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  • LJ Schaerig
    LJ Schaerig

    My first time drilling a hole for my switch I messed it up it’s good having the right tool.

  • Juan Posadas
    Juan Posadas

    Those equations popping up as he was figuring out the wiring was hilarious 🤣 😆

  • Jeremiah Shaffer
    Jeremiah Shaffer

    Turn the Toggle switch off for air horn when you look your truck


    Wear your hat the right way city boy

  • Seth Landon
    Seth Landon

    You honestly make me laugh when I’m down and thx you for that it made me laugh so hard when you said you scared him and his girlfriend😂😂😭😭

  • Jeremiah Bloomfield
    Jeremiah Bloomfield

    Where did you get tour hitch from??

  • Dawg3172

    Push button switches. I don't c the link

  • Keejay Jackson
    Keejay Jackson

    Where did you get your air horn

  • Luke Gee
    Luke Gee

    could you put the link to the switches please?

  • omgwow loldang
    omgwow loldang

    Bro what the heck the qoonz has that blasters kit figured out real quick

  • Cameron Minatel
    Cameron Minatel

    You should do an Excursion with an F250 front end conversation

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Holy hand gestures

  • Matt with a 5.0L
    Matt with a 5.0L

    I would love to have your Chevy as my first truck I would love to buy it off you but one down side is I live in Canada Alberta we’re it’s cold but love the truck tho

  • Niko G
    Niko G

    I didnt see where u buy your push buttons on amazon are at i looked and didnt see them

  • Dustin Hallmark
    Dustin Hallmark

    What are you hiding under that hat?!?

  • Dustin Hallmark
    Dustin Hallmark

    What are you hiding under that hat?!?

  • Kyle Caldwell
    Kyle Caldwell

    You should get lime green or purple lanyards!

  • Kaden Christiansen
    Kaden Christiansen

    just make sure that switch can handle the amps put out from the horn bc mine couldn't and I ended up having to buy a push button switch from hornblasters

  • Brandon Fagan
    Brandon Fagan

    Gotta agree with you about the best time to drive. But any time you install something new is the best time to drive !! Keep up the awesome work!

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    The funny thing tho is that you say your not even done yet. I kinda wonder if you are gonna paint the frame or not 🤔

  • tim Hash
    tim Hash

    lets get to those compound turbos, I can't wait!!!!!! those horns are cool.

  • parkerbethke

    I wish I could do a train horn but it’s improper for a lowered truck to have a train horn.

  • Rolling Coal Customs
    Rolling Coal Customs

    Where’s the compounds

  • Hugo Herrera
    Hugo Herrera

    I would like the link for the switches Ryan

  • Spencer Harmon
    Spencer Harmon

    Your reaction was priceless

  • Alex Paumen
    Alex Paumen

    I was thinking about putting a horn on my 2014 Silverado LTZ but the Hornblasters horns really don't suit its looks to me so I'm going for a real Nathan K5HL horn (one of the VERY early ones) like this one:

  • Alexis

    Where the push button amazon link thooo? lol

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    LOL, as if anyone would buy that purple turd of 1500 chevy. bhahahhahaha

  • Kaiden Inlay
    Kaiden Inlay

    do a dually build

  • Vance DeAgano
    Vance DeAgano

    @ryan mayer what company made your train horn

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    Make it a give away truck!!!!

  • Jayden

    19:04 he sounds like typicak white girl

  • Blake Lloyd
    Blake Lloyd

    Uh oh, I might need to drop my truck off again for an install like this!

  • Cesar Gonzales
    Cesar Gonzales

    Dude I gotta thank you because of your video when you were doing the bed liner on the purple truck I would have never found out about raptor bed liner I just finished my truck today and it came out amazing I’m not into lifted truck mine Is slammed but it came out amazing. I did mine red 🔥🔥🔥

  • Rob M.
    Rob M.

    Bro ! Clean out and orginize your garage !!

  • Cw777_customs

    Make the Chev the next giveaway instead of just straight up selling it.

