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  • Backwoods_outlaw

    They don’t have any throttle boosters for my Tahoe and I wish they did

  • Rogelio Gonzalez
    Rogelio Gonzalez

    Twenty Inches Strong

  • luis reyes
    luis reyes

    how many of those trees does he have

  • Reid Levering
    Reid Levering

    I could have guessed by the box which wheels you got. Everyone has these. Does TIS even make another spoke pattern 🥱

  • Henrik Knudsen
    Henrik Knudsen

    I would like to see this on a non Big Tech platform. Please.

  • Eddie

    I was debating because I’ve tried the pedal commander and had no luck ! First it was because I had high boost then they came out with the high boost still had no luck . Should I try ? I got banks differential cover , cold air intake and monster ram !!




      I love mine?

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    Sick you should get the milled color matched with the color of the Tahoe

  • My Cars nl
    My Cars nl

    "Just screw this back in." You're SCREW'ed... ;)

  • Dominic DeFeo
    Dominic DeFeo

    I learned recently that powder has to be in a climate controlled room so it doesn’t go bad

  • Work Hard
    Work Hard

    Bruh, I’ve ordered 3 separate sets of wheels from a particular company and all 3 sets came damaged or nicked in some way shape of form. They did take care of it on every occasion but it totally sucks to get a brand new set of wheels that are damaged. Then you are another week or two behind shipping wheels back and forth... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️.... Worst feeling in the world to get your new wheels and have them damaged...

  • Michael Nemeth
    Michael Nemeth

    There are several Tahoe’s all over Instagram with the same lift same tail lights same lift same tire same wheels, only difference? The wheels are wider and they are leaned.

  • Dakota Mc
    Dakota Mc

    The Ford needs a tun up I got the same reason in my Toyota

  • Ricky Jacobs
    Ricky Jacobs

    I wish I could afford the throttle booster for my 6.0 Chevy would make a huge difference I bet!

  • Lor Waxx
    Lor Waxx

    If Ryan let you hold the Ram or the Hellcat for the weekend witch one would you pick 🤔👇

  • Twin-States BBQ
    Twin-States BBQ

    He trips me out taking about it being hot living in the Midwest!😂 He dont know hot!😅

  • Alex Case
    Alex Case

    Does the banks or the pedal commander have more throttle response when turned up ?

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings

    Its so true about feeling things better in a manual, my friends have a auto 2nd gen cummins and we have a manual 2nd gen and we both did the same mods and it feels so much in my 2nd gen

  • Spencer Rubin
    Spencer Rubin

    8 lug center caps on a 6 lug wheel?

  • Carson Murphy
    Carson Murphy

    Had to do a double take at 7:11

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    You're going to love the orange!

  • Karson Fosdick
    Karson Fosdick

    Hey Ryan if you see this great but if you don’t it’s fine but I’m just wondering because I’m trying to get rims for my truck and I wanted to know what website you got those rims off of. Thanks

  • Colten Arment
    Colten Arment

    Hey man got some questions on like ordering car customized from factory, like how you did your hellcat. What’s best way to get in touch with you?

  • John Carpenter
    John Carpenter

    Please 5.0 swap the bronco

  • foxdaddy199

    never been done on a tahoe my ass

  • Dan Mcewen
    Dan Mcewen

    Its a bronco II


    7:09 your welcome boys!!! (look to the left)

  • evan grant
    evan grant

    Did you bulletproof the 6 .0

  • Michael Goncalves
    Michael Goncalves

    Holy air fresheners my guy

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    Check your volts out of your ficm on the 6.0


    Question: What offset would you use on a 1500 RAM with those 13.50 wide tires?

  • Sam Dulski
    Sam Dulski

    Squat the tahoe

  • Carl Aycock
    Carl Aycock


  • Carl Aycock
    Carl Aycock


  • Carl Aycock
    Carl Aycock


  • Martin Bodnar
    Martin Bodnar

    Powder it like a midnight blue, looks really good

  • PuLsE_minty

    Just an idea you could powdercote the silver the red of the tahoe

  • Randy Williams
    Randy Williams

    What rims and tires I should put on my 2004 Chevy avalanche with a 3" lift

  • TyRO Frost
    TyRO Frost

    You should add a starlight headliner to your Tahoe build.

  • Amazing Diesel
    Amazing Diesel

    What are you doing with the old wheels off the Tahoe? Got a 2003 and those wheels would look good in it!??

  • Reno Gardiner
    Reno Gardiner

    The 544! I recommend this wheel and tire setup for the Chevy. And that is always my dream wheel

  • CarolinaCapps

    I’m running 14 wides on 15.50s and I clear no problem man I was just letting you know if you decide to change yoru mind

    • CarolinaCapps

      On a 9 inch lift

  • Trevor Disinger
    Trevor Disinger

    Im so jealousss ive been wanring those rims since they have came out for my S10 ZR2, 20x12s. Theyre clean rims.

  • LaLa McQuoid
    LaLa McQuoid

    Nice loving it baby

  • Lee Kuhn
    Lee Kuhn

    Perfect specs for the 2021 bronco! Definitely get Cyber Orange & the manual!

  • Your moms New boyfriend
    Your moms New boyfriend

    Dam the wheels were a let down

  • Bobby Roberts
    Bobby Roberts

    Just because you can get the bronco, you shouldn’t. It is ugly as hell

  • Epicmcflores 60
    Epicmcflores 60

    Nice bro great choice in wheels let’s go. Any outside lights or too much lol. Keep the videos going bro they are rocking

  • smcox1991

    All their wheels with their name on the edge look terrible.

