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  • car fan
    car fan

    Are all the side panels in the intior gonna.match the star roof?

    • car fan
      car fan

      Or any grey to orange leather

  • John

    Can the seat belts be preset with the black plastic pieces? Those are half the price of oem and I’m swapping all the upper trim to black

  • Sean Tokash
    Sean Tokash

    That yellow is horrendous lol

  • colton miner
    colton miner

    Chrome door handle caps would make it look great!!

  • Levi Alexander
    Levi Alexander

    What happen to Katie not trying to be nosy she was just funny.

  • David Dodd
    David Dodd

    My vote is getting the front part chrome handle covers 👍🏼

  • Matthew Hoffman
    Matthew Hoffman

    What about a silver or brushed looking Bed liner?!

  • j bomb
    j bomb

    Do a yellow Bed-liner and then make the bed caps red to match the suspension and break the yellow up and tie it all together. I’d also make all the badges red too.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Christian Salm
    Christian Salm

    chrome handles

  • Roger T. Winemiller
    Roger T. Winemiller

    So are you and katie no longer together??

  • K. JR
    K. JR

    Black n yellow all day!


    Idk how you feel about this... buttt spiked lugs and powder coat them to match all the red ...

  • Steve O
    Steve O

    Chrome window trim? Gotta do something with the tan plastic on the interior pieces / visors too! Looks so nasty though 👌🏻

  • Jeremy Randall
    Jeremy Randall

    You should get the chrome handle caps to match the badges and the mirror caps

  • Bloomers731

    I think chrome on the door handles would go good with the mirrors but also like them color matched. Was thinking about the 3rd brake light, how about the factory black one with the cargo camera in it? My Laramie came with one, probably part of the 5th wheel package.


    I thought you were swapping the pillar plastics too.

  • Rafael Campos
    Rafael Campos

    should color match the tonneau cover

  • Heil Estate Service, Junk Removal & Hauling
    Heil Estate Service, Junk Removal & Hauling

    This a joke!?! 🍌 Banana yellow 🤣wtf

  • price perdue
    price perdue

    Leave handles yellow

  • Nugean Davis
    Nugean Davis

    Hey just to let you know that I bought a hoodie and wore it to a car show and there were ppl that had lifted trucks and one person loved the hoodie

    • Nugean Davis
      Nugean Davis

      @RYAN MAYER you are welcome love all the videos and I can't wait till I can do some of the things that you arr doing to my truck


      Thanks for the support buddy!!!!

  • Bradley.Knaack

    Man I just saw u yesterday, by a corvette. I was in my ranger danger

  • Shawn Lafosse
    Shawn Lafosse

    Long horn has a rear slider ☕️

  • Evan Cunningham
    Evan Cunningham

    i'm feeling the chrome handle caps and the flares

  • BigSlimJim

    Literally just want to see you do a 2nd gen build to see you put in a 4th gen dash to see if I can do it to my 2nd gen😂

  • Logan Pulis
    Logan Pulis

    I love this channel I watch every video and iv started doing these mods on my own truck

  • Rick Freeman
    Rick Freeman


  • Camron King
    Camron King

    The music in the beginning of the video made me wanna hang myself, but that truck is noiiiiiice!!

  • Charlie Muniz
    Charlie Muniz

    Do brown bed liner😂😂

  • Victor Lindquist
    Victor Lindquist

    Like the color matched handles. Hate Chrome handles

  • Dan Hal
    Dan Hal

    Should have finished his gf car first then started on the ram but whatever the kid does its going to be beast at the end

  • Hunter Pedder
    Hunter Pedder

    Chrome fenders

  • Gage Vachet
    Gage Vachet

    Hey man what tires and rims are you throwing on there?

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    I'm still thinking red bed liner got a lot of yello that needs to be broken up

  • gfdfirefighter121

    Chrome Handles to break up some of the yellow

  • Matt Gervasio
    Matt Gervasio

    Chrome handle caps,red bed cover and flares

  • AJ Hoffmann
    AJ Hoffmann

    Do the chrome door handles

  • AJ Hoffmann
    AJ Hoffmann

    Would haven’t it been easier to buy a longhorn and paint it yellow

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Meanwhile Katie is sanding a door. What’s really goin on bruh?

