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  • Evelio Carmenates
    Evelio Carmenates

    where can i get those locking pins?

  • William Clifford
    William Clifford

    Ford f450 dually for a tow pig or dodge 4500 dually. No GM bc u don’t want ifs

  • Harrison Kane
    Harrison Kane

    You should buy a 379 Peterbuilt stretch

  • Danny holman
    Danny holman

    Moose power lol

  • J Shapiro
    J Shapiro

    It's not so much big truck problems as much as shitty trailer problems Bulletproof hitches make them for builds also geny will custom build for you. And it's just extra chain from Lowes or home depot and some wires tapped into to extend the's funny all those toys and yet still Jerry rigging shit to get by.

  • Crystal Buchanan
    Crystal Buchanan

    U should redo the interior in the semi

  • John Trageser
    John Trageser

    “Keep most of it in the bed”

  • King Ranch Transport
    King Ranch Transport

    I don't get it either. The mark up on those beds are stupid asf

  • Carter Getzinger
    Carter Getzinger

    What toothpaste do you use

  • Bk

    You need to wrap the Tahoe lime green

  • PDQ Racing gameing
    PDQ Racing gameing

    For your tow pig it should be a LBZ DMAX cateye dually or a 2 gen dually

  • Jacob Tempel
    Jacob Tempel

    You should paint the door handles and toe mirrors purple.

  • Bobby Yerena
    Bobby Yerena

    Bro you can literally put the whole 4-wheeler on your bed and just strap it down 😂. Huge truck tiny trailer HILARIOUS!

  • Flauntit Natural
    Flauntit Natural

    Nice video! Keep up the good work. If you have a moment please feel free to look at my page and follow if you like my content 💕💖

  • Jack 535
    Jack 535

    Custom dash

  • Devin Baker
    Devin Baker

    Plz paint match mirrors and door handles

  • Zioulz

    Cross your chainsssss

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    Get a cold air inductions intake on it I promise you won’t regret it and it’s all made in the USA!

    • forged bowtie
      forged bowtie

      For what 2 hp and a “cool look”

  • greg baril
    greg baril

    gotta remember ryan that when you did the all the work to your coolant system,even though you filled the rad back up,there will be air pockets that will work thier way out of the system


      I’d say we hit those air pockets hahah

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    🔨🔨🔨 Oops.. finally got it though.. a little dinted now.. lmfao!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • David Blevins
    David Blevins

    Cleveland Custom Auto and Marine in Parma Hts

  • MotoMex

    Not even going to lie when he hit the pin for the hitch i thought it went flying through the atmosphere😂 i was like that bih gone and was surprised to see it there still

  • Katter1234

    She meant to say “Clean the garage” so I can work on my truck Ryan!

  • KBTR

    As long as you can see the lights of the truck it should be legal, except obviously the no safety chains part lol.

  • downburst1

    Hey Ryan. Editing your videos, remember low quality American TV cuts frequently to create movement and excitement for low IQ target audience. I can’t watch your videos anymore due to the cheap style. You’re a talented engineer, you’ll do better in the long run producing quality over cheap looking videos

  • Steelo Gaming
    Steelo Gaming

    No hate but you loose power with a automatic trans like 30% less power with auto trans manuals dont have a power loss like autos do

  • u kno debo
    u kno debo

    Just the tip

  • Connor

    Why did they have to stop making manual trucks 😭

  • Dan Tobin
    Dan Tobin

    Does katie do anything other than stand on her phone? Keep her feet off the dash too.

  • Sebastian Vazquez
    Sebastian Vazquez

    Interior left?

  • Fun time
    Fun time

    I think you should go with a axle dump instead of a side exit personally I think it it would look better

  • Nathen long
    Nathen long

    it would be cool if the chrome parts of your wheels were green maybe get some green tape and see how it would look

  • Brotherhood of Ram
    Brotherhood of Ram

    Personally for a tow pig I'd do a 3rd gen 5.9 6 speed Cummins dually build that and have that as your tow pig for the Green 6 speed

  • Mason Herbert
    Mason Herbert

    Ryan you need to axle dump your ram

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    get an old 5.9 as a tow pig

  • TTV Fruit8247
    TTV Fruit8247

    You should put two stacks on it

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Sounds like Lime Turtle isn't all that fun to drive. Put 40's on stock 5 speed manual Cummins.....TURTLE MODE activated. Between steering drifting all over the road and not being able to break quickly this has to be demoralizing.

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    Idk my 2016 is 11” lift on 37s and my mirrors are up to my ears and I’m 5’10 lol

  • Squat truck
    Squat truck

    Do you wanna sell that four wheeler

  • Bigdoug ss
    Bigdoug ss

    Damn Katie got rich

  • RobloxVehicleGamerYT

    I was looking at a tip for my Ram, They are Amazing!

  • Rigorous

    Painted tow mirrors

  • Bob Roth
    Bob Roth


  • Bob Roth
    Bob Roth

    You should get a ram 3500 as a tow rig and put wheel and tires on it and maybe a 4inch Lucy

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    Color matched tow mirrors on the Tahoe!

  • Christopher Covillon
    Christopher Covillon

    If u buy a tow pig we know u it will be on the trailer too then u will need another tow pig lol

  • Christopher Covillon
    Christopher Covillon

    U need a fire punk trans the gold one before yours packs its shot and quits on would make a great video too changing trans in driveway on sema truck

  • AstroLuK

    Should've went with Swanky Steel for a tip, they are the bees knees when it comes to steel truck accessories and they ship wayyyyyyy faster than TSO garbage.

