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  • Zontavious Johnson
    Zontavious Johnson

    How much was that Tahoe

  • Cayden Young
    Cayden Young

    Get a Tesla radio

  • The V8 Hooligan
    The V8 Hooligan

    I wasn’t sure about this set up but it looks pretty mean.

  • Damier too funny
    Damier too funny

    It’s a lt😭

  • mike v
    mike v

    Not my taste but your money so waste.....I mean “spend” it how you want.

  • Mj the Patriot
    Mj the Patriot

    Does anyone know about jeeps... 2002 jeep grand Cherokee...turn jeep on shuts off after 3 seconds...I put in a new key immobilizer and still wony stay on.?? Thanks

  • Yeetus Maximus
    Yeetus Maximus

    8:03 chef Ryan



  • Roderick Hollywood Winston
    Roderick Hollywood Winston

    Wats good bro!?! Excellent drip on ya taboo!, you interested in selling one of your caps from the aluminum 20 inch factory rims, mine was stolen my 2013 Hoe, just wanted to see if u were interested. Holla back my guy!


      Somebody’s buying all the wheels :/

  • Brody J Myers
    Brody J Myers

    milwaukee tools tahoe



  • EG Williams
    EG Williams

    So when you and Katie going to do a together channel or a collaboration channel ?

  • Everything Quads
    Everything Quads

    U mad cause my truck HARD

  • Dray Gonzalez
    Dray Gonzalez

    Sell me your stock headlights!!


    I glad you going with red and black instead of little bite of crone here and black here

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez

    love your build bros just don’t ever put your legs like that under the car or truck , i’ve seen some crazy shit happen to people like that !

  • mathew hunt
    mathew hunt

    need to get rid of that body side molding brah


      👀👀👀 dont make me

  • Canadian Ryan
    Canadian Ryan

    DIRFT Do it right the first time

  • Cainan Brewer
    Cainan Brewer

    I’m just saying, you should have went with the same wheel but the one with the red accents that replace the milled accents.

  • LeaninKingz

    Lean this truck

  • Jon Secord
    Jon Secord

    Really gotta think of a new open cut..just saying

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    None of your videos have popped up until today last vid I ever seen was finished the purple pappy bell is rung to

  • Brandon Barnwell
    Brandon Barnwell

    90% of the time to fix a Chevy take the negative off and put it back on it’ll last 300k easy 😆

  • Brandon Barnwell
    Brandon Barnwell

    To fix the bash take the negative off and put it back on 😂 I’m fr it’ll clear the lights

  • Imthat guy
    Imthat guy

    Not the baddest lol but its decent , not gonna lie


      I’ll take it!

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P

    Put a exhaust on it

  • Pablo Aloy
    Pablo Aloy

    The tail lights look like crap , and as far as the wheels go ... They look nice but sticking out that far looks like DOG SHIT !!!!

  • Jensen Stieber
    Jensen Stieber

    Wrap the window pillars gloss black

  • David De Los Santos
    David De Los Santos

    Anyone notice he put on a chef hat

  • Maniboy1k

    I can’t afford my dream car just yet but I enjoy watching your builds!

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    I remember you said you wanted to get a jeep idk if you want one like this but I wanted to share this cool one

  • J.T.

    Big brake upgrade!

  • Brian Longley
    Brian Longley

    Hey bud like the channel and your car and truck , link for merch ? Keep up great work 👏

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia

    Ryan!!! Please help me? I have a 2003 lincoln town car cartier L with 16x7 5x114.3 rims and 225/60-16 tires I just purchased some 17x8 5x114.3 rims and I am wondering if that rim with a 255 wide tire would be an issue for fitment in the rear? And then a 235 in the front

  • os g
    os g

    Nasty looking tail light

  • TheHcollins1977

    Your videos use to be good, now you're a tool. The boots and shorts were played out in Texas in the early 2000's along with the hat up on your head.

