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  • Murad S.
    Murad S.

    Give us some racing videos ! Why but a hellcat and not use it

  • Mary-Beth Laurent
    Mary-Beth Laurent

    Love you videos. Get a h3 Hummer there better looking then a Jeep.

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    😂😂😂😂 ford save the day ! 1 st time i ever heard that! Well i guess a dog will have its day once in a while

  • Jesse Rodriquez
    Jesse Rodriquez

    Man ohio wether is on a whole nother level

  • Garrett Pankey
    Garrett Pankey

    Build a pro mod trophy truck

  • joseph chuo
    joseph chuo

    minus well have painted match calipers...hell cat looks great!!

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    That ceramic spray will clean windows better than window cleaner. Just a helpful tip

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Always great to see mojitohio on the channel! Can’t wait for a detailing video

  • Big country
    Big country

    Yo can you please do a review on “alien waterless car wash” ?? It seems like a great product from the ads but I want to see a good review

  • AC 469
    AC 469

    Snow in may??

  • Sterling French
    Sterling French

    I have a 99 silverado. Also died while I was tinting the windows😂 this makes me feel a little better.

  • William Clifford
    William Clifford

    Typical ford saving the Chevy always a Ford or Dodge saving the day

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    Ryan must be sick in this video because he’s not wearing shorts

  • Dee Dunn
    Dee Dunn

    Sell me your old wheels

  • therealmannz

    Lower it

  • Creeks Co
    Creeks Co

    I was like damn, this ninja just slit his finger again! Lol

  • James Fowler
    James Fowler

    Awesome videos

  • Static Waves
    Static Waves

    Rims look cheap just saying

  • D Rose of 2003
    D Rose of 2003

    I definitely think a video of the garage getting cleaned would be satisfying

  • Phil D
    Phil D

    I see you a lot in Strongsville

  • Meat Ball
    Meat Ball

    Those are really 315s ? The 305s that came on my 2020 widebody look wider. Maybe because it’s a different brand? I was going to go up to 315s but seriously my 305s look wider.

  • Cam Lynch
    Cam Lynch

    3:09 you have a link to that torque? I need one bad

  • Michael Sellers
    Michael Sellers

    Need to customize a 2020 Jeep Scrambler. They are sweet fixed up. Wheels on the Hell Cat looks sweet.

  • Landon Thomson
    Landon Thomson

    did you just take those rims off a mustang

  • Sahand Zolfaghari
    Sahand Zolfaghari

    Should tint the brake like all black

  • Jens Vincent
    Jens Vincent

    Just redo the headliner. Super easy in a single cab.

  • Logan Goodrich
    Logan Goodrich

    Facts about the Ohio weather I'm near Cleveland so I understand

  • bblazeff1

    I hate this time of year in NEO too many weather changes. When are you going to make your store link clickable?


      Is it not clickable in the description? Oof! I’ll fix that!

  • lbhamlo

    Wheels on the Hellcat look great, and I'm not usually a fan of black wheels but this time you nailed it. Got the inspiration from you to paint the center skid plate on my front bumper of my RAM Rebel from grey to black, might even paint the RAM letters. Looking forward to seeing the Chevy with the new tires on it!

  • 25nathan25nathan25

    What is he trying to say in his intro? Welcome back er to the channel. Over?

  • Wesley Markham
    Wesley Markham

    Tires make all the difference, I have a Gt350 and i put 305s all the way around. Car will corner hard enough to hurt your neck.

  • brown girl with a red truck
    brown girl with a red truck

    I didnt know you live ohio!!! Im by Bedford heights. Can you let us know if you are taking the truck to a show around here, even summit? I would love to check it out.

  • Tyler silva
    Tyler silva

    They look like c7 zo6 wheels

  • NUGG37

    Whats up guys

  • ChronicKillaDK

    Cant wait till I get my hoodie!!

