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  • Jordan Stippel
    Jordan Stippel

    for real pressure you should have done a low oil sensor and governor delete.

  • Gregory Cain
    Gregory Cain

    Just get u some new o rings it want leak no more I do commercial pressure washing for a living they blow out all the time

  • Donkey A
    Donkey A

    Diy pressure washer build anyone can do. Parts list: a pressure washer, a new engine Step one: replace engine on said pressure washer. Step two: think up some more click bait to get more IRbin hits.

  • John P
    John P


  • Joseph Lejeune
    Joseph Lejeune

    It's called a swash plate... Not a clutch.

  • AJCarterTV

    yo bro, what are you going to do with the old engine?

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    Those 212 predator engines get passed around more than la girls

  • Dre Hunt
    Dre Hunt

    I’m guessing a power stroke. Wait 30 seconds before cranking. Glow plugs have to heat up. Normal issue, unless there is a solenoid issue. Sounds the same as minimal use ambulances.

  • john jkizer
    john jkizer

    Wow, really great review, 99 bucks and a brand new pressure washer, peace and God Bless

  • Roblox PlayzYt
    Roblox PlayzYt

    I love that car so much :)

  • Scott L
    Scott L

    The predator harbor freight is a literal clone of a Honda GX200 if you google, there's a settlement with honda and HF. That engine has a bunch of aftermarket upgrades.

  • Christian Hunt
    Christian Hunt

    please don’t buy that absorbant😂 it’s literally saw dust


    It’s cause the predator is a rip off Honda

  • Austin Arnold
    Austin Arnold

    Honest question Ryan, are you going to move into a new house with a bigger space to have all your vehicles?

  • Coffeecatwood

    $99 is bull shit the engine is $150-$200

  • Dm Details
    Dm Details

    Good stuff man

  • deadheadgaming

    u can buy one for 100 bucks

  • Mote’s Garage
    Mote’s Garage

    You have no idea the effect on low gas prices. You praise for low gas but all the oilfield and gas field workers are getting laid off. The crude oil drivers are not getting anymore loads to bring money to feed and support family. So please don’t praise low gas prices.

  • trist moren
    trist moren

    Should of powder coated the frame and dresser it up with the purple and green

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Need a cowboy hat next to go with those boots 👢

  • john krinock
    john krinock

    Hey ryan, just wanted to give you a thumbs up, on the Jax wax, trim restorer. Great product, ordered some a few days ago, used your promo code and got the 10% discount, thanks. Did my truck and my wife's vehicle, was very happy with the results.

  • Josh Zantingh
    Josh Zantingh

    The new powerstroke brave move with the 6.0 but they do sound good so it’s worth it in the long just builtproof them

  • Josh Zantingh
    Josh Zantingh

    I hope you see this Ryan but if you don’t that’s cool too. But I wanna say thank for the inspiration and motivation to build show truck I’ve love show truck and always wanted build but never did. But I’m glad I have in my option a “built truck” It’s a gasser but it is really cool and running 14 wides. I just wanted to thank for that if you replied though that would be really cool. If you want to check my Instagram it’s Ram_On_35s. If you guess right I’m running 35s lol😂😂. Thank you again Ryan Mayer and Katie kae.

  • Jacolby Howe
    Jacolby Howe

    Please do a full in depth video

  • Chris Simon
    Chris Simon

    Shorts and boots kinda day

  • Cam O'Connor
    Cam O'Connor

    Yes Ryan. I work for home depot in Avon. We have a 100 customer at one time limit. I'm guessing strongsville is having it rough but my Avon one doesn't hit 100 that often during the week

  • Andrew Hicks
    Andrew Hicks

    High torque starter on amazon for the 6.0 will fix that cranking issue had the same problem with my 7.3 now it starts right up

  • Jakob Gibney
    Jakob Gibney

    Quarantine DIY balls to the wall addition pressure washer 🔥🔥

  • Jakob Gibney
    Jakob Gibney

    Make the pressure washer now 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Jammin6796

    250 bucks on the link posted..

  • Aimee G
    Aimee G

    Film the detailing process please! 😊

  • Eric Dugar
    Eric Dugar

    Does anyone with a ram have a problem with the panic button going off sometimes when you put the key in and out of the ignition??

  • Diesel King
    Diesel King

    A power washer actually has a boiler that heats up the water and then uses pressure and a pressure washer just uses regular pressure pump

  • Trp 350
    Trp 350

    Ryan best intro ever!👌🏻👍🏻 🐕

  • Tanner Hulmes
    Tanner Hulmes

    Ryan check out Obsessed Garage for a nice hose, gun, and other pressure washing accessories! It is 100% worth going to a nice hose and gun

  • brian criswell
    brian criswell

    Ever car or truck video I watch every dude has got a hat on that is 4 sizes too small for their head and turned backwards and always does a goofy intro.