  • Edward Cissel
    Edward Cissel

    HEAR ME OUT 😂 Color match the headlights still but lightly smoke the lens so they’ll kinda match the same look of the taillights

  • Edward Cissel
    Edward Cissel

    It’s always the simplest of things that fix the issues 😂😂


    [[[[[[[[[------The silver POWDER COAT would look better------]]]]]]]]]]]]

  • Wayne Knapp
    Wayne Knapp

    I bought a 2004 Yukon right before you got the Tahoe. When I saw the video that you were doing a Tahoe build ( even though it's a different body generation ) I was so stoked.

  • Work Hard
    Work Hard

    If one of the doors is open then all 4 lights are on.. Not sure why they did it like that but it’s the way it is...

  • James Tester
    James Tester

    I would leave it silver to break it up a Lil bit but if you had the time the powdercoat would look good to

  • Jeff Driggett
    Jeff Driggett

    The tahoe is coming together

  • Jen Tictac
    Jen Tictac

    How about a video showing us all the tools you use for your builds. Like 10 best tools to own for "do it yourself" mods on your vehicle?

  • Ligma Lzzz
    Ligma Lzzz

    Put some tow mirrors on the Tahoe

  • Precision Gaming
    Precision Gaming

    8:02 looks like hes wearing a chefs hat lol

  • adam.singleton.71

    You going to have to upgrade power the 5.3 will struggle speacialy6on gas ⛽ at least mine did

  • Le_ Shifte
    Le_ Shifte

    Lifted suvs gay af

  • Richie Pickett
    Richie Pickett

    Looks awesome! Put some flares on that bad boy and some husky liner kickback mud flaps ✌️✌️

  • JaKobe H
    JaKobe H

    Yo diet coke in the back of the ram👌🤣

  • Lilman Crain
    Lilman Crain

    I have a 2003 Tahoe I've built and I wanted 35 15.50s but I ended up getting 37 13.50s it looks amazing

  • Nuclearjack 927
    Nuclearjack 927

    I know how to fix the hellcat bumper scraping issue. 12" lift.

  • Eli Nottingham
    Eli Nottingham

    Looks amazing but if it was my build I would’ve went with the fuel hardline d621 wheels

  • blunt force
    blunt force

    Cool taillights just figure out I could do that to mine mind blown

  • Matthewhill455 Hill
    Matthewhill455 Hill

    Wtf, that Tahoe it's lame!! Put it down

  • Fernando Solorzano
    Fernando Solorzano

    You should use 2 pin wire connectors to be able to have like plug and play for the lights incase one goes out or use different ones

  • Rick Sasek
    Rick Sasek

    Wheels look great on Tahoe

  • Nathan Humphrey
    Nathan Humphrey

    Damn that thing looks sweet custom tow mirrors would bring it all together can’t wait to see it finished

  • john krinock
    john krinock

    That's pretty bad, a viewer helps you solve a problem, and you can't even remember who it was. Real nice!!, I sent a comment quite awhile ago, you never even acknowledged it. So I'm not so sure you read all comments.

  • Carson Peters
    Carson Peters

    I daily a Tahoe on 37‘s

  • RobloxVehicleGamerYT

    Purple Mirrors and Handles would be sick..

  • Ryan Vaughn
    Ryan Vaughn

    You should color match the the wood grain in the interior

  • swingjaja

    IT WORKED! lmfao your face was priceless, Tahoe is looking great.

  • Mitch Peterson
    Mitch Peterson


  • Bryan Ward
    Bryan Ward

    63 degrees lucky! I’m out here in 110 in Texas today

  • Stephen Vander Stel
    Stephen Vander Stel

    ABS will be all good once all the tires are the same size, all the faults set because your fronts are spinning at different speed than the rear.

  • Dakota Horvath120
    Dakota Horvath120

    Get towing mirrors

  • ItsRebirth

    It looks like the newer Tahoes

  • Garrett Lamb
    Garrett Lamb

    Why don’t you give me that one? Why don’t you?

