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  • Cooper Richardson
    Cooper Richardson

    Why it say this video was uploaded a month ago???

  • Devyn Shaw
    Devyn Shaw

    Going to do some custom work to the interior inside your truck?


    Good content but... C8 corvette is the best bang for buck new vehicle on the market right now. Change my mind.

  • Throttle Driven
    Throttle Driven

    This is another time I wish I was 16 so I could have a truck and start a build😭

  • evan george
    evan george

    coulda swore i saw a similar hellcat the other day, you in the chillicothe area?

  • ian hubbard
    ian hubbard

    I’m in the market for a new truck I’m not towing anything just want a big truck . Ram 2500 or f-260?


      Comes down to interiors, if you’re going new new ram takes the cake other than that just to drive they serve a similar purpose. Rams are easier to work on under the hood if that matters to you!

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    You have to adjust the camber on the rear to stop that un even ware out

  • Dan Lemmond
    Dan Lemmond

    I do wish I could be home watching this, I’m a truck driver working through this, delivering food to the grocery stores.... keep the videos coming so when I’m on my breaks I have good content to watch....


      Thank you for your hard work!

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    Do a how to drive manual video in ur truck show ur feet also

  • Logan Foust
    Logan Foust

    I’ll take a 6” icon lift 🤔😂

  • Nycolas Cusick
    Nycolas Cusick

    What happened to the quad build?


      I still have it!

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones

    Loved this video showing actual footage of you wet sanding that’s what I’ve been hoping you would do lately it’s great to learn and we the people do need to see the actual footage of process of wet sanding so thank you for doing so keep up the great videos❤️

  • FunnyFatGuy380

    Don't know if you read these Ryan but I love your videos and watch them more than once just because it leaves me less time to do heroin and fall off my sobriety. Thank you for all the hard work. You have no clue how your videos affect people and their lives. Feel free to reach out if you ever need someone to speak to (772)985-8340 your videos literally save my life everyday


      I’m touched!! Thank you! Stay Strong!

  • Kyle Roberts
    Kyle Roberts

    Like watching paint dry lol

  • Trucker Applehans
    Trucker Applehans

    When does the giveaway end??



  • lbhamlo

    Following closely every day now, keep it up!

  • Kyle02z71

    Man can’t wait for this thing to be done! It’s gonna look so good

  • JustBreathe

    Puts gloves on to use atm then touches debit card and money with the gloves on.

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    Hey, its me again. Still think you should Raptor Liner your Chevy bed with the same color green as your RAM :)

  • Garrett Moore
    Garrett Moore

    What if we already have a 6 in lift and you win ?


      Cash value baby!

  • Charissa

    Can you link the DA polisher you use?

  • huronhockey8

    What did you think about that F11? Worth it or?

  • Arvid Bergstrand
    Arvid Bergstrand

    Awesome video! But if the base coat start's dripping when you spray it, is it just to do the same prosses as you did whit the clear coat?

  • Isaac. Isaac
    Isaac. Isaac

    Thank you 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • superflyguy218

    Who else doesn't have the coronavirus

  • Huntz T
    Huntz T

    10:48 “Lemme put this food down real quick” Actually puts his food up in a big truck lol

  • squeakytoyz

    ordered 2 key tags.. 19.98 does not equate to the percentage off that you stated? 23.98 with shipping. Price on site 9.99 per tag?

  • ChrisCG

    does the carli unchained lift count as an option in this giveaway?

  • Zacks Life
    Zacks Life

    What good was one pair of gloves when you touched everything with the gloves then touched your card and money then took off the gloves 😂 other then that love watching your vids what is the plan for the long bed

  • Lyrical Walrus
    Lyrical Walrus

    SEMA Powerwasher 😏

  • Bailey Lovell
    Bailey Lovell

    I can’t wait for the daily upload I just got laid off so this will be nice to watch. I just put in an order .

  • Jackson Billions
    Jackson Billions

    love the daily vids. keep it up bud!

  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    I Should of waited to buy stuff. Lol plus I already have a good lift would settle for just some fox shocks!

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    Ryan I’m starting a 2DR JK build next, do you have any tips for me?

  • Brandon Quick
    Brandon Quick

    My 06 crew cab is the same maroon yours was Gonna start sending on it this weekend and paint it nardo grey I think you inspired me!!