  • infer217

    Bro your reaction! Priceless! 😂

  • Noah D'Aliesio
    Noah D'Aliesio

    I’ve got a train horn on my fiat 500 sport... it lets people know that I’m on the road

  • amccrazgrl

    We need that orange and "teal" blue color in t-shirts. I'd rock those esp the orange getting out of my 2013 limited orange STI.

  • Big Black
    Big Black

    I got a set on my 2500hd Silverado, my wife gives me soooooo much crap for using them to scare the crap outta people. But then she turns around and uses it more than i do when she drives my truck, lol, short women road rage, lol

  • Darren Kokoski
    Darren Kokoski

    Ok, Day 2 of having train horns, and day 2 is just as fun as day 1.... definaltely worth the aggravation and headache of installing them.....

  • Brad Anderson
    Brad Anderson

    Love the air horns! Been wanting to get a kit to install! Looks like you can have some real good fun with them!

  • Levi Alexander
    Levi Alexander

    Can we get DUALLY wheels

  • John Ruble
    John Ruble

    where did you get the train horn?

    • Laura Martinez
      Laura Martinez

      Horn blasters

  • Lor Waxx
    Lor Waxx

    Hey We Herd That Inn Baltimore 🤟🏾

  • Freddie Miranda
    Freddie Miranda

    What are those bottoms called on Amazon?

  • XtakingsniperX

    Get an f150 project!

  • Yeetus Maximus
    Yeetus Maximus

    Not gonna lie I really wanna put a train horn on my little s10

  • Bankz817

    Should have used a momentary switch button for horn so it only goes off while you hold the button down and stops when you release.. makes it a lot more fun too

  • Bryce Whiteman
    Bryce Whiteman

    I would like the link for the switches please

  • Steven Ashe
    Steven Ashe

    Lol I can't wait for you to go to the store and have some one pull out in front of you and you to hit those horns

  • Krimion

    Accidental success😂

  • Theadoraz Banging
    Theadoraz Banging

    U can turn your lock horn of

  • Blue Yoshi
    Blue Yoshi

    Ugh I wish you could keep the Chevy

  • Seth Blackard
    Seth Blackard

    Where is the amazon push button link at

  • Mini moody
    Mini moody

    This may be mean but you should do a scare cam moments with the horn

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans

    Who else sees all that rust

  • Javier Chávez
    Javier Chávez

    Next build, a second gen 24 valve

  • Julio Rios
    Julio Rios

    Chevy give away ????? Jk 😂

  • Landon Luhman
    Landon Luhman

    You should put a train horn on the Chevy

  • Kraig Gomez
    Kraig Gomez

    Best video 📹

  • Colin Marrin
    Colin Marrin

    make the door handles and badges purple

  • Zach Rouse
    Zach Rouse

    Absolutely love your channel Ryan, I’ve learned so much from your channel and love the content. Keep up the awesome work bro !👍👌

  • David Rigg
    David Rigg

    Accidental precision drilling lol!! Everyone has had those glorious moments!!! You should build Katie's truck!!

  • Cross Hatching
    Cross Hatching

    So what HornBlasters kit is this?

  • Alvarado's customs
    Alvarado's customs

    Durmax swap the chevy

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Lol I heard ur neighbors lol that was funny

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    I need some merch that says "Accidental Precision" ~ R. Mayer 2020

  • bblazeff1

    So this why my order hasn't shipped yet, too busy filming and editing. 😂

  • A10warthog

    LMFAOO I heard the neighbors say what was that noise love it 👍

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    @8:27-8:54 is what I looked like when I wired the radio in my old truck and it was my first time wiring something


    Hey Ryan, why don’t you get a aux panel

  • james marlar
    james marlar

    I just finished my install of air horns of texas good price and awesome sound

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    RIP neighbors haha

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill

    New hoodie is cool. Can’t wait till my last order comes in!

  • Tanner Jaudon
    Tanner Jaudon

    When you wire your reverse lights wire them to your tail lights. Just tape into your light in your tail lights. Saves you a lot of time!!

