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  • cbigclarke

    Nice to see somebody working in a man shoe, and not some damn pussy slippers

  • James Wininger
    James Wininger

    Invest in a plastic welder, you could have welded that hole closed and saved your money

  • collin corless
    collin corless

    I see comments for things to his truck battery but what he really needs is a second battery in his truck ya know I case he wants to charge his phone he also needs three alternators

  • CDP56

    Dying for a new video bro. Its been days lol


      UP NOW

  • The_Crasher 1111
    The_Crasher 1111

    Damn when’s my order gonna ship bro

    • The_Crasher 1111
      The_Crasher 1111

      RYAN MAYER thank ya!


      Soon! Tomorrow we should all be caught up!

  • bblazeff1

    Pretty sure one of those packages were mine 👌🏽

  • Cooper Cleaton
    Cooper Cleaton

    Were was that dog

  • 829racer

    Enjoyed your channel. Sorry to say I’m unsubscribing. Should leave politics out of your content (Instagram). ✌🏻


      Another person blinded by media :( I’m sorry

  • bulldogs 498
    bulldogs 498

    Hey Ryan you should start up a shop and fix other people's trucks and cars .I would go to you because I need my rockers and cab corners done and panted

  • Dave P.
    Dave P.

    I got the hoody .Now I need that tee shirt lol

  • Jason G
    Jason G

    Disconnect factory pump and put a beans sump. I just cut the pump wires and leave guage wires in tact

  • Steven Ellis
    Steven Ellis

    You should get into motorcycles bro

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    2nd comment when you say sema build I kinda like this dude.. Suoer clean

  • Footbalspartan

    It’s honestly funny that you waited so long to put a lift pump in your truck..

  • xx.runaway

    Also, why didn't you go with a sump setup? Much easier than modifying the sending unit. Also puts less stress on the pump because you have gravity helping the flow of fuel.

  • xx.runaway

    Heat gun and engine oil when installing fuel hoses. They slide on effortlessly

  • acinstaller92

    You should really take a day and clean your garage lol

  • Nickelwork87

    I always wonder why you don't have the post office pick you your stuff from the house.

  • dirtydan
    dirtydan do know truck beds, although dont usually have seats, but are great for hauling boxes. Kind of the purpose of a truck........🤔

  • Sergio Herrejon
    Sergio Herrejon

    I was curious if you had a good recommendation for what brand of rock lights last a good lon time?

  • Austin Hougendobler
    Austin Hougendobler

    Wait until the 2021 comes out so you can get a deal on a 2020 🤔😂

  • Mick Hill
    Mick Hill

    Never settle for anything less, even if you have to wait, then wait. And bring something different. Unless you can make a quick profit on another build till the new 2021 car/truck comes out, then definetly go for it.

  • Shton Claveau
    Shton Claveau

    That CAT dealer is massive bro ours up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Is about an 1/8 the size maybe smaller that is wild

  • Nova Plungy
    Nova Plungy

    take the Chevy mudding

  • James Gay
    James Gay

    Just want to say thanks to you both for the videos your great people. I want be around for a while. I have a major brain issue that requires a surgical procedure that could kill me. If I don't have it, it will definitely kill me. Just asking for your PRAYERS nothing more. Will be in Mayo clinic for a while. Thanks Ryan and Katie God Bless

    • James Gay
      James Gay

      Thanks so much Ryan you'll never know how much your words mean to me. God Bless


      You’ll be in good hands! You got this!

  • '95Subie

    I got a idea for your truck, hopefully you like this idea...but anyways here's the idea. Buy a used truck toolbox (or a new one..I think it would be easier with a used one) but powder coat it Illusion purple and place that on the Dodge ram...honestly I think that would look amazing and just pop big time.

  • Jeff Driggett
    Jeff Driggett

    Ryan is it hard to install rock lights

  • Jake C
    Jake C

    Make a vid talking about how you learned everything about cars

  • cj glassey
    cj glassey

    Should have got a sump with a feed and a return on it so you wouldn’t have to mess with the sending unit

  • Nathen long
    Nathen long

    why didnt you pick the fleece lift pump instead on the fass

  • Lieutenant Luka
    Lieutenant Luka

    Was hoping you got a clip that night to show the lights lol.