    • Brandon Quick
      Brandon Quick

      Just ordered that sweet ass purple key chain too now hopefully I'll stop losing my keys in my house lolol

  • Boneman101able

    I just want to say i love your channel! You get right to the task at hand and it's always well put together. The chevy build is by far my favorite thing and i always can't wait till you get a new video out

  • Riding with Lev
    Riding with Lev

    Get bigger wheels

    • Riding with Lev
      Riding with Lev

      On all vehicles

  • Josh Gelesh
    Josh Gelesh

    If I win this giveaway I will paint my 87 D150 allusion purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kayden koluk
    kayden koluk

    If I cut polish my truck will it take the swirls out of the paint and make it have a smooth look

  • Din Miftari
    Din Miftari

    What if you don’t have a truck to lift of you win the lift kit

  • Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm
    Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm

    Looking forward to seeing what you do for your steering. I’ve been thinking of new track bars, linkages, and anything else to tighten up my steering. Also, I ordered a camo hoodie as they are so dope!

  • ImmaFlirt _
    ImmaFlirt _

    You should do a lime green rim on the Chevy so opposite colors of the Ram

  • Jay James
    Jay James

    Daytona sucks . Been not worth the time . Most people in Florida are assholes and can’t drive to save there ass

  • Yellow Squid
    Yellow Squid

    Is it just me or does the videos go by so fast

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    Truck looks money🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Frank Sweet
    Frank Sweet

    Just do a 5th gen front end swap. It’s a bit of a job, but would be sick

  • Howlingwolf44 69
    Howlingwolf44 69

    The lift kit giveaway only for USA? 🤔

  • J SAV
    J SAV

    F*CK yeah!!!! All I heard was a new video everyday, didn't hear the other part. More vids sounds great. 👍👍

  • Jerry Arruda
    Jerry Arruda

    I gave you a thumbs up anyway but your wet sanding techniques make me cringe 😬

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Super stella paint job.

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Dude if u get a manual never get rid of it. They are so fun to drive,just throw ur money at it and keep it.

  • David Drischler
    David Drischler

    I'm slowly working on pulling the 727 out of my 84 d150 while prepping the body for future paint. Damn, you make me feel lazy!!

  • trenton lafave
    trenton lafave

    Super stoked for content

  • Aaron Podgorski
    Aaron Podgorski

    Stellar results Ryan !!!

  • Joseph Alvord
    Joseph Alvord

    Thank gawd they won't shut down IRbin becuase of the coronavirus..... KEEP UP THE HARD WORK RYAN!!!! LOOKS BAD@$$

  • Emory Bragg
    Emory Bragg

    I feel like you vape Ryan.

  • Riley Hilger
    Riley Hilger

    daily vids sound amazing i love what’s going on with the channel right now!!

    • Riley Hilger
      Riley Hilger

      you’ve given me so much inspiration to work on my truck on my own in the driveway!!

  • Richard Lewis III
    Richard Lewis III

    If you do the recall and they find the drag link out of tolerance they replace the drag link with a completely different design!

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill

    Loved the intro!

  • Curtis Boiis
    Curtis Boiis

    Wait what's the website that we go to enter

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    I like this, the passion he put for doing this work is amazing and to have done it on a project we often start and neglect wit ease, this is great. but he should have ordered the fenders a long time ago. but I do hope he does not put the green on this truck and I would suggest that he do black or chrome with this much Purple. I also wonder if he will do the inside in lime green

    • Dan Charron
      Dan Charron

      @RYAN MAYER But the sad part is I got the garage to do this stuff in. and I got a few projects just siting inside. consider that I can fit some 20 cars in my garage and right now I am stuck since heating it to do work would cost too much. too bad we live so far apart as I would let you do all this work in my place. heck I got even more outdoor space. 29 cars I am allowed outside. and I even got a second garage that could be a spray booth 2 car garage. One day soon I will get a lift And the projects are 1970 Camaro dirt race car, 1986 Trans am T-top 2003 Yukon. 2007 Silverado, 2002 Monte Carlo. 2993 RX7, 20010 Baja Boat, 2011 Nitro fishing boat. 2017 fishing boat and a clean 1990 Grans prix. not all my projects. some will be kicked out soon.


      Thank you!!!



  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    When is katies truck gonna get some love? Leveled on 33s?

  • A1.Tonoffrod RoadKingsxNSB
    A1.Tonoffrod RoadKingsxNSB

    Purple my favorite color if Ryan pop out with a purple light weight pull over I’m buying them all 😂

    • A1.Tonoffrod RoadKingsxNSB
      A1.Tonoffrod RoadKingsxNSB

      RYAN MAYER if I wasn’t a straight man I’d kiss you 😂


      Oh I’m designing purple gear as we speak!!

