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    Add your shirt to your order comments not this one! Haha sorry I wasn’t clear!! Thank you all!

    • J. W Tiny
      J. W Tiny

      Ryan Latulippe it does when u checkout.

    • Tracy McClung 31
      Tracy McClung 31

      Congrats on the 200 k x

    • North Carolina
      North Carolina

      200k subs bro keep it up bro In perspective that’s all of Fayetteville NC🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • North Carolina
      North Carolina

      Hey y’all let’s show dmaxryno some love his ranch caught on fire in Cali Watch his last video

    • Luis Rodriguez
      Luis Rodriguez

      I sent an email man, great content!

  • Keverado_Z71

    Hell yeah brother, tell um whats up!!

  • Winston Jessop
    Winston Jessop

    I redid my front end on my truck myself, it cost me $400 dollars, I bought the parts and some tools and a weekend, and a shop gave me a quote for it and it was $2,400 dollars, so I saved $2,000 dollars

  • cory ramer
    cory ramer

    BAM? Or another dealer?

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    I work at a Toyota dealership and even tho I work there they will still try to rip me off when I go to buy parts for my Tacoma. Just ridiculous man

  • Israel Douglas
    Israel Douglas

    Wide body

  • DrifterDavid

    Well if they don't have your specific hellcat specs, only the charger specs. If they're different they can't align them. At least that's what I'm understanding. I'm a tech, all specs are saved in the alignment computer. But being a dealership they should have them in the computer. Otherwise what's the point in being a dealer.

  • Robert Good Rob Smith
    Robert Good Rob Smith

    I think if you went 79 mph you would have made it😁

  • PL trucking Llc
    PL trucking Llc

    Rip abs sensor cable

  • One DAWG’S Perspective
    One DAWG’S Perspective

    I would like to do my own work but I'm not mechanically inclined at all so I don't have much of a choice.

  • Braden Ledger
    Braden Ledger

    Congrats on 200k man love the videos keep it up 💪🏻 and I agree with you on the whole dealership thing.

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Watching you is what made me start doing things myself even tho I didn’t know much back then but doing it myself now I know a lot more than before. You do save a lot of money too

  • UndesputedGamer

    With all the IRbinrs I watch, Ryan definitely deserves a shop out of all of them


      Hahaha I appreciate that!

  • jojo21699

    I was setting at the dealership with my work vehicle and they quoted an elderly lady 300$ to change a headlight. I told her to follow me to Napa and I changed it for her, bulb was $24.

  • Rams and RZR
    Rams and RZR

    I don’t think the dealer ship would attack the suspension with hammers and pry bars and just start yanking on stuff.


      You’d be surprised 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones

    just ordered the camo hoodie 🔥🔥

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson

    200 k congrats


      Thank you!

  • Thomas Stott
    Thomas Stott

    i just saw how new the video was... i should have one off a car that had 1200 miles on it if you didnt find one

  • Thomas Stott
    Thomas Stott

    should have just put in a set from The Driveshaft shop and called it a day... they also make a 1 piece drive shaft for that car thats pretty nice...

  • SVGRAM_345

    Getting screwed is the American way. What u mean bro. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fatty3232

    Wow the garage is clean 🤣🤣🤣🤣


      Hahahahaha yes!

  • raffman 2002
    raffman 2002

    One question Ryan...... what’s with the cowboy boots 😂


      I just rock it man!

  • kishawn is gaming
    kishawn is gaming

    Learn something new each day

  • kishawn is gaming
    kishawn is gaming

    Cheaper to do it your self

  • kishawn is gaming
    kishawn is gaming

    They treid to scam you

  • kishawn is gaming
    kishawn is gaming

    Congrats 🎉🎉🎊🎊 on 200k

  • kishawn is gaming
    kishawn is gaming


  • Jake C
    Jake C

    Just made a purchase! If i didn’t make the cut for the free shirt anyway you’re selling the miss printed ones? ORDER #3593

  • WarOnPestlence

    What if you put a wide body kit on the hellcat and side skirts

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    Even if you are an unknowing customer you should be able to trust whichever shop you take your vehicle too. Not everyone has the time or tools or knowledge to do the work themselves

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    Just ordered mine last month 2xl wish I had waited

  • Mohawk Garage
    Mohawk Garage

    Same damn reason I work on my own vehicles!!

