Turning My Manual Cummins into a RACE TRUCK!!! Time For New TURBOS!
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  • VT fishing
    VT fishing

    copound turbos

  • Ty Phalen
    Ty Phalen


  • Hunter Hillman
    Hunter Hillman

    Second gen swap

  • Logan Holt
    Logan Holt

    I need to know what you do for a living. Lol it's time for a career change for me lmao


    not related to this video but just curious what steps did u go through to make your chrome bumpers match the color of your truck???

  • Tyler Mahan
    Tyler Mahan

    Definitely compounds!!!

  • Jestin Hashagen
    Jestin Hashagen

    I personally have both and also a 2nd gen 12 valve. You'll appreciate the compounds way more. Don't forget the head studs before either route. Also upgrade to a dual disc south bend if your still stock in the trans. Again from both sides of spectrum your gonna smoke the OEM clutch. Need to feed the beast also with doing either. Bigger Injectors delivery valves and high pressure pump is gonna be a must. Let us know how ya make out and in a previous comment about having firepunk help with tuning afterwards is definitely the way to go and will help you keep it together. Might wanna fire ring the top end too your gonna be building big pressure up in the top side. Good luck!

  • Shaun Redneck kid
    Shaun Redneck kid

    Compound my dude

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Compounds. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • blaze spencer
    blaze spencer

    2nd gen swap it

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin

    Second gen swap bud

  • Charles Welles
    Charles Welles

    It’s so dark in your garage..

  • israel1

    What do you mean by 2nd gen swap Im not a big diesel guy but would like to know why for when ever this comes back up again

    • Joe Meier
      Joe Meier

      he described it in the video

    • Joe Meier
      Joe Meier

      put a 2nd gen Cummins exhaust manifold on it


    Compound turbo

  • Nicholss Buczkowski
    Nicholss Buczkowski

    Compound set up yes

  • RJ Durtymax
    RJ Durtymax

    Compounds 🤙🏼

  • Mike Landers
    Mike Landers

    Just curious how does dents just show up after bodywork lmao. Nice job on the paint though.

  • Zachery Serrata
    Zachery Serrata

    Compound setup sounds good for a truck like that

  • Ya Mi
    Ya Mi

    If you go to the compound setup that bottom end needs to be upgraded internally

  • 1CENT

    Compound 💨 💨

  • BIGCASE Gaming and more
    BIGCASE Gaming and more


  • justin gordon
    justin gordon

    Do compound

  • Justin Reed
    Justin Reed

    Compounds is my vote.

  • Dean Bieber
    Dean Bieber

    Compound turbos, my man!

  • Easton Harman
    Easton Harman

    My second gen swapped g56 is awesome I love the spool up and just the tone of it

  • Koda's Restoration
    Koda's Restoration

    Paint look awesome and definitely compound turbos!

  • PNW Ripping
    PNW Ripping

    Wehrli fab 2nd gen kit with intake parts in illusion purple

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    Compound sounds better. also its new. so sounds better as well.

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson

    2gen swap

  • Nicholas Groover
    Nicholas Groover

    2nd gen swap

  • Joshua Crowley
    Joshua Crowley

    Twin compounds bro all the way. Full send it

  • Robert Balderas
    Robert Balderas


  • Austin Hougendobler
    Austin Hougendobler

    Do both the 2nd gen swap and the compounds if it's possible. Your only limits are what your truck can handle and your budget. Lol. The paint on the cat eye is coming out great so far too

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Dont know nothing about compound or next gen but DAMNNNNN that paint job looks SHARP!!!!!!😎😎😎😎

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M

    Definitely do compounds. Also looks better on the show truck side too

  • man -A98
    man -A98

    Compound for sure

  • Aaron Poindexter
    Aaron Poindexter

    Definitely compound setup. Just a better way to more power and drivability. Looks like you’re gonna do the opposite color on the Chevy to the RAM. The purple is badass tho

  • Kaden Cox
    Kaden Cox

    This is just an opinion but paint the flares purple too🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Twitch412

    Just have a dent guy tap the dents out

  • Travis Korda
    Travis Korda

    Definitely compound set up for that truck. Like u said 2nd gen big single turbo is cool for a street/race truck but you'll have a better power band with the compounds

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor

    My vote is compound turbos🤘

  • Tim Scott
    Tim Scott

    My 2020 chevy has all kinds of orange peel in it😢

  • Jimmy Peters
    Jimmy Peters

    Go with the Compound turbos love the truck man its beautiful

  • Micaiah Wunch
    Micaiah Wunch

    Next video: My Transmission in my truck just fell out :(

  • Jason Hazekamp
    Jason Hazekamp

    Ryan, if you want a better result of sanding, use a block, stop sanding with your fingertips. 🤦 Looks killer otherwise, and I have compounds on my 6.7 I absolutely love them vs my wife's truck with a sec gen swap

  • Nuclearjack 927
    Nuclearjack 927

    (puts compound turbo setup on) (Boost tube) ight imma come off again.