  • cody ritchie
    cody ritchie

    You really need to get to that rust! Its not good lol now that I know it there ill look everytime till its fixed. It's a sema truck make her 100% again hahaha. Get her its own carport so she snuggled away every night 🌙 lol

  • Billy Petrucci
    Billy Petrucci

    Train horns just seem like such a waste of money to me but whatever makes you happy

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer

    Ryan is the kinda bad boy that kinda don’t like being bad ! 😂


      HAHAHAHAH yes

  • DOOM 524
    DOOM 524

    I don’t see the link in the description for the switch you’re using.

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer

    Dude better get that rust under control underneath the ram before it gets outta hand, I know it’s surface rust now but it’s everywhere underneath and will become overwhelming, ide treat it with something soon so it will stay a sema truck and not turn into the burgundy Chevy, love that ram hate to see it go down hill

  • Seth gamer 5647
    Seth gamer 5647

    I think it would be cool if you did a purple head liner.

  • wilmoblie wil
    wilmoblie wil

    anyone else see the wasp at 5:27

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer

    No wonder I’ve never seen the rock lights or light bar on lol ! Looked like spaghetti back there 😂 jk

  • The Kilnor
    The Kilnor

    Hey Ryan did you check your harbor freight jack stands to make sure they weren’t part of the recall?

  • Preston Wagoner
    Preston Wagoner

    I said the same thing the other day wiring a light bar "I'm going to unhook this to run it in the cab before I I short something out" 😂😂😂

  • DieselLifted TruckGirl18
    DieselLifted TruckGirl18

    So cool! I would love to have a truck as big as that but I think for my first car (ik I'm not driving yet I'm only 17) I'm gonna buy possibly a 64 Ford T-Bird or a 69 Z28 SS Camaro. And lemme tell ya when I say those were the mean cars back in the day. Wish I was born back then so I could drive one but sadly they don't make them anymore. But hopefully I'll get to buy one when I get the chance.

  • Idk Channel
    Idk Channel

    You should paint your door handles purple on your ram

  • James Hudspeath
    James Hudspeath

    Dude as much as i hate to admit it you are probably gonna get the best at an auction on the Chevy im really gonna hate to see it go I really wish you were gonna enjoy it just a little bit before you do this though

  • Tcd !
    Tcd !

    Would love the next build being Katy's truck I think that be amazing and I love to see what u could do to it

  • jadebrecks

    fyi when using a bolt for a ground you need to remove the paint where your connector touches the frame. I usually test to make sure it works then paint over everything after it is done. A bolt will be a better ground in the long run then a tec screw.

  • chris mullikin
    chris mullikin

    If you decide to sell it partner with eBay motors. I know they have sponsored other channels before and it would be the most fair way to action it.

  • Grants Jacob
    Grants Jacob

    Dude I’ve always been a fan of your stuff and watch you like everyday and look forward to it, but I gotta say your reaction from the train horn and repeating what your neighbors had said made me laugh out loud and my fiancé looked at Me like I was nuts🤣

    • Ellis

      The exact same thing happened to me

  • Will Knight
    Will Knight

    Another great video homie 🤙🏼🤙🏼 keep up all the good work 🔥🔥 love the build videos

  • Logan Whitney
    Logan Whitney

    With train horns they have a shut off after around 150 psi and I use a 30 amp for mine. If it keeps blowing a fuse it could be a bad compressor

  • Chad’s Trains
    Chad’s Trains

    “Push button” silence, ear to ear smile - out comes your 12 year old self 😂😂😂. I was dying laughing, that was the same face I made when I first heard my train horns.

  • brayden moug
    brayden moug

    The switch that came with the horn blasters kit is a dump your fucking air switch

  • XxYT_T-type10xX

    7.3 obs dually

  • H Garcia
    H Garcia

    The problem for blowing fuses is that you connected all the wires directly to the battery and grounds to your truck I highly recommend to re wire your positive connections to a relay to avoid over heating your wires and blow more fuses those compressors run hot after awhile, just follow a diagram Google has alot of great images and do the same with your rear pods awesome build 👍

  • Bradley Hitchcock
    Bradley Hitchcock

    Amazing work man! Love the content and the fact you didn't edit out the head scratching and "throwing tools" moments haha