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    The harbor freight jacks and em too and I love em

  • Tom Olson
    Tom Olson

    Another awesome video brother, what brand of cordless impact do you recommend on a budget? Thanks man🙏

  • Gregory Ferrara
    Gregory Ferrara

    Big facts bud ...I’m an ASE certified automotive technician and I will never bring any of my vehicles to a dealership.

  • k300zx

    Good for your Ryan. I learned a few years back the same. Ever since then, if I can do it. Iam! Keep climbing bro!

  • miles richardson
    miles richardson

    FYI...... When you walk into a place of business, you are a customer. Do it yourself, you aren't a customer.


      That’s my point dealers are business made to screw people, when you go to a place you’re treated a like a person buying parts or a car that’s when I’d gladly go back for more business

  • Nothing Nothing
    Nothing Nothing

    Love the channel. Took me about five years and a couple calls to Ford, now I have great communication with my dealer. Some things I can’t do as Clint Eastwood would say a mans got know his limitations. I do trust them and the one mechanic that works on my truck a little more than myself. I do think you should of called Chrysler dodge and bitched. Sometimes the greasy wheel gets the most grease. Keep it up man

  • James Kaliloa
    James Kaliloa

    YES!!!! I find that dealerships either treat you like you don't know anything or they really don't know anything. I have never had a good experience with a happy medium.

  • troy rogers
    troy rogers

    at least it didn't start raining on you!!

  • Average John
    Average John

    That dealership is going to Love this video lmao. Hey that’s what they get 🤷‍♂️

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson

    Dang just noticed the title changed since yesterday. ;)

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    Dealership would have probably installed the smaller axle considering that was the part number. DIY for life bro


      THAT TOO!

  • Blake Martin
    Blake Martin

    What does he do for a living never understood it can someone tell me?

  • jeremy Dodd
    jeremy Dodd

    Right there with you. Only had one mechanic in my entire life I felt I could trust 100% All my builds are done in the driveway.

  • max wiedenheft
    max wiedenheft

    The dealer would have totally put the smaller one in and you would have not known until it broke again

  • Chip Stevenson
    Chip Stevenson

    I needed a new wheel barring they tried to charge me so much money I got 2 of them for 180 bucks they tired to fix my existing exhaust Because I cut it without telling me

  • Pinto TM
    Pinto TM

    great job for 200k subs ryan!!!!!!

  • szachtb

    Your def better at doing the same job multiple times....

  • Dequavis Ticonderoga
    Dequavis Ticonderoga

    The dealer is ridiculous, they tried charging me $3700 for an engine repair that I got fixed for $600 elsewhere

  • Danny Compton
    Danny Compton

    That is why I don't care for dealerships. They didn't really want to work on your modified car. They tossed you a super high number to avoid the job and bunch of excuses. Working on stock stuff is way easier. Find a shop that does mods and similar work and one who gets it. Dealers make plenty of money working on things that are stock You might find a gem now and then, but for the most part .... nope. My 08 truck saw the dealer under warranty for a throttle body issue and a shop for issue with the rear carrier bearings in the rear end. Well over 200K in my care. The real question is would go 100 mph in something that you fixed or built. IF the answer is no, find a good shop. If yes carry on..... I've seen some folks that should not be allowed to own tools!

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    It’s happens but that’s how you learn and it won’t happen again. And congratulations 🎉 on your 200000 subscribers great job Ryan .

  • Brian Schaaf
    Brian Schaaf

    Hey man, a while back you bought some kind of cabin filter from walmart you said smelled like the little trees. What were those again? Do you have a link for them on walmart?

  • David Ballan
    David Ballan

    Yo bro what was the computer you put into your hellcat again? I am suping up lol your gunna like this 07 Chevy cobalt I know blah Chevy yuk buuuuut I’m going pro with it fr hook me up with the best parts from banks auto? No discounts just the best parts pleeeeaaasse

  • meeskee2

    I hate dealerships. As soon as I leave the lot I never look back.