  • D Elmes
    D Elmes

    Man you need some more shelves for the garage 👌

  • Andrew Hicks
    Andrew Hicks

    Powder coat the hell cat center caps green 🤙

  • Musty Vidz
    Musty Vidz

    Get the thing that’s “doper and cooler” before you buy a jeep... jeeps are meh

  • 1DjScarface

    That doesn’t look like 5% tint....

  • Kenny Landrum
    Kenny Landrum

    Level the mirrors please!!!!

  • Jacob :-/
    Jacob :-/

    Ever think about wrapping the top of charger black?

  • kolbi hawkins
    kolbi hawkins

    you should rewrap the charger in green

    • kolbi hawkins
      kolbi hawkins

      a better green

  • Abbagail Minney
    Abbagail Minney

    Yeah Ohio weather sucks right now

  • Johnny Ortiz
    Johnny Ortiz

    Ryan , your wheels didnt come with carbon fiber stickers ? i just put some on a 392 hemi looks sick.

  • TitanGaming

    13:10 that 6.0 whistle tho 😏😅

  • K H
    K H

    I have an 06 6.0 powerstroke with power locks from factory but not the receiver to connect a key fob to from the factory, i ran into the same problem. It was an option to add the power locks, but it was an higher option to add both the power locks and receiver. You may be having the same problem with that truck as i did. You can buy a cheap viper alarm system and solve that problem

  • Lee Williams
    Lee Williams

    I try to not watch this channel but damn, the suspense and the knowledge pulls me in . Damn good marketing

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Need the wheels on the Chevy bro...u sure know how to keep pple in the vids tho

  • Yungmike55

    i have the same tires and size on my SS they hook nice but obviously u have 300+hp than me lol they look nice aswell.

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    RYAN- to program the f350 fobs, turn the key on and off 8 times, on the 8th one leave it on and you’ll hear the locks cycle and then hit the lock button on the fob(s) and the. Turn the key off. DONE!

    • Thunder Truck
      Thunder Truck

      He tried a few videos ago....didn't work.

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook

    It was like mid 90 last week here in Texas I think it was like 90 today which wasn't bad

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook

    What if I am looking for performance in reverse

  • jonathan reade
    jonathan reade

    Ryan always got the jams in the videos and while crusin! Spotify or Apple Music? And what is it, share your playlists with us

  • Twitch412

    Clay had to get all the overspray off the cars from leaving the garage door open 🤣

  • Craigon

    i know you have windshield tint on some of your vehicles and im considering doing it to my truck soon, what % do you recommend? im most likely going 5 on the back and 15 on my fronts but im thinking 50 for the front shield

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G

    Purple Chevy is the only reason I watch this channel everybody is bored of all the channels with the same ole Sema trucks or the jeeps the people want to see regular trucks and such its more relatable as viewers it'll be sad to see it go

  • Anthony

    𝙷𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚕𝚌𝚊𝚝𝚜 𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎 𝚙𝚞𝚛𝚙𝚕𝚎 💜

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S

    No more XL new camo hoodies left 🤦‍♂️

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Have you considered doing a custom build with a HMMWV from a military auction?

  • Hard workin 6.0
    Hard workin 6.0

    Love the trucks and content! Keep it up!

  • Fuller Patterson
    Fuller Patterson

    The silverado is going to look 🔥

  • Arnold L.
    Arnold L.

    Come on down to texas

  • BlazinLow 317
    BlazinLow 317

    Ryan do you ship every day? I ordered a couple hoodies last week and figured one state over would only take a couple days... please quit playing with our emotions and install the wheels already! Haha love the project keep the videos coming!

  • Jacob Fern
    Jacob Fern

    Someone forgot to give Ohio weather the memo to quit with the snow

  • Voz

    Ryan you need a warehouse. Anyone else agree ?