  • Brandon Philbrick
    Brandon Philbrick

    I can't go to your website




    Great Job Ryan 🤙👌👍

  • JAB6718

    Hey Ryan why don't you do a vinyl wrap or a hydro dip on your infotainment face plate. Cover the silver in lime green then the black bracket in purple.


    Hey Ryan. Bro I dig your videos have my son watching them now as well. But I would like to know if you have any secrets on getting rid of scratches? I've been told bout this wet sanding but man I'm scared to death to screw up the paint. Lol

  • Cumminspower 28
    Cumminspower 28

    Before i watch is it another bank’s product?



  • Michael Rechkemmer
    Michael Rechkemmer

    Sweet more content that’s mint cant wait love the Silverado build going to look so sick

  • Isaac Jeffers
    Isaac Jeffers

    I can’t wait to see the Chevy done

  • Mytee Patriot
    Mytee Patriot

    That Truck is going to look Amazing, Really enjoying this Build!

  • David's Island
    David's Island

    When you gonna put money in your girls truck? 🤷‍♂️ #BadBoyfriend

    • David's Island
      David's Island

      @RYAN MAYER Oh my bad... #GoodBoyfriend


      She’s getting a new one soon!

  • Viral_Videos

    Hey Ryan do you still have the pedal commander for the ram?

  • bblazeff1

    Seen a green mega cab in the auto trader book today and immediately wanted you to buy it so you could lift it more and throw some goods on it 😅😅😅

  • ShoneAxe553

    ANOTHER 25 minute video🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • _Dodge_Demon _
    _Dodge_Demon _

    That 6 inch lift would be great if I didn’t have a 2wd dually

  • Trp 350
    Trp 350

    Daily uploads .. AND longer videos... good job bro 🤙🏻 and one question... what kinda food was it ?

  • reckless5.7

    have you ever thought about swapping the 4th gen front end to a 5th gen front end??


    Serious question what should I search too find a car wash with a power wash station because when I search it just comes up with regular car washes

  • David Bruner
    David Bruner

    Would love to see you change the 12" lift kit on the Dodge, to 18" in front and 19" in the back. Also would love to see a 8x8 build...

  • zach S
    zach S

    You should do the mid muffler delete it's been proven to be about 15 horsepower gain.the reason you're burning the inside of the rear tires is due to the independent suspension being soft and squatting when you're launching it

  • Austin Lisowski
    Austin Lisowski

    Have you tried the Mac and cheese from two bucks?

  • bluestang5.0

    i love watching your videos just bought me a f150 to start building

  • Jamie Wawrzonek
    Jamie Wawrzonek

    I’m sick of it!!! I can’t wait to see the Chevy done..

  • Adam Keene
    Adam Keene

    There is a video of 2 guys taking the front end off a 2010 ram pickup and putting a 5 Jen front end on there father's 3500 ram there you tube channel is goonzquad check it out looks cool you could probably do the same

  • Will Hershiser
    Will Hershiser

    I often times wonder how this guy can afford all this shit, but I don’t care because I fuckin love it

  • Sean

    Go buy a six pack of Corna on days off lol and go get bitten by a tick and have lime with the carona.


    Ok...wear glove at the ATM....later in the day...Handles that same dirty ass paper money bare handed...🤦‍♂️

    • Mike Maes
      Mike Maes

      Dont forget he touched the machine then touched his door panel, crazy

  • Sean

    Great job Ryan. And love my camo hoodie. We just got 3 inches of snow lol.

  • #1

    how do you get your teeth so damn white haha what do you use lol

  • John Allen
    John Allen

    Hey, did you ever find the clip for the fuel line? I have a bunch. I'm in elyria, I could meet you out in Parma somewhere and give them to you if you'd like.

  • james ingram
    james ingram

    a little tip when painting in your garage put a box fan in window to suck out the fumes makes it a lot nicer for working

  • Chris Tomiello
    Chris Tomiello

    So use glove to touch screen. The proceed to grab card and cash with same glove.

  • TheMonsterjt

    Paint the power washer green

  • Heather

    YES!!!! Daily uploads!!!!!

  • Ty Tucc
    Ty Tucc

    42s on the ram

  • pickle juice
    pickle juice

    Get new seats in the ram

  • Dan Tobin
    Dan Tobin

    Hell yeah. Daily is what's up

  • Srt_gangs

    Before you change the tires of the Hellcat you should do a massive burnout