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  • Jordan Solomon
    Jordan Solomon

    who else notices the mark of a oil change fail on his hand

  • robbie miller
    robbie miller

    Only the OGs remember the VW road assistance kit

  • Si Fluff
    Si Fluff

    At 8:27 close your eyes and just listen 😂

  • Joseph Andrews
    Joseph Andrews

    1:28 8x4=24?????????!!!!!!!!!

  • Clutch V1bez
    Clutch V1bez

    How much did this all cost you

  • Keverado_Z71

    Yo, I’m in the Cleveland area and have a torsion key tool you can have if you still need one.

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin

    Hey Ryan what site did you get the lift at

  • TC TV
    TC TV

    Love this whole build!!!!

  • Wesley Cottingim
    Wesley Cottingim

    Powder coat your brakes lime green!!😁😎👍👍

  • jarvis handy
    jarvis handy

    8x4 is not 24 tho lol. Quick maffs haha

  • Joseph Falanga
    Joseph Falanga

    hi i like your green truck

  • John Carella
    John Carella

    Are you putting new rims on it?!!!?

  • Josh Bauer
    Josh Bauer

    10:49 anything is a hammer if you believe it is. Or hit hard enough

  • Work Hard
    Work Hard

    Hell yeah Ryan.... Love watching you put the work in and do all the work yourself. So much more satisfying when it’s done and rolling knowing you made it all happen. Beats taking it to a shop any day of the week...

  • SmllSlvrBck88

    It great start seen vlogs, it distract from the crazy world of coronavirus. So thank you for doing vlogs

  • joenissan

    Nit sure what’s going on Ryan but I havent been getting notifications for you channel!

  • adidiugh

    8x4 is 32 bub 😂

  • Evan Pennock
    Evan Pennock

    Jesus you never stop talking im a fan but damn

  • Please enter name
    Please enter name

    Bro I have a 3in on mine and it rides like shit but it gets the job done 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Josh Shupe
    Josh Shupe

    Don’t use the torque wrench as a breaker bar you’ll ruin the wrench. (Get false reading)

  • Jr Hernandez
    Jr Hernandez

    8x4= 32😂

  • RC4X4

    I love the purple. I wanted about that same color in high school and never got it. Can't wait to see the end result.

  • Weightless_ Wesley
    Weightless_ Wesley

    What is the best lift for Chevys?

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Do the starlight head liner, that would look dope!!

  • johnsn10

    Did he say 8x4=24??

  • travisq7

    You can fit 33s on stock height and i have proof with my truck

    • XanMan1980

      travisq7 you have no proof

  • Tristan Scott
    Tristan Scott

    IRbin isn’t showing me your videos and there not sending notifications!

  • Carson Snyder
    Carson Snyder

    You should put lime green rims on the Silverado

  • Moinkyz

    Ouff. Don’t lift the full 3” or you’ll be feeling like you’re running in a lumber truck. Cranking the keys only makes the ride harsher. Going to be a hellova rough ride with 20’s

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    IRbin loves recommending this dude, keeps arriving in my recommended.

  • Dave Phillips
    Dave Phillips

    Torsion bar leveling adjustments puts too much positive camber on your front end.

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Okay is an understatement. It is coming out flawless.

  • Keith Werchan
    Keith Werchan

    3inch is to much for the axles

  • Noel Ybarra
    Noel Ybarra

    Trucks coming along nicely 😎

  • Noel Ybarra
    Noel Ybarra

    I’m happy you chose 3”, it’s practical for that truck since you already have the monster ram

  • Charles Rickard
    Charles Rickard

    Last I knew 8x4=32😂

  • Taylor _
    Taylor _

    I can’t wait to see what the truck looks like when it’s all done

  • Daniel Nelson
    Daniel Nelson

    Nice work on the truck! You know there is fuel vapor line. Made just for that....

  • David Prymmer
    David Prymmer

    Uh isn’t 8 times 4 32 just saying

  • Steven Dellinger
    Steven Dellinger

    1:28 8x4=24

  • Zach Luukkonen
    Zach Luukkonen

    Ryan go to itsjusta6 and find the video of when they replaced the headliner in there race truck and how much of a difference it made.

  • car Savage
    car Savage

    8x4 is 32

  • Michael Mustillo
    Michael Mustillo

    Gonna look amazing, before you put that bed on though please clean all the over spray off everything🤣!!

  • Mario Manzo
    Mario Manzo

    8 times 4 is 24? lol

  • Sean Favorite
    Sean Favorite


  • Kaeleb Torrey
    Kaeleb Torrey


  • Nickles Official
    Nickles Official

    Bro.... lol 8 x 4 = 32

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    take the blocks out the back and make it the lean king🤣🤣🤣

  • Osiris Perez
    Osiris Perez


  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Who else was hoping to see the hood and bed on? So close!!! 👍

  • Juan Villasana
    Juan Villasana

    Ryan my brother got 33’s on his 2002 Silverado and it still rubs a lot

  • Max Tikander
    Max Tikander

    My project truck is an 05 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 hemi w/3" inch lift leveling kit on 295/55/20" Cooper Discoverer set pro mud tires I've done some of the work myself . Your build reminds me of my truck & has inspired me to do my rear fenders/body work . Love you show man inspirational .

  • big gucci 0
    big gucci 0

    Do a HD conversion

  • A.B Agri Videos
    A.B Agri Videos


  • Kendra Cadena
    Kendra Cadena

    “8x4=24” - Ryan. *me watching* “BOY WHAT”. 😂

  • Dydu Gdgs
    Dydu Gdgs

    He needs more light

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    I would definitely replace the front struts...

  • Katie Bradley
    Katie Bradley

    What do you think about making the weather stripping and seat belts lime green?