  • Samsgarage99

    That pipe looks amazing looking 😍

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Good video 👍👍👍👍👍

  • zach S
    zach S

    You really should get that thing done tuned to really optimize that set up you have

  • Jeremy Washington
    Jeremy Washington

    So much positive energy in this man's videos. Gotta love it.


      Thank you Jeremy!!!

  • Cory Lee
    Cory Lee

    When your hitch costs more than your trailer and wheeler lol

  • Gian Nicolosi
    Gian Nicolosi

    The lights and messages on the dash are killing me, please fix them lol

  • Joe Bechill
    Joe Bechill

    You really shouldn't trt showing us the paint we can't tell for real man how much it was scratched and shit you showed soo much of the paint n we cant see it.


    Ring that liberty bell lol

  • Pinkerman Ranch
    Pinkerman Ranch

    Powder coat the badges

  • The Mexican Edits
    The Mexican Edits

    Everything he opens the back door of his sema truck, he's always like " oh dont worry about that, imma clean that up. I know it is/was a sema truck."🤣

  • future x Gamer6
    future x Gamer6

    Speaking of it being an "Escalade" about 1 week ago I saw another Tahoe same year different color and has the same tailights and it was so cool

  • Alex Clea Ho
    Alex Clea Ho

    Actually 8 thousand sum cuz yall are in it

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Colormatch the mirrors & door handles. Still gots lots of things to do lol


    Why didn’t you just put the 4 wheeler trailer on the tahoe????

  • My Cars nl
    My Cars nl

    What do you think is a really good color to match with red? Because i want to do such a build too... Like you did with the RAM


    I'd say for the exhaust just get am angle pipe and put the tip up there and cab dump it. If your tune is that clean you don't gotta worry about soot all over and it just sounds soo good with a cab dump.

  • Brady Seal
    Brady Seal

    Do custom interior and keep it clean inside

  • Jaime Juarez
    Jaime Juarez

    The sema truck would look sick with purple interior with green accents 🔥🤭

  • Bowen Nelson
    Bowen Nelson

    do green mirrors

  • Joe Nason
    Joe Nason

    Got a kick out of you making fun of the backhoe meanwhile driving hundred thousand dollar diesel hauling a 200$ little trailer. Haha

  • Ricardo Torres
    Ricardo Torres

    The next truck should be a ram 3500 dually mega cab

  • DillonBets 69
    DillonBets 69

    So I guess the 4th gen will never get its paint matched mirrors and handles😞

  • Fern Playz
    Fern Playz

    That tip is freaking nice

  • John Hoskins
    John Hoskins

    Maybe a nice purple and green custom interior.with a lftd embossed headliner

  • Aiden Orr
    Aiden Orr

    HP on the lime 6.7 ?

  • Neto Villa
    Neto Villa

    @ryan Mayer buy Whistling diesel 3rd gen Cummins and his gooseneck trailer for a total of like $35000

    • Nicholas Hubbard
      Nicholas Hubbard

      I wouldn’t buy anything that dumbass has owned

  • Zanga Moon
    Zanga Moon

    It’s a beautiful truck

  • Ruben Vega
    Ruben Vega

    And half of the weight is in all the little trees you still have hanging on your rear view mirror

  • A1M A1
    A1M A1

    Do a custom interior on the ram.

  • Wesley Fortenberry
    Wesley Fortenberry

    Purple door handles!!!

  • firebull02

    I think she’s telling you to clean up the garage.

  • Garret Ferguson
    Garret Ferguson

    Should do something with the mirrors

  • Jaxon Pletz
    Jaxon Pletz

    I've been a subscriber sick you have 100 subs

    • Jaxon Pletz
      Jaxon Pletz

      I ment since

  • Trenton Cole
    Trenton Cole

    Like green Stitching on the seats and rolls Royce headliner

  • Joseph Pinheiro
    Joseph Pinheiro

    Ryan, you NEED to color match those mirrors. I thought it would look stupid but ive seen those dodge mirrors color matched and they look awesome.

  • Brendon Partridge
    Brendon Partridge

    Ryan mayer i can't wait to see the next video on your SUV say safe and healthy with your family i hope this will get better soon 😀

  • Robert Mackay
    Robert Mackay

    Exhaust looks like shit

  • _Toasty_ Malone_
    _Toasty_ Malone_

    You could still do a full interior on the ram

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    You should powder coat your door handle purple on the ram

  • Eraserhead1

    Fire punk trans and have them tune it?

  • Fishy Boy
    Fishy Boy

    2019 ram 4500 for a tow pig

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      Do you want this kid to go completely broke? You don't get new trucks as "tow pig". That's a 1000 +bucks/month payment.

  • Fishy Boy
    Fishy Boy

    2019 ram 4500 for a tow pig

  • Silvermoose06

    Colour match the mirrors and handles purple!

  • Alex DeWitt
    Alex DeWitt

    Get you a f450 super duty dually(next build?) with a gooseneck trailer so you can haul your tahoe and your ram

  • Bryant Kyzer
    Bryant Kyzer

    Cam the Tahoe and put straights on it it would be loud but also amazing

  • David Warian
    David Warian

    Where can i find the 3 step of Jax wax stuff i need it really bad

  • Fishy Boy
    Fishy Boy

    It looks like the red on the chev is a ford red

  • Kenneth Gomez
    Kenneth Gomez

    Yellow mega cab dually would pull a premium for towing 😂

  • Idk Channel
    Idk Channel

    Make your door handle purple but keep it plastic

  • Trace Branscum
    Trace Branscum

    Can’t wait for all the stuff coming for the Tahoe!!

  • Fischer Miller
    Fischer Miller

    I got a TSO tip and a few of the welds broke and now the thing rattles like a fucker. Hope you have better luck with yours

  • Dakota Degner
    Dakota Degner

    Your promo code for Jax wax isn’t working