  • Eric Sepulveda
    Eric Sepulveda

    Your truck looks like your garage

  • _Aj__711_ _
    _Aj__711_ _

    New wheels with Pretty much the same cut as the stock wheels

  • Brian Clifford
    Brian Clifford

    Ryan the hellcat wheels look sick!!, tell Ben what's up I'm from CBUS, I hope you have a Xl new black camo hoodie I got to get one ordered tomorrow. Ryan get a jeep next, that's what I drive!!🤙🤙

  • Dale Greer
    Dale Greer

    You should wide widebody the hellcat

  • Chad Young
    Chad Young

    get a XJ!

  • Din Miftari
    Din Miftari

    Wheels look good and remind me of the mustang PP1 wheels

  • Noel Ybarra
    Noel Ybarra

    I can hear in your voice you’re getting rid of the purple Chevy, why?

  • MikeRyan2020

    When I see 315s in the name of the vlog, I think he is doing 3 15in subs....

    • MikeRyan2020

      @Junior O guess he meant tires, lol

    • Junior O
      Junior O

      MikeRyan2020 me to

  • Austin Holland
    Austin Holland

    he has way to many remotes

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    Shelves are magical devices

  • Jesus De La Cruz
    Jesus De La Cruz

    Kinda annoying how long this dude takes lol

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    U just lazy ryan lol

  • Chase Brown
    Chase Brown

    Has Katie’s truck always looked dark green or is it just me

  • Eriks Kairis
    Eriks Kairis

    Deep dish would look 100% better,but loving your videos man,good job

  • Jason S
    Jason S

    Use ammonia for window glue removal

  • Dan Withrow
    Dan Withrow

    Tried to order the new hoodie but no 4xl

  • Taite Weltikol
    Taite Weltikol

    Re torque after 100 miles just to be safe ryan

  • Allan Ayala
    Allan Ayala

    We need LFTD lanyards!

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia

    Purple brake calipers on the hellcat 🤔👌🏻

    • For the love of the ride keith
      For the love of the ride keith

      Ya good idea

  • Zacks Life
    Zacks Life

    Stock rims and tires on the dodge looked better 🔥

    • North Carolina
      North Carolina

      Zacks Life gotta disagree with u on that....I think the new wheels give a more sport/luxury look to it

  • Diesel Truck
    Diesel Truck

    Hey Ryan, get ya a bearing packer tool...they work great, I use mine all the time and they cheap.

  • Justin Jeffrey
    Justin Jeffrey

    For the love of goodness put them wheels and tires on lol great vids tho

  • Justin Sterba
    Justin Sterba

    What if we don’t have instagram?

  • Paulo Freitas
    Paulo Freitas

    SINCE ITS our CHARGER...please get back the OEM wheels....way better than that crap

  • greg pepple
    greg pepple

    Your single gauge on dash of charger came from where? What all does it do ?

  • Joseph Alvord
    Joseph Alvord

    FORD will always save your @$$ Ryan any day any time!!!!! First On Race Day

  • Josh Herring
    Josh Herring

    Pretty insane here in SC we’ve been 65+ since February 😂 y’all can have that cold!

    • yunus khan
      yunus khan

      its been cold the last 2 weeks. even though its in the 60s and 70s. im in Columbia btw.

  • Jeffre Wagley
    Jeffre Wagley

    Are you interested in selling the hellcat stock wheels??

    • Jeffre Wagley
      Jeffre Wagley

      Please get back to me Ryan

  • greg pepple
    greg pepple

    Ryan I cat never get the website to load ? Can you please put a direct link

  • Peyton Hicks
    Peyton Hicks

    Where in Ohio was it snowing I'm like 20 minutes from the nw corner

  • Caleb Jackson
    Caleb Jackson

    You should get a Ford mustang to build

  • Andon 03
    Andon 03

    should’ve powder coated the calipers purple 👀

  • Mark Ricci
    Mark Ricci

    Color match hub caps to the paint

  • Ohiocountryboy 2007
    Ohiocountryboy 2007

    Ohio is bipolar. No snow here in Dayton

  • Tyler Alexander
    Tyler Alexander

    Your battery goes dead after a couples day because of your antitheft system always beings on. You need to start the truck once in a while to take care of that...