The $99 Wet Sound Speakers This Tahoe DOESNT NEED
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  • Austin Fletcher
    Austin Fletcher

    Sub sounds underpowered. Add another stand alone amp.

  • jack walls
    jack walls

    The way you use the impact on the amp and battery trigger me for some reason 😂

  • Trent B
    Trent B

    "12 inch subs just dont hit the low notes like my w3 10s.." somebody come show this mans what a properly tuned box is supposed to sound like lol.

  • jacob burt
    jacob burt

    The reson that those systems only shine on high bass is most evry prefab subwoofer box is tuned to 40 to 45hz wich is high you want a custom box tuned to 30 to 35hz so the subs can produce those low frequencys your missing out on the box is about 75% of what makes or breaks a subwoofer system

  • streetaffiliatesfounder

    What was the website that you used? Do they have diagrams for other vehicles as well???

  • Joaquin Mosqueda
    Joaquin Mosqueda

    You and kady are the best youtubers keep up the good work 👏👍

  • Donald Graf
    Donald Graf

    I just bought that sub for in my semi!!! Can’t wait

  • Nathaniel DelaMotta
    Nathaniel DelaMotta

    or gonna be the deciding factor on that sub im contemplating getting one

  • Alex Wise
    Alex Wise

    Just wire your marine speakers to the headunit i did it and they sound great

  • J Smith
    J Smith

    I liked this Tahoe so much I bought one same color. Not following your build with it. But I like the red.

  • Finx

    Take that 3rd row out for a sound system or take out only part of it. I had like half of the 3rd row out in my tahoe and had a sub next to the seat

  • 03fordman330

    I had a set of jl audio w3. Now I am running a set of nvx vcw104 and love them. They are half the price and they sound very similar.

  • Michael Melendez
    Michael Melendez

    What is the link for the subwoofer with the built in amp

  • Jake Washburn
    Jake Washburn

    OK I heard that playin my favorite some Wiz khalifa 👀 👌

  • Gavyn Davis
    Gavyn Davis

    anyone else see the Arkon Offroad boxed

  • Phil Jacob
    Phil Jacob

    Old school bazooka tube lol all built in. Nice

  • Ahmed Elgouhary
    Ahmed Elgouhary

    can you do a video on installing the line output converter?

  • AJ Gamer :]
    AJ Gamer :]

    You should make the Tahoe loud/ exhaust wise.

  • A10warthog

    Oh I love bazooka tube I use to have them in my I Rock Z 🤑

  • Austin Strickland
    Austin Strickland

    you need an amp for those 8 in speakers. The factory head unit won't push enough power to supply 4 8 in speakers on top of the door speakers and get the quality and loudness in sound you want.

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo

    My father spent two grand on speakers, subs , and amplifiers for his truck and that shit it loud if we are driving we have to have it at 15% volume and if we are at a party he cranks it up to 45% because 100 is still to loud 😂

  • Kyle Godaire
    Kyle Godaire

    Exhaust system?, it’s kinda quiet😂

  • Alexander Stein
    Alexander Stein

    Fix the polarity , meaning your positive and negative are backwards. So maybe from the 2 wires u ran for ur speaker wires a negative and positive is backwards . Either the the front or the back .

  • Dan Bouffard
    Dan Bouffard

    you need to get another jeep wrangler

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Like the video

  • Franky Nunez
    Franky Nunez

    "Classic joke " :That's what she said @5:31

  • Alex Ortega
    Alex Ortega

    He sounds like a person who is explaining basic things 😂

  • Jay Wilburn
    Jay Wilburn

    I have a Rockville 10” shallow mount and going a little larger with the power wire will help trust me it did for me

  • Jeff Crow
    Jeff Crow

    Nothing about this is Wet Sounds. We Sounds is a brand name of high end Marine and power sports speakers. None of their speakers are $99. lol

  • Coopers Hemi's
    Coopers Hemi's

    What kind of rock lights did you end up using ?