  • Justin Lind
    Justin Lind

    Recommend chrome exterior window sill strips.

  • David Clayton
    David Clayton

    What about a brown bedliner? Love the channel man, keep up the great work!



  • Marcus Morris
    Marcus Morris

    Hey Ryan!!!!! Ive Watched And Commented On All Of The Recent Banana Ram Video And Ive Did Some Research Of Solving The Problem. You Need An “LC2i” And The “AC-LGD20 Resistors” The LC2i Will Give You A Remote Turn Out With Running Into The Fuse Box. You Will Gain Accubass So The Bass Doesnt Roll Off When You Turn The Volume Up. The Resistors Will Give Your New Truck Speakers A Load Which In Turn Will Give You Sound Again. Canbus Systems Have Those Problems Alot. The “AC-LGD20” Is Specific For Chysler/Dodge/Jeep Non Amplified Systems Where As The “AC-LGD60” Is For Amplified Systems.

    • Marcus Morris
      Marcus Morris

      I DMd Your Truck Page

    • Marcus Morris
      Marcus Morris

      @RYAN MAYER It Was My Car Page @Blackmamba_Genesis


      @Marcus Morris what account! I’ll check it

    • Marcus Morris
      Marcus Morris

      @RYAN MAYER I DMd You On IG But I Hoped You Would Get This Quicker

    • Marcus Morris
      Marcus Morris

      @RYAN MAYER Did You Get The Load Resistors Too? If Not You Can Get Them On Amazon Prime I Just Had To Order Them Myself For My Genesis Audio System. Everything Is One Step At A Time. And You Wont Regret It Once You Hear It After The Install.

  • Brandon Lloyd
    Brandon Lloyd

    Yes chrome handle caps!

  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez

    What vinyl machine do you have???


    Idk about anyone else but the Ketchup/Mustard theme works on that truck it looks sick

  • Marcel Dillion
    Marcel Dillion

    Yellow.... Red... I present to you.... The McRam

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage

    Keep the handles all yellow. It’s nice the way it is. Plus your rims will add a lot of chrome. Yes I agree you out did your green truck LoL 🚛

  • Harper Smith
    Harper Smith

    you should get a back glass sticker that says ketchup and mustard

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage

    Nice. =] what awesome music for the intro. Bad to the bone. [=

  • Michael Graper
    Michael Graper

    I think the pillar plastics and headliner console/ lights should be sprayed black

  • Earl Obeshaw
    Earl Obeshaw

    Definitely do the chrome on the handle and the red bedliner would definitely be a set out, it would make everything pop

  • Yates Richard
    Yates Richard

    Paint the inside of the bed yellow and leave the floor black. Red will clash against everything

  • Gus

    Do a wooden bed!!

  • Joey Currie
    Joey Currie

    When are u putting wheels and tires on it

  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis

    Put a stack in the back!

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Chrome trim fit handles, it’ll help break it up a little more

  • Jake Hergenhein
    Jake Hergenhein

    I think you should spray the light bezel and all side/corner pillar plastics black too.

  • jason rcky
    jason rcky

    Can you please go into detail how you wire the door panel leds I've been trying to figure out what's the best way to do this on my 2015 tradesman!!! Btw fellow ohioan here would greatly appreciate it!!

  • Paul Hedberg
    Paul Hedberg

    I feel like it needs a little more chrome... it’s reeeal yellow. That being said. Chrome bedrail caps would look sick. Not sure if they still make those. They used to

  • Aaron Fisher
    Aaron Fisher

    Chrome handles

  • Jason Shrum
    Jason Shrum

    Get chrome handle caps

  • Swift_

    It would’ve been cool to mount the starlight and tick lights in the dummy panel on the overhead, also I was going to say as well you have to have everything done and put together to get the full perspective. The tires, windows are black, so the bed liner in black will work. However if you are dying to do some red, then leave the walls of the bed liner black and just paint the floor in red. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Thomas Merritt
    Thomas Merritt

    Chrome cap handles

  • TX Stealth Fighter
    TX Stealth Fighter

    Yeah but think about doing a red chrome tint

  • Mis Hammer
    Mis Hammer

    Ur ex truck looking sexy. U are nuts to say bye to her. U should did red

  • robert wilbert
    robert wilbert

    Chrome handles for sure

  • Trace Branscum
    Trace Branscum

    Cant wait to see you in Daytona man just deleted my truck and gonna bring it down there🤘🏼

  • JoAnn C
    JoAnn C

    Leave the paint match handles. It’s looking 🔥

  • Jacob Bradford
    Jacob Bradford

    You need train horns and get the chrome door handles. Thanks for another awesome video Ryan I can't wait till it's done 👍

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    the wheels are going to be red

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    red accents, chrome accents including the massive tow mirrors, and THEN a red bedliner? Please don’t do that. Keep it clean, just do a virgin bed with the raw metal factory paint.