  • Butch P
    Butch P

    I can't say this enough,,, the $9.99 battery operated siphon pump at Harbor Freight is the best thing for filling those tanks!!!!!!

  • Southpawsgarage

    cool..ill bring my bike down for

  • Caleb Joos
    Caleb Joos

    Film the whole detail on the hellcat

  • Life of CoachD
    Life of CoachD

    I don’t think it was the receiver Ryan lol, i think the QB made a bad pass🤣

  • Moore's Auto Detaling
    Moore's Auto Detaling

    PLEASE record the exterior detail of the Hellcat!! I'd love to see it.

  • Rexious 0
    Rexious 0

    gas where i’m from in alberta canada is about 59 cents a Litre. i think diesels 80 cents a litre

  • Isaac Ammerman
    Isaac Ammerman

    Ryan, you can't wear shorts and cowboy boots, bud.

  • Dylan Welch
    Dylan Welch

    You and katie should detail the 6.0 and see how good you can make the factory paint look

  • Omar Cortes
    Omar Cortes

    Yes do it and if u can I would try do it cheaper way

  • James fagan
    James fagan

    I don’t care what y’all think Ryan’s country I’m from Texas and he looks like he belongs here 😂😂

  • Riley Carelock
    Riley Carelock

    Katie must have a thing for black extended cab fords lol

  • Sean Thornhill
    Sean Thornhill

    Predator motors are remaned Honda’s

  • Max Henderson
    Max Henderson

    Dose the powerstroke have the right kind of battery in it...

  • Kent Davis
    Kent Davis

    Powder coat the pressure washer frame!

  • Levi Bowden
    Levi Bowden

    A lot of time you don’t have to Choke it unless it’s very cold outside

  • szachtb

    Bigger hp engine not needed. Just upgrade the pump. Pump is main variable there

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson

    Great video, for your new pressure washer you're building, The sweet spot for foam cannons and washing cars is around 100-1200 PSI with 2.5 - 3GPM.

  • Garrett McBryde
    Garrett McBryde

    Be careful using a 1800+ psi on vehicles. Not good for the seals or paint.

  • buttonmasher 94
    buttonmasher 94

    72.9 in Ontario Canada

  • Trail 6.7 boss
    Trail 6.7 boss

    I see a jeep in the driveway

  • CamouflageZebruh

    The gas prices in my city are at 69.9 lmao

  • Francisco Carrion
    Francisco Carrion

    Yes make some detailing videos! 👍

  • Brian Hardison
    Brian Hardison

    Try these filters on your water hose. I use these on my RV and when I wash my vehicles. Haven't had water spot issues since.

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer

    Hey bud, sounds like you need to start a fashion channel as much as everyone cares about what you’re wearing 😂



  • patrickwb24

    Ceramic coating will help decently with waterspotting from rain, but to eradicate the problem from weekly washing with household water, look into renting a mixed bed deionized water tank to use for final rinsing, you will never have to deal with waterspots ever again or the pain of trying to hurry and dry the vehicle. You can even let the vehicle air dry with DI water, which cancels out using drying towels. I still blow dry my truck after DI rinsing, mainly so that dust doesnt cling to the water, especially when windy. Lastly, reason i say go with renting then purchasing a tank, is because it saves you alot of money from replacing mixed bed resin, its super expensive. I have a 12in by 50 inch tall tank which holds about 3 cubic foot pounds of mb resin to get about 2000-2500gallons of DI water. That much resin to pay oit of pocket would be close to $1000. For renting i paid 200 for deposit, 30 bucks a month rental fee, and when your tank is exhausted(light goes from green to red) they will bring a new tank out for 50bucks. Just using it for rinsing with a pressure washer, you can get the tank to last for a year or more, depending on your water quality. I use city water and my tds reading is in the 200's. But definitely look into it, you'll be more than happy and stress free. I enjoy your videos man! -Patrick Bedillion

  • levi bender
    levi bender

    Hey Ryan I got a spare set of buschwaker fender flares that will fit the Chevy if you are looking to buy them half off they are like brand new and I would really like to see me help out the channel, u can DM me on Instagram at Levi_bender25 on Instagram I’ll be glad to help the channel out

    • levi bender
      levi bender

      A message from you to my Instagram would be awesome too, just to know u read my comment

  • Steven Ashe
    Steven Ashe

    I see a Jeep in the back ground I'm pretty sure we all want Jeep content

  • andrewyaadigg

    Bro you don’t want high psi pressure washing for cleaning cars! I have a 3400 psi Honda gas pressure washer and a 1700 psi electric green works pressure washer I got for 80$ and I use the electric to wash cars the gas is just way to strong hurts your paint peels paint makes little chips in your paint especially paint matched parts! You don’t need high pressure like that unless your cleaning the frame or getting mud off cleaning your side walks or things like that you use a high pressure gas one. But trust me I’m in the detailing game you don’t want one super strong for washing your car all the time with that’s why you have all the chemicals and cleaners! But don’t get me wrong it is nice to have both so you always have the set up for every job!

