Turning My SILVERADO Into A JEEP Instead!!
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  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Put green wheels on Silverado 👍😎

  • Si Fluff
    Si Fluff

    For the rims you should have green spokes with a purple dish/lip


    What was that transmission additive u used for 25k and your veichle bro ?

  • jayden

    Rhyan i love your vids but just please buy expensive tools so they dont keep breaking they may be expensive but they will last longer your spending more money than you would buying expensive tools so please save yourself money buy yourself some expensive tools

  • Fatty3232

    Love all the work you do but the money your spending, you could build a bigger garage to work in... keep up the good work cause you're showing me alot of stuff that I didn't know how to do

  • S10_4_Life

    Wish Raptor would send me some 😁 I want to Raptor Bed Line my whole 4X4 S10 Blazer, I want it Tintable tho that way I can keep the Paint Job that 1980s look with the Two Tone, It would be exciting to get it done.

  • Art’s Vlogs
    Art’s Vlogs

    You need a Milwaukee stubby impact

  • Ozzy Tapanes
    Ozzy Tapanes

    Off topic: is your garage door insulated...?

  • RMfab89

    Be careful welding the cab corners in. They use foam inside them factory and it's easy to catch on fire, I've done several of them over the years

  • Allen Puckett
    Allen Puckett

    Zip lock bags and label everything

  • Keverado_Z71

    Yooo, thanks for shipping out your stuff so quickly, got the shirt I ordered in like 2 days (I am local but still lol) If ya need anything for that Silverado hit me up, I've been a Chevy parts guy for 14 years.

  • robbie miller
    robbie miller

    When does the sema build cost video coming out?

  • Colton

    do the newer cateye front end

  • Beatin The Banks Fishing
    Beatin The Banks Fishing

    Goooood lawd please do chrome wheels

  • Beatin The Banks Fishing
    Beatin The Banks Fishing

    Please chrome wheels

  • Beatin The Banks Fishing
    Beatin The Banks Fishing

    For sure chrome wheels

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Yeah Ryan. Purple truck with the lime green accents would be tough as f--

  • KingCam 1k17
    KingCam 1k17

    I think that chrome would counter-act the dark purple and look really great 👍

  • the big legendary andre
    the big legendary andre

    Why don’t you just order a jump box from Amazon instead of burning gas every time you have to jump your car

  • Sajen Van Liere
    Sajen Van Liere

    the bushwacker fender flares paint matched would be a nice touch to this even though it results to rust anyways lol

  • Martin Bodnar
    Martin Bodnar

    Now I need too raptorline my 1999 GMC Sierra, can't wait to see under my plastic liner, lol

  • Scythe_Voltage -
    Scythe_Voltage -

    What u need to do if u need more space, but some property and build u a nice garage and when u have a project vehicle u can leave it there and work on it without being in a tight space

  • Rocky

    Love the video, keep grinding on your videos there good

  • greg baril
    greg baril

    anytime i do repairs and have to take stuff off,i use plastic sandwich baggies and put nuts and bolts and such in them and sharpie what thier from

  • Gilbert Franklin
    Gilbert Franklin

    I am having a little trouble imagining what a Jeeperado would look like, so I will have to watch all the videos in this upcoming series. I hope you don't mind... 😏

  • Zach

    Do Lime green wheels and suspension make it the opposite version of the ram

  • Parker Jessen
    Parker Jessen

    Black wheels, no door molding

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne

    Keep the Molding off. Love a plan clean look. Edit: I can’t wait to see you paint the cab!!!!! Edit: 5:25 you definitely need a new trim popper tool LoL 😂 been there.... Edit: get small baggies for hardware, tape for labels and use that same tape also to stick them to the parts. Bam! 💥 🤯 problems solved.... hahaha and a marker

  • Huber's Ranch
    Huber's Ranch

    Zip lock bags... tag it and bag it with all the nuts and bolts.

  • ajai delaney
    ajai delaney

    Leave the fender flares off the just hold dirt

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    I’m telling u bud do chrome wheels u won’t regret it. Also paint some of ur suspension,engine,and interior part purple.

  • Eric Callahan
    Eric Callahan

    don't make it a jeep :(

  • mortiz2166

    Should do the Chevy in the opposite of the Sema build colors. Purple truck with lime wheels

  • Scythe_Voltage -
    Scythe_Voltage -

    Anyone else see that big ass spider @5:15

  • Brian Hardison
    Brian Hardison

    zip lock bags and a sharpie home slice.

  • Landon Ishmael
    Landon Ishmael

    Before you get a new battery check the nuts on the back of the autotrader I got a new one for mine awhile back in it wus missing one nut so I use two in the back in one on the front in charge it up for a minute in had no problem seance in nice work on the Chevrolet Silverado I got one to on same color not the people in sports red


    Get a trickle charger you can hook to it and leave it there. If there is to big of a draw I'm not certain how well it'll work though.