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    If you do anything just do the raw factory painted bed.. don’t do some funky bedliner this is a clean build with the chrome and longhorn stuff, keep it upscale don’t make it trashy looking.

  • RazorWolf Pro
    RazorWolf Pro

    Try tan or white so it’s like a banana for the bed liner color

  • wickedkustumz

    You should use rivnuts in the holes for that tailgate trim piece and attach with chrome headed bolts.

  • Frank Sweet
    Frank Sweet

    It was bad weather here as well. It was a crazy 97 degrees. So much sunshine I couldn’t stand it. Stay safe.

  • CiskyFrancy7

    Do the bed yellow and Powered Coat the Wheels Red 👀👀👀‼️

  • CiskyFrancy7

    Do the bed yellow and Powered Coat the Wheels Red 👀👀👀‼️

  • CiskyFrancy7

    Do the bed yellow and Powered Coat the Wheels Red 👀👀👀‼️

  • Sid Walker
    Sid Walker

    I keep seeing a huge Dewalt sticker/badge across the hood and tailgate.

  • Brendon Partridge
    Brendon Partridge

    Hey Ryan love watching your channel and your awesome truck build keep your awesome channel coming i love to see your truck build they awesome and u awesome IRbinr if be awesome you build sema maverick side by side say safe and healthy with your family i hope this will get better soon I hope so we can get back to normal life soon Ryan 😀same color as the banna ram

  • Joshua Dagley
    Joshua Dagley

    I think more red interior accents would really finish the build 🤘🏼

  • Chris Mellem
    Chris Mellem

    With the plastic parts out, would have been the best time to color match them to the longhorn interior

  • Tyler Hinton
    Tyler Hinton

    Get the retractable low profile bed liner and paint it instead

  • DKOKO73

    If your gonna paint the bed liner red, then you have to go for the full sick version and pull the inner wheel wells and paint them red as well.... if you're gonna go.... the go full Send, I think red inner wheel liners will look sick, especially at night with the rock lights on...

  • Sam Stevens
    Sam Stevens

    you should do those tow hooks in the front bumper in red too

  • PhatboyHD88

    Hey buddy did i miss something , where is the black eco at ?

  • Jason Daggett
    Jason Daggett

    $300 for the inner door panel?! I’d have been busting out the gorilla glue!! LOL

  • 345 purple
    345 purple

    You need the chrome handles on the outside

  • Justin Briggs
    Justin Briggs

    Mirrors look better down in my opinion

  • patrick crawford
    patrick crawford

    Killer job man

  • Fishy

    Gotta do chrome bed

  • Rick Capsaholic
    Rick Capsaholic

    I'm thinking the chrome handles would look good.

  • Bailey Wise05
    Bailey Wise05

    Personally if it was my truck i think the red bed liner will make it look tacky but its your build and either way i know youll make the best of it

  • Cam Smith
    Cam Smith

    I think you should do the chrome caps on that door handles also love the vid they are great

  • Treeline Outdoor TV
    Treeline Outdoor TV

    Other awesome video Ryan! Keep the yellow door handles!

  • Brandon Wiggins
    Brandon Wiggins

    Song title for the intro music? Pretty slick beat

  • Zachary Build
    Zachary Build

    cant wait for the seats to go in

  • Shane Williams
    Shane Williams

    Plz don’t to sit fifth gen tails do the MoriMotos

  • billyboytn

    You did a good job painting those mirrors. Not my style, but they look great!!


    Ooo this is sick! I like the idea of the garage door opener too part number?

  • Hunter Sholley
    Hunter Sholley

    The paint match handles look clean but I think you should match the handles with the mirror caps and do the chrome