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  • BJM Outdoors
    BJM Outdoors

    Were can I get the kind of sticker as you on the hood and side panel vortex sticker

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    I really like that Tahoe. Good lift, nice tires. I like it

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    I havent been able to watch in a while. I had to change jobs. My channel videos have suffered... I tried to find the beginning of this build and couldn't find it

  • Keeshaun Yazzie
    Keeshaun Yazzie

    Looks like you need a new door actuator.

  • Matt Mauchline
    Matt Mauchline

    Borla attack would be awesome on the hellcat

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes

    Do you think rockauto parts are good quality?

  • Will K
    Will K

    6:20 fellow HARDY fan I see...😂👍

  • Clarence Mays
    Clarence Mays

    Hey man. The next time it happens, just pull the radio/amp fuse and put them back in and it’ll pop right back in.

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Squat to drive squat to piss

  • Geriatric Ginger
    Geriatric Ginger

    hint... Put some good grease or something on the press threads. Will make it a lot easier on the tool.

  • Harvey R
    Harvey R

    Itsjust6 runs corsa exhaust and loves them

  • BlazinLow 317
    BlazinLow 317

    Ryan you should build your own sub box... tramps 3k and some sundown sa15’s would sound really good...

  • Andrew Gaultney
    Andrew Gaultney

    I would show you my 2011 Tahoe, but I can't upload a pic in the comments lol. You said that you thought you should have went with 24's. Well mine has 24x14's on the McGaughys 9 inch, and I wish I would have went with 37's instead of the 35's I have. The tires just look a bit small with the wheel size and the amount of lift. Definitely go with 37's if you decide to get the bigger wheels!


    U always get an alignment after replacing suspension parts!!!!

  • kyle lucier
    kyle lucier

    Could be a wheel bearing

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez

    MBRP exhaust on the Tahoe!! You’ll thank me later. Lol

  • Cj 313
    Cj 313

    You should make a tik tok.

  • Rene Ramirez
    Rene Ramirez

    I'm kinda wishing you decide to to rebuild the steering rack so I could take notes and rebuild mine, anyways great content 🙋‍♂️👍💯

  • corey robertson
    corey robertson

    Could also be your steering shaft too...

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker

    Check ur wheel hub bearings

  • Day 2 Day
    Day 2 Day

    Put a GoPro under there and a microphone on the part you think may be making the noise lol.

  • DeerHunter30-06

    my milwaukee impact was the best until locked up 😂

  • Philip Shaw
    Philip Shaw

    I have a 94 Tahoe 2 door, when I drive it the front end shakes like basketballs .why !???? Please help anyone ?

    • Philip Shaw
      Philip Shaw

      RYAN MAYER thank you so much I appreciate the advice and will use this as I replace my struts and Tie rods . 👍🏼✅🟢


      check your tires for being out of round and or balance

  • Matt Spry
    Matt Spry

    There was a recall out for the intermediate steering shaft on those. I you have your popping noise when hit bumps with steering wheel off center, check that

  • Zack D
    Zack D

    It looks squatted a little bit. Is that intentional?


      is it tooted or is it not tooted that is the question

  • R6Jeff

    I really wish those wheels didn't say tis Offroad all the way around the lip. Almost got a set of 22x14 but going with arkon's instead

  • aiden delint
    aiden delint

    My trucks got 281k 😂

  • Buck Outlaw
    Buck Outlaw

    Hey Ryan, where did you get your rolling stool chair at?

    • Buck Outlaw
      Buck Outlaw



      harbor freight! like $14 or somethin

  • oscar jr. gonzalez
    oscar jr. gonzalez

    I got a question does anyone know on my 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 the abs and brake lights come on the dash and cut off just out of no where does anyone know what it could be and also the low fuel thing turns on too does somebody please help

  • AstroLuK

    The front leveling kits can sometimes clunk if not torqued to spec too

  • Brennan Johnson
    Brennan Johnson

    wheel/tire specs? 22x14-76 on 33 or 35? and 13.5 wide or 15.5? tahoe looks amazing!


      22x12 on 35x15.50! 8.5" on front lift no rear rub just trimmed bumper

  • Brandon Bouley
    Brandon Bouley

    You should be a mechanic lol , you know what you’re doing

  • Anthony Kimble
    Anthony Kimble

    Hey ryan i sent u a messge on Instagram check it out

  • Alex Ortega
    Alex Ortega

    So my brother has a white 6inch lifted Tahoe and my dad is getting his white ram 1500 we gonna looks like a mini version of you but keep up the good work.

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    I think you should do Silver decals on the Tahoe, I saw the back shine in the sun making a shiny sheen and the contrast looks stellar. I would of replaced all tie rods and keep any good ones as emergency back ups.

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    ok, so when you lift you are adding weight and travel on the suspension. so when you also add angles and drops. could we be looking as well as the body mounts? maybe they should get upgraded as well. I say this since I remember my tired old 560000K's truck when I added a plow the body was moving more and what we did is the OLD Canadian fix. Hockey pucks. as well do you have an excel shaft brace? and how are the drive shaft links? I remember a chirping and jumping like that when I put big tires on my old truck it was then the drive shaft stretch.... adding a new shaft that was a bit longer fix it...