  • Patrick Bains
    Patrick Bains

    I had to do that same process for the FASS install on my 2015 Duramax, so I decided to just buy a sump pump and not have to mess with dropping the tank at all

  • Cody Judd
    Cody Judd

    My guess for the next build is a bronco

  • Austin

    Great lookin truck

  • Efrain Sanchez
    Efrain Sanchez

    Put a cover on the bed

  • Larry Selfridge
    Larry Selfridge

    Do you have a discount code for Gen Y hitches ? You need a bigger shop . Great work brother


      Mine prolly the same as one wheel and tire 😂😂😂

    • Larry Selfridge
      Larry Selfridge

      I’m getting one either way , no first responder discounts either . They look like they are built like a tank.


      I sure wish!! Suckers are expensive!

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor

    Why do u have to tap into the fuel pump ? My dmax bolts up and a couple of hoses later it’s done ! Is this a dodge thing ??


      It depends on what pump you pick up!

  • Brandon Urick
    Brandon Urick

    Hey Ryan should I buy Thomas kings truck and sell my duramax on a fts 12in

  • Zooloo_Zay

    Why didn’t you just go with the beans sump kit?

  • Cummins 6.7
    Cummins 6.7

    Any particular reason you just didn't go with Fleece's in tank lift pump?


      To be honest just saw the video of how wel the fass actually worked and it sold me!

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Cool video

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Is be fired if i used to much electrical tape... the end product looks great. Just the wiring leaves some to be desired but my journeyman have been insanely meticulous my whole life and tell me they don't care if its sealed away forever or 1 million people will see it, they want it SEMA quality. Haha... blessing and a curse. I spin all my wire, tap in and solder with waterproof heat shrink. And wouls use more distribution blocks, especially somethings for the battery. But looks good bro!

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Why not get one from an auto recycler im in Canada but coukd have got you and oem one for super cheap.

  • Chase Brown
    Chase Brown

    You could of just put the orders in the trunk of the hellcat

    • Chase Brown
      Chase Brown



      I’m a truck guy, I forget the trunk is useful!!

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer


  • Jimmy Spencer
    Jimmy Spencer

    I like to stick the wires in the end of a drill with no bit amd crimp them and then run it slow it twists the wires together makes them look neat and easy to loom or wrap with tape


      Love doing that!

  • Barnett Outdoors
    Barnett Outdoors

    Hey Ryan, got a suggestion for your next build.. How about a old pickup like a 56 Ford F100, or something with that kind of shape?

    • Barnett Outdoors
      Barnett Outdoors

      @RYAN MAYER I'm telling you dude. Custom color and power mods... Maybe even dropped a hair or two. Or air ride suspension...



  • Ediag automotive tools
    Ediag automotive tools

    Hey RYAN,You have a great automotive channel.Just sent email to you,Hope we can work with you team,Thank you.

  • Caleb Joos
    Caleb Joos

    You should get the new Rebel TRX!

    • Caleb Joos
      Caleb Joos

      @RYAN MAYER 😎



  • Nathan LaShomb
    Nathan LaShomb

    Does Fleece Performance make a lift pump for your dodge? Why didn't you go that route? Would be much cleaner and easier install and still get you the flow you need for your compounds

    • xx.runaway

      An intake fuel pump doesnt have nearly the filtration a fass does. And it doesn't separate air bubbles or vapor from the fuel before it goes to the injection pump.

  • Fred Johnson
    Fred Johnson

    Idk why. But i think your thinking of the Ford bronco

  • 1DjScarface

    Yep a diesel sump would’ve been a whole lot easier

  • Josh Hummer
    Josh Hummer

    Please build an old jeep

  • Mark Andres
    Mark Andres

    You should get a drill press so ya have more control with what you are drilling so that mistake dont happen again

  • Doug S
    Doug S

    It has a fuse inline, why connect it to a fuse block terminal on the battery?

  • Isaiah Flores
    Isaiah Flores

    How much do you want for the purple truck

  • ChrisCG

    i totally thought about the fact that my order was n one of your vehicles haha. But also why not put them in the giant 8ft bed youve got sitting there

  • Jackson Flash
    Jackson Flash

    We’re you cruising through Avon be Swenson in the hellcat the other day?

  • Martin McLaughlin
    Martin McLaughlin

    You should do an auxiliary fuse box install

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    What rock lights you got ?