  • James Ferguson
    James Ferguson

    Just now able to watch been busy working! Good video Ryan

  • Redbeard

    I say compounds

  • Carter Sawchuck
    Carter Sawchuck


  • Civic 1978
    Civic 1978

    I know the dents bother you.. have a good PDR guy come out... well worth the money.

  • Neto Villa
    Neto Villa


  • None None
    None None

    Wait for paint to cure well then use a paintless dent guy.

  • Kenny Landrum
    Kenny Landrum

    Compound for sure

  • Kody Painter
    Kody Painter

    Compound turbos are the way to go for your application

  • Dutch Delashmit
    Dutch Delashmit

    Love that purple color man great choice !

  • Ethan Brister
    Ethan Brister


  • J T
    J T

    Youngstown Ohio here! Me and a few friends are doing the same work on my rusted out 97 nissan d21. Definitely appreciate the help you’ve given me! Been watching/following for a few months. Keep up the great inspirational motivation!!! 👍🏼

  • texas streets
    texas streets


  • rc quadcopters and drones
    rc quadcopters and drones

    Get a push bar for the hellcat

  • nathan jay
    nathan jay

    2nd gen compound

  • John Bransfield
    John Bransfield

    Put in a 12 valve Cummins that would be sick

  • Cesar Buzani
    Cesar Buzani

    Compound setup

  • King Pin Designs
    King Pin Designs

    Second gen swap with a steedspeed manifold and a s467.7 with purple wcf piping!

  • skillon4wheels


  • Wyatt Osborne
    Wyatt Osborne


  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    Hear me out, use tintable Raptor Liner and make the bedliner for the truck line green like your truck!!!

  • Carson Bass
    Carson Bass

    I say do both have the second gen manifold with compounds

  • dayton maxson
    dayton maxson

    Lol did vanilla ice rent ur truck for a music video you’re truck look familiar on a music video but I could be wrong

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    Do the compounds bro

  • Mack Boyer
    Mack Boyer


  • Jordan Reece
    Jordan Reece


  • Trenton Whetstone
    Trenton Whetstone

    Do a compound

  • 99959bill

    WOW Looks Great but let me ask you something and maybe I missed the video but I don't think so,,,,,, With all the work you are putting into this bed,,, what did you do to the bottom ???? Did you get every spec or rust off of the bottom ?????

  • James Post
    James Post

    Do both second gen swap with compounds

  • East Coast Alex
    East Coast Alex

    What kind of welder did you buy for the Silverado?

  • Terran Wright
    Terran Wright

    compound for sure 🥵

  • Corben Fournet
    Corben Fournet


  • Ricky Jones
    Ricky Jones


  • J.T. Coggins
    J.T. Coggins

    Compound setup 🔥

  • Spencer Harmon
    Spencer Harmon

    Compound setup

  • Beatin The Banks Fishing
    Beatin The Banks Fishing

    Compound that biiiugh

  • Beatin The Banks Fishing
    Beatin The Banks Fishing


  • Beatin The Banks Fishing
    Beatin The Banks Fishing


  • Beatin The Banks Fishing
    Beatin The Banks Fishing


  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    I would say do a 2nd gen swap bc that’s what I’ll be doing and I’d have a video to watch but I think the compound would work best for your truck!!

  • jadebrecks

    Both?! Only one compound .

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller

    Paint reminds me of Tommy’s mustang from power

  • Lucas LeCompte
    Lucas LeCompte

    Compound along with regearing

  • Michael Dodson
    Michael Dodson

    Why not both?

  • Braiden Paproski
    Braiden Paproski

    Compounds and then put a hexagon stack or octagon stack on.

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller

    Compound turbos

  • Thad Rogers
    Thad Rogers


  • Wyatt Waldron
    Wyatt Waldron

    Compound system

  • M Lac
    M Lac

    While the bed is off and you can access behind the bed sides, I would treat the metal to prevent rusting. Rust comes back super fast, especially around your welded areas.

  • Brady Riggs
    Brady Riggs


  • Matty ice
    Matty ice


  • Matty ice
    Matty ice

    I've been doing Collision Repair work for 27 years now. I- Car has some great classes you can learn online.

  • Matty ice
    Matty ice

    In vest in a IWATA base gun and a clear gun. I love mine plus thay use 30% less materials. I DA my clear with 1500 3m then 3m 3000 with water. Less buffing after 3000 sanding. I ran a Sata gun for years but the IWATA is bad ass. You can get a sealer gun to and primer.

  • James Marshall
    James Marshall

    I vote compounds. Can't wait to see the video.

  • Austin Boggess
    Austin Boggess

    Compound turbo!!! Be a great addition with adding boost and power to the setup