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh

    you should do another vid of what you do for a living to afford all this. To show how hard work pays off.

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    I see those beads on your mirror Ryan... somebody got rowdy


      I did 🙊

  • Irishawn

    Unfortunately dealership service department s are trained to rip you off! I have many bad stories about Ford. As im sure millions of other people do. Im glad Ryan you are young and smart enough to know what's up. Good for you! 👍

  • Michelle Parrott
    Michelle Parrott

    Love your work ethic and determination to do stuff yourself. Your the reason I tackle most things on my truck myself. 🙂

  • Rich Bentley
    Rich Bentley

    Ever think of doing a classic truck build?

    • Rich Bentley
      Rich Bentley

      @RYAN MAYER maybe a on /off road "toy" could be some new off roading content as well as your awesome builds.



  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    You always have to be watching those dealers! They’ll get you

  • Mitch Phipps
    Mitch Phipps

    Congratulations on 200k! Keep vibing my dude!

    • Mitch Phipps
      Mitch Phipps

      @RYAN MAYER your videos have inspired me to do my own build! I just dont know what I want to do yet lol. But thanks again your the man!


      I will Mitch!! Thank you!

  • Austin Ziehr
    Austin Ziehr

    Darn I just ordered my 2nd hoodie last week 🥺😭

    • Austin Ziehr
      Austin Ziehr

      @RYAN MAYER unfortunately it did because you guys are on point with your shipping lol


      If it hasn’t shipped yet I’ll try and throw a shirt in!

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith


  • Chad Dailey
    Chad Dailey

    I do my own work to. Gotta save that cash for other projects. Good job on the 200k now we gotta get you another 100k


      Thanks chad! Let’s do it!

  • Daniel Chavis
    Daniel Chavis

    200000 wow hard work paid off i know that tahoe help

    • Daniel Chavis
      Daniel Chavis

      Cant wait to see the Bronco

  • J. W Tiny
    J. W Tiny

    I want that black ball cap. Only have the camo in the store.

    • J. W Tiny
      J. W Tiny

      RYAN MAYER I will watch for em.


      I’m gonna have more on order soon!

  • mathew hunt
    mathew hunt

    CONGRATS ON 200k !! keep it up!

  • David Bruner
    David Bruner

    Yeah ppl will screw you over. It's just not right! Glad you didn't fall for it!

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    You need extended sway bar end links not just bushings for the Tahoe.

    • John Henry
      John Henry

      RYAN MAYER you’re good lol, but definitely get some extended sway bar end links! after I lifted my 4Runner it swayed all over the road, I put the extended sway bar end links on just a few days ago. man it rides like a brand new vehicle!


      I meant lower control arm bushings 😂😂😂

  • mr savage
    mr savage

    Bruh I think you should widebody the hellcat

  • Bryce Weaver
    Bryce Weaver

    It toasted an axle in 11k miles? That's kinda nuts. Even worse that when/if it happens again before warranty ends that you have to shell out even more cash to fix it again.

  • Deezie Jones
    Deezie Jones

    Yea but I mean there's also nothing like pulling up to a meet and hearing where some people took their cars and u turn around and look at hard work tears MEGA FRUSTRATION (dont lie youve gotten pissed off when something dont go on right cuz u have it flipped 🤣🤣)

  • Miguel Vargas
    Miguel Vargas

    What website do you buy your window tint from??

  • Andrew LaBarre
    Andrew LaBarre

    Was quoted $1,000 to replace the front struts in my Sentra at the Nissan dealer. Ended up ordering the parts online and doing it myself for around $200. Amazing how much they charge for a relatively easy job.

  • vic Richardson
    vic Richardson

    You should make a video how to paint your brake calipers for cheap because the red looks ugly you need to do it purple to break calendar because everything else on a car is green so I think the purple would set it all off and look good then get neon lights and put on purple that would look nice too you should do it

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Congrats on a safe trip.... welcome back .....