  • David Bruner
    David Bruner

    CV Joint will pop also

    • David Bruner
      David Bruner



    Not gonna lie. A little disappointed there was no ATV footage. Go Pro!! Awesome vid bro.


      gotta find it!!

  • Gianluca Fabiano
    Gianluca Fabiano

    My jeep clunked when we lifted it but it’s also a manual and 23 years old with all stock components besides the lift and 33’s

  • Austin Lieser
    Austin Lieser

    I love watching your videos man! After seeing you fix up the cat eye I slapped a 7 1/2 inch lift on my 2016 Silverado. I’m trying to convince my wife to let me get another project truck but she ain’t with it😂


      That is awesome! lololol youll get one!!

  • 03fordman330

    Also I would look at the front hubs. Since you are putting more stress with the bigger tires. Good luck.

  • Irishawn

    Great job Ryan. I like how you are open and honest about fixing things. And your not afraid to tackle hard repairs. 👍

  • Christian Pittman
    Christian Pittman

    Bruh nobody is saying you can do it all lmao

  • mathew hunt
    mathew hunt

    Hey Ryan ! why no green seat belts in the hellcat?


      factory reds!!

  • Lucas Robertson
    Lucas Robertson

    Not corsa go army trex Equaust

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    For the radio issues/electrical issue, it might be a loose chassis ground. Or a rusted connection.

  • Glenn Tumbleston
    Glenn Tumbleston

    Idk why gm makes those a arms so cheap and chinchy

  • Felix Garza
    Felix Garza

    For a Corsa exhaust use the code itsjusta6 i think it is still working i got the code off gavin from itsjusta6 youtube channel

  • Ohiocountryboy 2007
    Ohiocountryboy 2007

    You should check rockauto on prices. They are a lot cheaper

  • Chuck Kolancz
    Chuck Kolancz

    I could be wrong, but I’d just spray some kind of silicone lubricant/chain lube on the door latch


    I love all ur whips but I think u should have up sized on the Tahoes rims/tires..

  • Presto Is A Killa
    Presto Is A Killa

    that popping could be coming from the drag link or the pitman arm. thats what happened on my silverado. i forget what they call it, but its basically like a pitman arm on the passenger side that gets loose too. check that. might not be obvious right away

  • Chrisim Clean
    Chrisim Clean

    Look at the strut mount do to you taking it apart and you putting it back together from when you painted them

  • Francisco Noyola
    Francisco Noyola

    Man ik the feeling man I’ve got a 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee going on some 20’s and 33’s and my lift hasn’t even shown up test and I’ve replaced almost everything underneath well everything that the lift doesn’t come with at least

  • malibu 2016
    malibu 2016

    Borla attack exhaust!

  • Michael Alatorre
    Michael Alatorre

    Go with a Carven exhaust on both the Charger and Tahoe they sound so good

  • AD101

    Check the CV axles bro

  • Matthew Beske
    Matthew Beske

    How are the idler and pit-man arms? Notorious on GM's for needing replacement between 100k-125k'ish miles!


      this 1500 has a rack and pinion but i found all the bushings worn out in the video i just posted!

  • k300zx

    You need Bendpak quick jacks! One day. Good video dude!

  • brice dennis
    brice dennis

    I found that the radio fuse inside the vehicle builds up a very small layer of corrosion sometimes and that makes the radio shutoff and signals not click.

  • mattybarringer

    You’re one of the reasons i Own a 1/2 inch Milwaukee impact😂 literally in my opinion Milwaukee is the best impact gun out there.

  • Austin Driskell
    Austin Driskell

    Better get some new wheel bearing on that Tahoe, they look trashed

  • Julien Brown
    Julien Brown

    Love your vlogs man

  • john aiello
    john aiello

    I had a similar issue but with my f150, i had to get longer end links. I guess the bolts were not long enough and made that clunking noise. 4wp replaced them with specialty ones for like 150-200$

  • zach gorubec
    zach gorubec

    What if its already lifted and stuff. would u still have those problems bc i need some help with my truck

  • braddeem

    You can get them with grease fittings on them as well

  • Bruce Seghers
    Bruce Seghers

    Do you own a torq wrench? I never see you use one.


      I literally use one in this video 😂😂😂

  • Ray Candler
    Ray Candler

    Hub assemblies are probably shot. They don't last long on these years. Look into Timken.

  • adam.singleton.71

    U should always replace suspension in pairs. Never one side. Good video

  • David Bruner
    David Bruner

    Should do the Escalade front end conversion on it also

  • szachtb

    The intermediate steering shaft causes clunking in steering. All gm trucks have issues with them. Bulletins for days

  • dominiclobaza

    “Oooo walker mower”

  • Logan Mueller
    Logan Mueller

    Keep the wheels and put 37s on the Tahoe

  • szachtb

    Also why do you keep hitting the automated car wash after making a video about never going to car washes.