  • Raymond Gagnon
    Raymond Gagnon

    My car hits hard then 🤣

  • Darnell Houser
    Darnell Houser

    17:44 COPY RIGHT RYAN 😡😡😡

  • Dakota Poirier
    Dakota Poirier

    Hey Ryan I sent emails and pms regarding receiving wrong order from

  • El Ramos -
    El Ramos -

    Man. I have 2 10in Rockford Fosgate with a ds18 for sale $450! Have to have your own wires tho.

  • Civic 1978
    Civic 1978

    Buy a house with a real shop already... and where are them black camo hoodies ? :)

  • Larry Selfridge
    Larry Selfridge

    Do you have any suggestions for upgrading my speakers on my 18 Ram 3500? Thanks for the help

  • Court Baldwin
    Court Baldwin

    Gotta love the organic day to day of these builds no IRbin highlights #LFTD

  • StoneWell Forever
    StoneWell Forever

    Jl is top of the line quality, expensive..

  • R&W Diesel
    R&W Diesel

    What line output converter did you use? I wanna add a sub in my 05 Ram but keep the factory headunit

  • preston1234567891234

    6” ain’t that big.. 8” is that big” story of my life 😂

    • zach S
      zach S

      Can't believe no one like this

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Talk to johnathan price at down4sound

  • Ryan Law
    Ryan Law

    Haha...yeah, I hit rain on 7 heading to Lowellville today, crossed the line on 224 to NC and it was bright and sunny. Gotta love NE Ohio in the fall.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    This is the silliest thing you have done. IMO you put speakers n subs where they are supposed to go.

  • shane whitby
    shane whitby

    the white stuff falling from the sky is beautiful hail great to eat

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Boy if you buy a Ram TRX Id sub 20 more time if I could.....I want one SOOOOOO BADDDDDDDDDDDD....they look beautiful

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Her Ryan you should do a Dodge Durango lifted ....I’ve never seen 1 lifted at all

    • North Carolina
      North Carolina

      RYAN MAYER I believe in you.... you make the impossible happen lol na its all good tho


      That’s because the suspension style doesn’t really allow it :/

  • pimpinkenn33

    just fold the 3rd row up against the 2 2nd row seats!! Or just take 3rd row seat out!!!!!

    • imnotawasteoftime

      Tried this type of setup because my dad had a 8" in a bazooka/tube, and I had a cheap 300rms amp. Hooked it all up for a temp setup until the 15s I wanted were on sale a few days later. Yeeeaaa, I ripped that 8" sub and amp out not even a full 24hrs later and took the 3rd row seats out in preparation for the 2 15s because the bass wasn't even noticeable all the way up front in the driver seat lmao. What a waste of time that was 💀

  • Tko Drift
    Tko Drift

    i was thinking 4 15s but i was way off😂

  • KBTR

    I have the volume control on my subs comes with the inverter I bought since I use the factory stereo because of the Uconnect system I didn't want to mess with all the controls. I will tell you that pay the extra money for a top end inverter because you lose so much quality sound with the cheap ones

  • dopeiniraq

    Wat rocklights r those

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    Good day! Ryan, I have a question regarding a lift kit. Where are you getting them from? I'm looking for probably something custom fabbed

  • price perdue
    price perdue

    I watch all the videos and never have anything to say really they’re all good but this one is painful. Definitely need to work on your car audio knowledge

  • OG Alex
    OG Alex

    i had a switch to my marine speakers and were still as loud and clear


      👀👀👀👀 well then f the forums 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Tenhoeve
    Anthony Tenhoeve

    W3s are amazing subs . I had a W3 15” in my 98 durango with 6 jbl audio gto loudspeakers . Prolly one of the best setups ive had to date so far . Love those series best bang for the buck .

  • Andy Lopez
    Andy Lopez

    When you put them with the 12v battery they will dim a little the other batterys are 18v

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin

    Jeez this video has some people salty 🤣

  • ENBarber

    Kinda weird sub and speaker set up ...