  • Joseph Cirelli
    Joseph Cirelli

    Congrats on reaching 200K subscribers!!! Your channel has helped me to do mods/repairs to my ‘05 F350 Powerstroke. And now with Katie’s channel, I’ll have more content to watch. Thanks again for all you do making your videos and I look forward to seeing your next video!

  • Brendon Partridge
    Brendon Partridge

    Ryan mayer i love watching your channel alot every day u are awesome IRbinr and keep making awesome videos on your channel say safe and healthy with your family i hope this will get better soon 😀 congrats on your 200 million

  • Marfoir0303

    I too learned to do things my self and I’m and aircraft mechanic. Now I hurt my back big time who can I trust.

  • Sema Trucks
    Sema Trucks

    Hi how you doing

  • Jordan Broly
    Jordan Broly

    Alignment...... 😰😱 Playing that game now with the Jeep. Was told that same shit by Pep Boy counter weights and Jeep service center. Programmed for 'factory spec'........ as mamy lifted cars are around here I see it's good I'm friends with the guy actually doing the Alignment lol

  • Peter Right
    Peter Right

    Dealers are scams jiffy lube wanted $1500 plus to replace all the struts on a family members car . Since that day i learned the trade and never take cars anywere but for tires and alignments . I salute you ryan


      That’s ABSURD

  • Alex Trout
    Alex Trout

    Damn that blows that shaft isn’t the same after tearing it all apart hopefully the replacement shows up ASAP


    When I was 21 I replaced the face on my gauge cluster but I forgot an important step. Keep track of where the needles are when you turn the key forward. I asked a dealer to fix it for me. They quoted me $850 for a whole new cluster because I "bent the needles ". The thing is I left the dash popped out on the right side. That is the way they gave it back so I knew they never even looked. I was livid. Told them so and never went back. Went online and fixed it myself. For $0.

  • Blue Yoshi
    Blue Yoshi

    Ugh, I’m about to begin my first project car! Hope I can be as good as you :D

  • M. .G
    M. .G

    Should've gave out free shirts to the 1st 100k subs

  • Aldo Valle
    Aldo Valle

    Can you try to do 5xl too

  • Michael man
    Michael man

    A boot kit might have been better option, not trying to be a downer

  • `

    I got sick of being burned by mechanics. Paid thousands of dollars to bring it home and have to properly fix things myself. Now I just do all my repairs. Same with hiring plumbers, I end up having to redo it so now I now I just fix everything myself. It's cheaper and you know it's done right.

  • Kyle Sires
    Kyle Sires

    Can you order off the IRbin page? I don’t have any social media accounts.



  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    I cant belive how dodge treated you and you saved $1200 wow. you should hear about paul from family crusing story. they sent him a silencing letter becouse he told them his replacment engine is not recalled right.

  • Josh’s Videos
    Josh’s Videos

    Agree with doing everything you can yourself!! 100% Dealerships love to rip people off, especially since service techs get paid on commission.

  • Hope you like QueenKeigh QueenDickey
    Hope you like QueenKeigh QueenDickey

    Some people only have one car , so u gotta pay the $1600

  • Fishy Boy
    Fishy Boy

    I have been watching this channel for 3 years


      Thank you!

  • i sett itoff
    i sett itoff

    Too much talking

  • Jason Cerniglia
    Jason Cerniglia

    Daaang is that alil organization i see in the garage again lol. Also i think you need to pick up the rest of that mess you been puttin down 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tim Ford
    Tim Ford

    wow. That was kinda scary watching you tear that axle out. Make me NOT to ever want to try that. lol But you do make things look easy. Thanks for the motivational videos.

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    "Nothing to do" SMH... You got Katie's truck to do in the mean time, she's in the background workin by her self side note, lookin at your wheels and knowing you like color, the wheels on the Hell cat, even tho I like black wheels, seems like they need to be powder coated bright white or purple match with the Ram Ryan or even better check this out for your wheels or if you want another idea for your next awesome and unique mod for the Hell cats wheels your trucks or Katie's truck

  • Martin Aguirre Jr
    Martin Aguirre Jr

    Think about it. If that was the part from the dealer they probably wouldn’t have checked it and still put in on your car screwing you even more. Smh.

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