  • Ross Zollinger
    Ross Zollinger

    Hope it works well, but you’re asking a lot from that 1/2 ton running gear

  • Thompsonracing 229
    Thompsonracing 229

    The back looks like shit

  • P O
    P O

    Tahoe needs an exhaust


    Those wheels look awesome man keep up the good work really makes my day when you upload a new video! 😀

  • Chevy Thompson
    Chevy Thompson

    Does the different direction wheels bug you



  • smcox1991

    TIS wheels 👎 some gloss black 24” snowflake reps on 33” mud tires would look so much better.

    • OhhZmux

      snow flakes look so good on them 😔

  • Cam Lynch
    Cam Lynch

    Shouldn’t you upgrade your brake kit with the new wheel/tire setup coming?


      I might!

  • Nathen long
    Nathen long

    you should do the light up door handles

  • The worst Idea’s
    The worst Idea’s

    You need to tune you truck

  • MrFirerescue67

    Making me think of going out and getting a Tahoe. Lol

  • Raymond Gonzalez
    Raymond Gonzalez

    Chef hat at 7:52

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    check out Midsouth LED. they make door handles with turn signals in them. you should put those on the Ram

  • D Money
    D Money

    This fuckin guy said 63°, it was 112° yesterday and 89° at night.

  • miles richardson
    miles richardson

    Going to look Hella silly lifted 6+ inches.

  • Bill

    You gotta ditch those tail lights man. If they were red they probably look ok. But you know you don’t like those like that. We’ve all done it. Those were a mistake. Looks like they are missing. Just gross. Sorry.

  • Manuel Gebara
    Manuel Gebara

    The sound of a diesel always reminds me of work either the start of the day or the end✊🏼

  • Anna Sheehan
    Anna Sheehan

    yes cant wait for the paint matched mirrors

  • Adrian R. Miller
    Adrian R. Miller

    Wrap the door pillars between the front and back windows black to match the tint... would be the easiest and cheapest little touch but would really make the look your going for. Good job all around!

  • 14jrloco

    Funny on how he over exaggerates on everything he does.sorry to burst your bubble but I seen way way better

  • Matthew Beske
    Matthew Beske

    After it's lifted it will need a black brush guard.... or at lease a bull bar, to complete the bad@ss look!! And then why not a roof rack, just because.... America!!!

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    Daaaaamn that thing is coming together...holy shit

  • Brad Kelley
    Brad Kelley

    Powder it before install, do it right and be done. Nothing worse then R&I multiple times.

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy

    Unless you replace the rusted metal, the bubbles are going to keep coming back.

  • Caden Crutsinger
    Caden Crutsinger

    I’m watching this in my 05 yukon that’s on a 6” lift and the same wheels with 33/12.50s

  • Jaay Wayyy
    Jaay Wayyy

    really wish i could something like this 🥺 but i can’t find a tahoe

  • Born in Virginia
    Born in Virginia

    My city's nickname is the city of seven hills. I feel you pain.

  • zIHated

    Another great video 💪🏼 cant wait to meet you at Daytona truck meet hoping to have my truck done by then as well 💯


      See you there!

  • TannerTheType1Legend

    Is the Tahoe gonna be the ultimate grocery getter?


      Yes! Lol! I plan on taking it to the dunes and other stuff as well!

  • szachtb

    Zip ties those light up if possible. The tape fails on em than you drag em behind truck

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    “Why don’t you have a Tahoe?” it’s probably a top 5 most common vehicle on the road, and definitely the most common SUV on the road. People have been lifting and putting tires on those forever all across the United States, maybe not in Ohio(?) but I find that super hard to believe. My high school parking lot had every generation lifted with tires, a ton of the newer era ones. So weird hearing you talk about them like they’re some unknown gem lol.


      Yeah in the north they’re really not that popular!!!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Would look cleaner with the door moldings removed.

  • William Clontz
    William Clontz

    Do something with the exhaust

  • Jacob Clabough
    Jacob Clabough

    Might as well not even fix those paint bubbles with all the rock chips you’re gonna get.