  • Kolby Rutledge
    Kolby Rutledge

    I got 4 in my jeep and a 15 in sub abs it’s great with 2 amps and switches

  • Michael Graper
    Michael Graper

    Checkout the audiocontrol lc2i, one of the best line out converters

  • Chuck Kolancz
    Chuck Kolancz

    Sounds like me with the rain up in here in Wisconsin. I started replacing my brakes and calipers one day, outside the garage. I got front passenger done, drivers front pin was rusted in there and while I was trying to pull it out it started downpouring the whole time. Even after I drove for an hour to and from the store to buy a new pin and boot, still pouring. My stubbornness wasn’t going to leave it at that point so I got drenched but finished. The next day, as it was getting dark the previous day, I started the rear. Parking brakes gave me a hassle and a half on the driver side. Move to passenger, get everything uninstalled and it starts pouring again. Smh

  • Tommy Goad
    Tommy Goad

    Link to the rock lights ?

  • Skyler Woodward
    Skyler Woodward

    You should by an aftermarket head unit my dad did in his 08 Sierra and the bass is so much more intense now

  • Josh Hare
    Josh Hare


  • Antravon Bell
    Antravon Bell

    Why don’t you mount them under the truck

  • Tyler Hinton
    Tyler Hinton

    I remember when I was 16 and used to go cheap on car audio 😂. If it costs under 3500 it’s not the quality you’ll truly enjoy

    • Tyler Hinton
      Tyler Hinton

      imnotawasteoftime overpriced isn’t exactly the term. I like it really loud for extended periods and with fosgate you don’t run into problems with heat and your speakers blowing. You get what you pay for in terms of overall quality

    • imnotawasteoftime

      @Tyler Hinton Fosgates are nice, but kinda overpriced compared to other stuff with similar output. I can see how you have 3500 in it with running Fosgate tho lol

    • Tyler Hinton
      Tyler Hinton

      imnotawasteoftime I put 3500 in mine so far and still don’t have an amp pushing my kids and highs. My u connect pushes them pretty well for a non alpine system. Fosgate t1 15, sundown d1000, fosgate t1 tweeters and t1 6x9s

    • imnotawasteoftime

      Best I could do is $500-600 scrounging for steals and deals for a 1k-1500rms setup. $1k can easily get you bumping pretty good for a cheap daily. My nice setup is around the $2500-3k range tho lol just for bass. Need to work on the mids/highs still 💀

  • Hunter Cox
    Hunter Cox

    LOVE your content man ! There a guy i went school with way back that has a youtube channel like yours it called 11bangbang_diesel ought to go check it out sometime

  • Jason Heinrich
    Jason Heinrich


  • interstellar

    Yo i have a lifted tahoe too its a 8 in lift on 35s with subs but i really want to know that website for the speaker wires bc i have more plans for the tahoe

  • Key Glock .45
    Key Glock .45

    U need just one 12

  • Josh Hare
    Josh Hare



      Hahahaha only had 10” to work with!!!! Wasn’t gonna take out the seats and shallow mount subs just don’t do it for me!

  • Cameron Powell
    Cameron Powell

    Making this sound system harder than it needs to be

  • james t
    james t

    Jl makes a power sub as well I have one in my car.... I think you should look into it... there amazing


    That is a bazooka, man I miss those. I had one without the amp in it... sounded so dam good. Perfect setup for a sub kit. Highly recommend. And those marine speaker I think u only needed 2 and install underneath truck with switch... would still sound good. These stupid loud.

    • Jason Heinrich
      Jason Heinrich

      Bazooka = OG

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh

    Its like the old Bazooka Tube back in the day. I've had everything from 4 10s, 3 12s, 2 12, 3 15s, 2 15s.

  • The_mackle

    Link to the marine speakers and sub?