  • Winston Jessop
    Winston Jessop

    It’s going to be sick, you should paint the milling on your wheels red

  • Grant Webb
    Grant Webb

    100% my favorite wheel have always wanted them since the first day I seen them can’t wait to see them on the Tahoe

  • Fawkes Matrix
    Fawkes Matrix

    The 6.0 it sounds like it needs a map sensor. My 6.7 did the same thing

  • Fred Johnson
    Fred Johnson

    Damn. I called it!!!! I cant wait to see what bronco you got!!!!!

  • CT off road
    CT off road

    If y’all are interested in a 05 and up grill for the 6.0 I have a black and a chrome one let me know

  • Jeremy Mcjennett
    Jeremy Mcjennett

    These are our* not these are are lol. Just messing. Still loving your content!

  • James A
    James A

    Same exact wheels on my truck😜 gonna look sickkk

  • Travis Ratlief
    Travis Ratlief

    So can you put just the pedal monster on or do I need the eye dash too?

    • Travis Ratlief
      Travis Ratlief

      Ah ok sweet. Looking to start upgrading my LLY if it decides to act right for more then a week 🙄


      If you have an I dash they can be linked!


      You can use just the pedal monster!

  • bblazeff1

    There are far too many trucks on the road with them TIS 554's. I was hoping you got the red ones

  • Brandon Albright
    Brandon Albright

    Check fuse box for blown fuse

  • Tyler Knip
    Tyler Knip

    “26x12 wheels”😂


    Should’ve got the 392 Jeep Wrangler

  • Jayden Teague
    Jayden Teague

    I’ve got the TIS 544 BM on my truck. 20x10 -25 offset. Absolutely love the wheels!

  • Jonathan Noble
    Jonathan Noble

    Nice wheels but even my grandma has those...

  • Kyle Near
    Kyle Near

    99% of the videos are talking now 🤣🤣. Loved it around SEMA time when it was actually doing things

  • CG4Ut

    I was just at a local national tire chain and all the rims they pulled out to replace nicked rims, were also nicked. The customer was pissed but its the company that is making them.

  • Julian Reyna
    Julian Reyna

    should’ve ordered some american forces

  • Byron Green
    Byron Green

    Orange 2 door stick 👍👍👍

  • cooper coop
    cooper coop

    Where do you get cars like this

  • Yonathan jimenez
    Yonathan jimenez

    You should stance a car bro

  • Michelle Parrott
    Michelle Parrott

    Lots of energy drinks ... talk talk talk

  • Joe Medley
    Joe Medley

    The TIS 544. Little disappointed. Everyone has these.

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez

    What do you do for work


    Only thing that sucks about these wheels is that not true directional wheels. All 4 are the same.. If you upgrade to there forged line this wheel is full directional but on all cast model like the ones you got and the chrome models I had are not. There good cheap wheels though.

  • ryan cenzer
    ryan cenzer

    The Tahoe is gonna be sick!!!!!!!. Can’t wait

  • Cody Shodrock
    Cody Shodrock


  • Jacob Diacon
    Jacob Diacon


  • james marlar
    james marlar

    That lift was a suggestion of mine very good decision they do a lift for gm SUV like nobody else.

  • Cole Music
    Cole Music

    Really wish u would have went to a different wheel. In my part of Ohio every truck has this wheel and it annoys me

  • Nick Kauzala
    Nick Kauzala

    I have the same problem with a 2007 lbz and it kicks after it get warm like when u start to brake

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez


  • Jake Hinkle
    Jake Hinkle

    Man, Ryan you should wrap the Tahoe yourself. Your always talking about showing people that you can do these things yourself and would love to see if you can do it. Kinda like you painting the truck. Would be great content and a good weapon in your arsenal!

  • Byron Williams
    Byron Williams

    It would be sooo bad ass for you to get your own shop where you can get a paint booth and powder coating area. That’ll be awesome!

  • Hemeny Carbajal
    Hemeny Carbajal

    Wym 14 wides have been done on a tahoe out here in the carolinas thts all u see

  • jarotex

    Great choice on the wheels. I put that exact wheel on my 2016 LML Duramax. (BTW They are 544 MB not 554) Just a little FYI for you. 👍

  • Cody Jones
    Cody Jones

    I don’t think anyone has ever put a 12 wide on that 35x15.5,, I’m curious to see if they’ll fit because those tires are pretty much made for 14 wides

  • River Sarratt
    River Sarratt

    Deleted that stupid video explaining how u afford it all , but u dont tell us

  • Johnathon Carey
    Johnathon Carey

    I was just looking at the new broncos! They look pretty nice!

  • Sean W
    Sean W

    Definitely my new favorite channel bc of the content 🇺🇸

  • Travis Jones
    Travis Jones

    Try leaving the Bronco alone

  • jeff 6472
    jeff 6472

    What ever happen to the purple chevy

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    broncho news 🤢🤮👎🏻

  • Levi Elizondo
    Levi Elizondo

    Tahoe is gonna look so good and those wheels are gonna make it look even better👍

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    I wonder if that one nicked wheel they sent you was a wheel used as a display wheel somewhere

  • George Wolkow
    George Wolkow

    Too much chrome in the wheel

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Banks: hey big head Ryan 🥺 Banks: what ya doing bbuuddyyy Ryan: 🥺🤧 Banks: check your mail

  • George Lukemire
    George Lukemire

    I had a bucking issue once with a 2007 Tahoe. It turned out to be a bad mass airflow sensor.

  • Cullen Podolan
    Cullen Podolan

    Can’t wait for you to do a build sears on that bronco

  • Sergioび

    7:11 back left

    • Jae Elizondo
      Jae Elizondo

      😂😂 totally didn’t notice first time I watched

  • JBracing 735
    JBracing 735

    Please do tow mirrors on the Tahoe!

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    That intro is by far the best!!! Welcome back or to the channel

  • Oneway_ Rj
    Oneway_ Rj

    Just put the wheels on