  • John Hellman
    John Hellman

    I work at a Napa auto parts store. Have for 10 years. That "heater hose" will swell over time with fuel vapor. You need some fuel vapor hose/fuel resistant hose. Just an FYI

    • John Hellman
      John Hellman

      Torsion keys also make for a really rough ride

  • C Thompson
    C Thompson

    Is that cancer/ rust I see at 10:11 on the frame. That's not saying a lot for that Eastwood product

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Perfect choice for lift

  • Kassidy

    Ryan, you good? 8×4=24? I think you're missing 8 😝

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Bahahahahah who else heard him say " just quickly going to pull this fuel line fitting out" hahah. I've pulled on those cck sucker's so fcking hard just over fighting with them and they never break. Just the pathetic reusable clips break if you arent careful... should see all the new Jags... nightmare clip city...

  • hank 14
    hank 14

    This damn garage is driving me crazy how dirty it is😂😂

  • lbhamlo

    Wish your videos were longer! BTW, how can 35 idiots dislike you putting on shocks and weatherstripping? Must be a bunch of stupid kids.

  • Blake Berlin
    Blake Berlin

    Your impact may be warn out it should have no problem breaking those bolts loose they have 1400 foot pounds of reverse torque maby look into warranty and get it repleced

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    Man I LOVE the mirrors you put on that truck!!!

  • Sean

    The whole build is looking great.

  • Matthew Briles
    Matthew Briles

    8*4=24? LOL, I do that all the time!

  • Ivan _beast92
    Ivan _beast92

    When you paint the hood and tailgate why not give the interior some love and paint the gauge dashboard purple it’s very easy to pop off

    • XanMan1980

      Ivan _beast92 that is a terrible idea

  • Clinton Arnett
    Clinton Arnett

    Leveling kit has to be the biggest let down in this build

  • crackerbox38

    32 not 24

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson

    Sport Red is the name of the Paint Color

  • Rolling Coal Customs
    Rolling Coal Customs

    If your taking it to sema this year with your dodge then do like a 8 inch lift or a 10 inch lift with some forces

  • Anthony Ferro
    Anthony Ferro

    Ryan Love your videos keep up the good work I Got a few toys myself NJ needs a truck like this so when your ready to sell the purple passion think of me 1st I will be waiting

  • Colten Arment
    Colten Arment

    I have a torsion key tool if you want me to ship it to you!

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    Where’s the new rims pimp I hope you do the in side of some black rims that purple

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    8x4 is 24? Ah you must be using that new math smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Edwin T.1985
    Edwin T.1985

    I would have powdercoated the rear and front struts to 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Tyler Casper
    Tyler Casper

    (1:27) 8x4=32 not 24

  • Eric Flack
    Eric Flack

    From @8:20 to @8:38 I was trying not to laugh but my dirty mind was ahead of me...😂 But for real though I'm loving how this truck is turning out. It's inspiring me want to do some TLC to my old 6.0 Powerstoke F350. After watching this build series I've already pointed out more rust spots then I knew were on my truck😂

  • Eric Samano
    Eric Samano

    He’s building this truck to giveaway if anyone wanted to know lol

  • Dayne H
    Dayne H

    I’d say go for a streety look but that’s me

  • Jacob Daniel
    Jacob Daniel

    Go with 17” rims

  • josb inyoface
    josb inyoface

    🤔 Should have painted those shocks green‼️

  • Mytee Patriot
    Mytee Patriot

    Looking Really Good and I like the 3" I think it will be perfect for this truck. Gonna be a sweet ride - Can't wait till the sun brings out the beauty on her

  • Buddy English
    Buddy English

    Congrats on the progress! Been watching since the beginning. Make sure you check your brake lines while the bed is off. With the amount of rust on that truck and GM's notorious brake line rot, would be wise to do so now. PB Blaster can be your best friend when removing rusted up bolts, spray them 24hrs before removing. Would of made them shock bolts easier to remove. Another tip, at least I would do, use anti-seize on any bolt you take out. You never know when you or the next owner will have to remove them again!

  • Spencer Mack
    Spencer Mack

    Paint code for your Chevy is in the glove box it should say by/cc and then the code it should start with wa

  • Patten Oakes
    Patten Oakes

    One thing 8x4=32 not 24

  • AD101

    8*4=24 lol you need a new paint respirator bruh 😁😁

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly

    8 x 4 = 32

  • Tv Drift
    Tv Drift

    Why does the box that the new keys come in have a dodge on it when they are for a chevy

  • Miles Holt
    Miles Holt

    I love how he always uses extra words lol. DARN good RATHER large QUITE nice lol. And he stretches the DAARRRRRNNNNNN out a lot lol. Good job on the cat eye truck. Looking forward to the finished product.

  • Jace Wilson
    Jace Wilson

    Truck looks good man, i would personally try and find a control arm that fits the angles that that new lift is going to have. I have a small lift just like that on my truck and even though its small it still wore out the rubber bushings and the ball joints on those control arms. Just a personal preference to upgrade those control arms

  • Al's Shop
    Al's Shop

    What was the Eastwood hvlp gun you used?

  • Brandon Limson
    Brandon Limson

    That paint is tha shiiiit man. You doing it man. Keep going and crossing off that list. You almost there man.

  • Franklin Aguilar
    Franklin Aguilar

    Why does he talk like a girl

  • Karma Acosta
    Karma Acosta

    Beautiful 😍 Not a fan of purple but dammnn 💜

  • Jaques Ribal
    Jaques Ribal

    Now I’m only a jr in high school but I think 8•4 is 32?

  • Nickolas Nelson
    Nickolas Nelson

    Dude acts like he can’t go to a junkyard to get a vapor line 💀