  • szachtb

    Next time find a drive train shop. Usually fix axles for around 50 to 100 dollars..

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez

    @Ryan Mayer the whole losing sound in the stereo and blinkers it's the amp wiring that runs to the fuse box I had an issue with my 07 Yukon...the sound would go and come until finally it stopped and it had shorted out...you have to remove the whole fuse box and on the body beside the brake booster is where my wires were shorted out at the body was rubbing up against the conduit until it rubbed up against the wires...I just cut and replaced new wire and it was good...hope that helps...good luck...wire you will need is 10 gauge and 14 or 16 gauge wire...

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    There’s only 5 tru to size lifts for gm ifs trucks superlift,mcgaughys,fts,cognito,bullet proof Any other brand like rc,bds,zone your gonna have shity cv angles Also when you wiggle your wheels to test the tie rods set a camera in your seat aimed at the steering wheel I noticed in mine it turns the steering wheel as your wiggling the tire I been through all of this with a custom 4 company brand 11” lift on 38” tires lol

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    $30 more you prolly coulda got a lca and balljoint included Been a lot easier lol

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson

    You should do a bronco

  • Jorge Cobian
    Jorge Cobian

    Ryan, you should use some grease or anti seize on the threads of the C clamp to help save it from binding when putting all of that torque. It will help but mainly save your tools.

  • Esteban Rendon
    Esteban Rendon

    I want you to work on my truck

  • D Dub91
    D Dub91

    Wheel bearing possibility?

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green

    I hope you put that ball joint in correctly. They are elliptical. The “dot” on top goes to the inside or outside. Truck is looking good.

  • lbhamlo

    Nice. Been there with the ball joints on my previous RAM trucks especially bad on my 2004, replaced most every thing on the front end. Other than that, never had a problem with anything else.

  • Trevor Disinger
    Trevor Disinger

    in my opinion Ryan id never just let the caliper on the charger or any vehicle just hang there, I usually set it on a milk crate or something for less added stress on the brake hose. just some constructive critisizim I love your videos and watch them daily for years.

  • Josiah Bartlett
    Josiah Bartlett

    Ryan Chevy is the only company with adjustable steering boxes that might be causing the play in the wheel also

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh

    Is DaHoe squatted? It looked like it at the 16:39 mark

  • zach S
    zach S

    Mine used to be all over the road I had slack in the intermediate shaft between steering wheel and rack

    • zach S
      zach S

      @RYAN MAYER Best way I found a check it is turn the key forward to free the wheel and have someone crank it back and forth really quick


      I’ve seen a few of you guys comment that! I’ll probably replace that anyway too!!!

  • Joseph Cirelli
    Joseph Cirelli

    Always enjoy your informative content! You give a lot of great advice for dyi wrenchers & show how with a little bit of effort the jobs can be done for a lot less $$.Plus it a great feeling of doing it yourself. Thanks again for all you do making your videos and I look forward to seeing your next video!

  • Scott Buffalo
    Scott Buffalo

    A tech tip for you. On the ball joint press put a far amount of grease on the threads of the shaft. It will press easier and will help prevent binding

  • Dice Man
    Dice Man

    When I worked on my Wrangler I just ripped right into it and didn’t even pick up any instructions. I like your style!! We get an idea of how to install something and it might take a little longer the first time but you’ll be doing the same installations many times so learn as you go along. After a few builds your a master mechanic without paying all that money to take like 9 certifications tests. That’s bogus yo. Nothing special but I graduated from a 11 class one year auto school, Lincoln Tech. I had a 4.0 average but it was sort of a joke. I had to take 9 certification text I think to become a mechanic but they cost like $200 each. Fuck that shit. I know enough bi-ach, I don’t need no stinkin badges. I just got really stoned everyday and it was pretty cool. In one class you actually built an engine from scratch

  • Cole Hunt
    Cole Hunt

    Dang how’d you know I was 16🤯 Love your videos helps me out cuz I’m trying to modify a 07 sliverado new body 1500 and learning theses problems I might encounter while doing it, so thank you 😊

  • 710 Performance
    710 Performance

    Another great video! Our offer still stands, if you want to get the lift kit powder coated, we got you!

  • Jeromy Harris
    Jeromy Harris

    The clunk on gm trucks are steering shaft bottom on half get a gm one after markets don’t last

  • Majas Maju
    Majas Maju

    I do not owe anybody anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • DrewStillPlays

    How about throwing a go pro on each side under truck an see if you can Pin point the noise ??

  • DrewStillPlays

    20:51 when you can’t find the right box wrench fuck it get the knuckle buster lol

  • Jeff

    Put washer fluid in the car for the love of god

  • ima veiga
    ima veiga

    An alignment could fix the popin

  • TNoutdoors

    If you leave the ball joint nuts on but loosened when you break it free with the hammer, you won’t drop the entire knuckle on the ground.