  • Δ Zachary Δ
    Δ Zachary Δ

    Throw a trifold bed cover on the cateye for all the orders since it is a work truck ;)

    • CS Garage
      CS Garage

      Won’t be around long enough

  • Jonathan Tantillo
    Jonathan Tantillo

    When are you g.j gonna tiny the rear lights? Tgey make a tint already precut

  • Tyran Washington
    Tyran Washington

    How many inches is your truck lifted



  • Canton Treasure's
    Canton Treasure's

    Contact post office they will pick up order's ( packages ) and saves you time.

  • Thomas Frederick
    Thomas Frederick

    You should be soldering it for long lasting

  • Rally Sport_ 5.3
    Rally Sport_ 5.3

    Get the axles powder coated in the purple color

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    I feel like he should get a better brand of rock lights I know they are expensive but like you built a badass seam truck and you got cheap rocklights

  • sizxv

    Is the 1500 a 5.3? If so you should put a big cam

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson

    do a jeep build

  • Ryder Foster
    Ryder Foster

    That’s why you use a fuel sump

  • Bailey Sharpe
    Bailey Sharpe

    Powder coat your drive shaft purple

  • H4B5

    Build the new TRX when it comes out.

  • KC Redell
    KC Redell

    Just put the boxes in the bed of the Chevy

  • adam.singleton.71

    Bro you need to invest in a aux relay box so you can clean up your battery

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Has to be the Ram Dakota...supposed to be coming out in 2021

  • zach S
    zach S

    How come you didn't go with the fuel bowl that mounts to bottom of tank

  • javier acuna
    javier acuna

    Never settle, go for it all!

  • Ellis

    Whats up man, old topic but did you run into any major issues putting a ford lift on your ram?

  • Matthew White
    Matthew White

    Keep up the great vids my man, cooler every time. Watching these vids make my day. Keep up the great work brother man👌👌🤙🤙

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Lovin the vids bro

  • Landen Patterson
    Landen Patterson

    hard work is paying off!!! love the truck!

  • The french toast
    The french toast

    Remember seeing a video of you switching seat belts, where did you find them?

    • The french toast
      The french toast

      RYAN MAYER thank you so much


      Safety Restore!

  • Liam McNeely
    Liam McNeely

    ryan your next build should be an f-650 stretch it and make it three rows and add a long bed

  • gucciboi plays roblox
    gucciboi plays roblox


  • Carolina Boyz Tv
    Carolina Boyz Tv

    He’s wearing shorts in cowboy boots. That’s my style. I always wear shorts and cowboy boots to school 🤙🤙🤙

  • Lowbubba

    I was wondering when you got a lift to put your truck up on. Then “duh” the truck is lifted. Keep having fun.

  • Connor Whitney
    Connor Whitney

    I want to get my first truck and don’t want to get a shitty one

  • Connor Whitney
    Connor Whitney

    Yo lmk what u want to sell ur purple truck for

  • Wes Haneberg
    Wes Haneberg

    I learned something in this video didn’t know there was a tool that removes fuel pump that would come in handy when I drive a wrecker and some light duty mechanic work and I changed many fuel pumps I guess my former boss was just to cheap to buy it the reason I don’t work there anymore is because he decided he wanted to turn crooked

  • David Robbins
    David Robbins

    Told you. Should've bought Fleece lift pump!!

  • Bubba John Gaming
    Bubba John Gaming

    New Duramax?

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    This looks like a fire hazard....

  • Trenton Harvey
    Trenton Harvey

    2nd gen build

  • Dan Tobin
    Dan Tobin

    You always mess something up

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    I may have to stop watching this channel. The state of his garage makes my depressed. Then seeing him wear cowboy boots at shorts makes me want to end my life

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      That's the least cringe part of this kid's act. Him making videos about car wash and dumb random shit when he has nothing to show is far worse

    • Amanda Gillman
      Amanda Gillman

      Good bye.

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    I got a feeling the new one is gonna be a bronco...

  • Mafia Trilla
    Mafia Trilla

    I was biting my nails when he was cutting thing. Who else was nervous

  • Cyber Productions
    Cyber Productions

    Ryan whats your little monitor system u have in your hellcat ?


      Banks idash!

  • Hard workin 6.0
    Hard workin 6.0

    I love every vid u & your girl make! Great content as always! Love the builds & can’t wait for a new build to come! 💯🍻

  • Edan Clow
    Edan Clow

    You should put underglow on your green truck