  • Blake Bowyer
    Blake Bowyer

    hay Ryan love what ya doing!

  • TitanGaming

    Use non ethanol fuel (clear) it doesn't have corn so it burns cleaner

  • TitanGaming

    Powdercoat the frame green!! 😂😂

  • TitanGaming

    Predator motors are actually built nearly the same as Honda's.

  • HunterSkogland

    You talk to mutch... Less talk, more work 😅👍

  • Nolan Mitchell
    Nolan Mitchell

    I have always found the best way to wash a car in your own driveway (as long as it's decently clean) is to just use a garden hose. It's quiet, convenient, and uses a lot of water. Even though I have the ability to use a 25 gpm (8 with the tip in) pressure washer at around 4000psi that's ran of of a 3 cylinder Perkins diesel. Pressure washers are good but simply not necessary

  • Shardz

    Low gas prices arent something to be happy about...

  • Jason Dunn
    Jason Dunn

    You should weld up a frame for the new power washer and make a whole build process with the new bigger motor and pump, awesome content!!!!

  • Tommy Goad
    Tommy Goad

    I honestly love that you build a sema truck but still daily drive it. That’s awesome. Most people won’t touch there truck till it’s sema time again

  • kyle prichard
    kyle prichard

    Gas prices need to go back the oilfield is going down and it needs to stay up

  • Tommy Goad
    Tommy Goad

    I love watching this channel!

  • Nick Lockhart
    Nick Lockhart

    Try to find ethanol free gas for the pressure washer

  • Mosiah Hammon
    Mosiah Hammon

    If you have ethanol free gas in your area I would recommend using it in all your small engines.

  • Jer shearer
    Jer shearer

    You should powder coat the power washer to match the fleet

  • Simon Bojorquez
    Simon Bojorquez

    Love your vids I watch daily

  • _Paul_ kennedy_
    _Paul_ kennedy_

    its better to run small engines on 93 or premium because it helps keep the carb good \

  • Jorge Amparan
    Jorge Amparan

    powder coat or paint the frame of the pressure washer lime green or purple

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Nobody cares about you washing your car, kid.

  • Outlaw Gamer
    Outlaw Gamer

    Wash the wheels on the Silverado, I know the lift and wheels are coming soon but its annoying to see a super sick clean truck and dirty wheels😢

  • AtomicCheeseburger69

    20:11 lumpy bed

  • Sam Lucia
    Sam Lucia

    What’s the video upload schedule

  • Philpower701

    Thanks for uploading today really needed it cuz i missed my chance on getting the Rx8 i wanted only other one costs more so thanks for being here

  • Brandon Hyatt
    Brandon Hyatt

    Ryan and his boots and shorts. Trendsetter

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Carolina Squat on the ram?...that’ll be clean


    That would be cool if you could invest in a shop. Considering that you do a lot of car work👍🏼

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      There goes the green pickup and the hellcat. His main investment is those two mobiles. lol

  • Joe P.
    Joe P.

    Cheap oil with 97 octane? Nice

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    That windshield tint on the charger looks so good

  • Thunderstorms Tricks
    Thunderstorms Tricks

    What's Katie's Chanal name

  • Kyle Krause
    Kyle Krause

    I’d like to see how you clay bar your vehicle. If you have a video of that already can you share the link?

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    15:48 WHAT ARE THOSES????

  • Tanner Getz
    Tanner Getz

    What shock collar are you using for ur dog? Does it work? Lol

  • D Rose of 2003
    D Rose of 2003

    I love watching detailing videos I think it would a good idea to record the detailing of the hellcat

  • J Sand
    J Sand

    Can you do the soft open tailgate on the dodge? You add a shock somehow

  • Brycen Hedgepeth
    Brycen Hedgepeth

    Such a practical cummins😂

  • Asian Hooker
    Asian Hooker

    Please do the bed liner in your Chevy that bed is driving me crazy

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Sick ass power washer. Nice job.