  • u kno debo
    u kno debo

    Alpine type rs hit lows highs

  • caseih

    I have 2 sundown sa12 rev3 d4s in my 2007 chevy 2500hd classic in a custom made underwear box and they are absolutely obnoxious

  • Ryan Vanecek
    Ryan Vanecek

    what an absolute hack job

  • jeff chambers
    jeff chambers

    I have 2 12” skars in the back of mine and let me tell you it bumps big time

    • Thediesell88

      i have a single skar evl 10 in my silverado and it bumpsss

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    What website what the diagram on


      I’m not sure just googled rear speaker wire color 2012 Tahoe

  • Sittin' Wide
    Sittin' Wide

    If you're running a remote wire to the amp for the wet sound speakers you can always cut the remote wire and put a switch on that to make it where you're not running the amp and speakers at all times

  • David Bruton
    David Bruton

    I prefer 8” at a minimum! 😁🍆

  • TNoutdoors

    Anyone else forget to turn down the sound before the video started? I’m pretty sure even my neighbors down the street heard “WHOOOOWHATS UP GUYYYYYS AND WELCOME TO THE CHANNEL.” 😂

  • WeedDabKing420

    Why the shit audio equipment. I’ve been doing audio for 6 years and that is trash

    • WeedDabKing420

      We’ll keep the good work up. I Love the builds.


      The rear seats! Need to leave them in there’s 10” to work with!

  • zach S
    zach S

    If you have a factory's Bose you are going to need to tap off the factory subwoofer wires to get a good sound. The amp with the Bose system only pushes bass to the subwoofer and not to the door speakers

    • zach S
      zach S

      @RYAN MAYER I didn't learn it till after my amp quit on me from being turned up so high and you ever think about starting a fan page on Facebook so us fans can interact


      Good looks! Had everything turned up pretty loud, louder than it should be to get to that level , I’ll look to tap in there!

  • Jason Pikachu
    Jason Pikachu

    Why haven’t you got a fuse on your power lead to the battery? It saves you blowing the amp if things get too much to handle


      There is one!

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Get a kicker. Those will blow in months. Why boat stuff. Those will look stuipd. I live in Michigan. We had that yesterday. Nice boat. What kind is it?? 😂😂

  • Rich Bentley
    Rich Bentley

    Yeah my radio install is a little harder. In my 1984 f150. It has the am radio and single dash speaker. I'm gonna be running all new wires, drilling all kinds of holes. Hopefully not but feel some dash cutting in my future also.

  • Thomas Oneal
    Thomas Oneal

    What in the 1995 bazooka tube is this 😳😳😳

  • Eli Knott
    Eli Knott

    Should of got the bazooka bass tube... they are super easy to hook up... love the vids man

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    I was installing 2 12tw3 and I can’t seem to figure out what’s the problem. They don’t hit hard at all my 2 10s that I had before hit way harder

  • EG 95
    EG 95

    Rockville sucks so bad haha. I install car audio professionally and Rockville isn’t good

    • Devin Reimers
      Devin Reimers

      I’m looking for something to put in my bed probably 2 towers but I want to run it on a switch for fires and whatnot. What all would I need?

    • Simon Corriere
      Simon Corriere

      EG 95 that sub couldn’t even rattle the mirror😂. He should’ve gone with skar way better

  • Lane Paul Outdoors
    Lane Paul Outdoors

    Take out them 3rd row seats

  • Cole Nixon vander linden
    Cole Nixon vander linden

    Love the videos man but is there anyway you could balance the audio so it’s always coming out of both speakers? When I watch on my phone a lot of the video only comes out the one speaker. Not a big issue just some constructive criticism lol thanks 😂

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee

    I had 2 in the bed of my truck, but I had them on an amp. Good quality sound!

  • alan hernandez
    alan hernandez

    Hey man what kind of rock lights you running? I've been doing research and its hard to make a choice on rocklights.

    • zach S
      zach S

      There linked in bio

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L


  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    This is what I'd get for your truck more or less, of course you'd have to get a custom box to flush mount and snug fit a single 8 and two amps, but it will work and sound spectacular. so you can check out the Marine speakers But I hope that system works out for you, it does look cool and like the idea of the amp built in the cannon, but can it breathe? ventilation has got me wonderin, hmmm... if your ever curious get in touch with that guy on meade916 he does show quality work straight down to the wire and tape

  • Enzo

    Seems harder to setup than an amp and subs seperate

  • Martelle McDonald
    Martelle McDonald

    Ever considered changing out the factory radio for a nice aftermarket touchscreen ? Just curious ....Tahoe is still awesome though