey Briggs

    Hi! I am a line-X spray technician so I also love a nice bedliner. I know you are doing everything from home but I would strongly recommend giving a line-X spray a try! I bet you could find a local shop willing to let you film the process! Love the video and the commitment to the truck!

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams

    What air compressor setup do you have for this and what PSI did you shoot?!

  • Hampstead LaRue
    Hampstead LaRue

    Great job my man. Greetings and respect from the Great White North!

  • shawn

    looks amazing, to bad that bonda work looks like chit lol but amazing work

  • TheVanillagorilla12

    On programming the remotes open drivers side door unlock shut door, cycle key until locks actuate forget a specific number just go until locks actuate mine was 5, press a button on the fob when you hear the lock actuate and done

  • e fan club lol sma for life
    e fan club lol sma for life

    You still have to buy the equipment deal with the mess and you have no warranty

  • Ruisu-214

    This purple is looks awesome since it is my favorite color lol nd it doesn’t look like a bright purple, but a Candy Paint Midnight Purple will look freaking BadAss, but only if they have that color for candy paint idk if it exists does it? Also a Matte Midnight Purple is Fucken Clean too.

  • Dustin Cox
    Dustin Cox

    You should make the bed rails black🤔

  • Bertsbug

    Wears masks for corona virus but not spraying bed liner???

  • Dizzle Rizzle
    Dizzle Rizzle

    wonder if this would work on my fourwheelers racks

  • Niko G
    Niko G

    Awesome job Ryan so is there a special paint you at to the bottle of bedliner stuff or is it just regular auto paint of your choice?

  • Niko G
    Niko G

    I have that same contour tool works awesome I sanded my bed in my Nissan frontier and took a lot less time them sanding it with the air sander and is one incredible tool

  • distant individual
    distant individual

    You missed a spot

  • Dakota Stone
    Dakota Stone

    What color is the paint of your truck I’m looking to painting mine dark purple and was wondering what you used and might go just darker than it

  • swagsweet340

    Who caught the light weight twerk action at 12:28 😂😂😂

  • L G
    L G

    The 82 dislikes are people who lost client due to this video😂

  • djkommando

    Think it's time for new glowplugs in the powerstroke...

  • Joshua Speer
    Joshua Speer

    That Ford sounds like it’s low on compression

  • Tayron.1995

    Nice 👍🏻

  • Mark Dietrich
    Mark Dietrich

    Why didn’t u pound out the dent in the passenger wheel well? Takes 2 minutes.

  • The Boy Wen
    The Boy Wen

    Purple bed line those boots.

  • fernando rios
    fernando rios

    U put Bedliner on the top sides of the bed 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    • caleb

      He did it on purpose lol

  • Bige4u

    12:27 .... peek a boo!