  • Tyrone Denechoan
    Tyrone Denechoan

    SS front end!

  • keith culhane
    keith culhane

    Great video! Truck be ready just in time for spring lol

  • derf yerots
    derf yerots

    If your battery is new and still dieing it's like the dash cluster over time the solenoiding heats up and melts into each other causing a parisidic draw. All I run are Chevy trucks and have had this issue many many times.

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    Like $25 for China fenders idk why you would repair those lol

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    Throw those moldings and flares in the garbage !!!

  • Miller Lite
    Miller Lite

    Some nice chrome's wheels would make this pop dont do to much purple and green again

  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    Chrome wheels would look nasty on that purple

  • Scott Reineking
    Scott Reineking

    Any raptor bed liner deals coming?


      Let me see what I can work on!

  • John Luna
    John Luna

    Are the "lifted" sweaters for sale?


      Yes! Www.lftdco.com

  • john krinock
    john krinock

    Hey ryan, I'm from pa, luv the videos. I'm 55, but you take me back to when I was your age. I was into lifted trucks back then, I built quite a few myself. So I can feel the pain of some of the situations your running into with the old chevy. My favorite project trucks, were the 78 and 79 ford f 250 high boys. Anyways just wanted to thank you for the trip down memory lane. Keep up the good work.

  • smcox1991

    It definitely needs green wheels and suspension. Do the invert of the dodge.

  • Garrison Barum
    Garrison Barum

    Dont do chrome rims please!


    Some billet forces would look dope!

  • Kelly Lane
    Kelly Lane

    LOL....You lost a 10mm!

  • Roman Sicho
    Roman Sicho

    Ryan you should do green accents around the chevy so it can reverse match with the Sema truck

  • lbhamlo

    While you are at Harbor Freight, get you a Push-Pin Puller, I use mine constantly on tractors, Polaris Ranger and my RAM Rebel.

  • 412 Auto Care
    412 Auto Care

    Order a light🤔

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor

    Who else agrees that Ryan is underrated? Between the great content and the video quality and editing he should def have more than 160k.


      I appreciate the kind words man!! Honestly means a lot! Takes a lot of time to do what I do so I’m glad it doesn’t go unnoticed!!!

  • Anthony Paulus
    Anthony Paulus

    Green rims and powder coating on the chevy would look good next to the Ram

  • tom pinkston
    tom pinkston

    zip loc bags work great for organizing bolts. label the bag and good to go

  • Jeremiah Halderman
    Jeremiah Halderman

    Instead of Bondo, you should use the new flex paste

  • Devon Williams
    Devon Williams

    Y do ppl make it seem like only Chevy cab corners rust

  • bowtie tillidie
    bowtie tillidie

    Great video learning alot brother thanks ryan

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    First thing i do is always take off all molding and wheel well trim

  • chachifeere

    If your painting the whole thing. You should just pull both fender, doors and hood , paint those separate, then remove seats, carpets some mouldings Will look like a cleaner paint job. Since your turning it purple.



  • Justin Schruefer
    Justin Schruefer

    Keep up with the great work. Will be keeping an eye out for when you use the tintable raptor liner.

  • buckedup99

    Green suspension and wheels!!!!

  • Iverson Chambers
    Iverson Chambers


  • I S0ULZ I -
    I S0ULZ I -

    What’s up!

  • Robert Kunce
    Robert Kunce

    You should buy a jump pack from harbor freight

  • Derelict Diesel Degenerates
    Derelict Diesel Degenerates

    Hey bro I'm trying to paint my 2000 f350 in raptor. Let me buy a couple of those cases!!! Got huge plans for the ole girl.

  • Jay James
    Jay James

    The rockers are spot welded only but..... have very strong glue holding them on ! So good luck taking them off .

  • Lane Blount
    Lane Blount

    You should do an interior swap like durtymax jack did on the minimax


    With all that raptor liner you could do the bed, the inner wheel wells.. and the trucks frame probably. That’s a lot of product.

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    You definitely need a bigger garage!! Can’t wait to see the whole thing painted

  • Christopher Hardison
    Christopher Hardison

    I was just curious if you have any control over which ads are played during your video?


      I have none!

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    And I think I told you happy birthday bud but if not happy belated mine was the 17th

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    Black and paint matched

  • mike trey
    mike trey

    Instead of black and milled wheels do black and lime wheels

  • Tatted AT4
    Tatted AT4

    JUMP BOX bro

  • buttonmasher 94
    buttonmasher 94

    Sandwich bags and tape. Bag and label then just put away

  • Benjamin Jessop
    Benjamin Jessop

    Dude I’d definitely recommend a new place to fit you and your lovely projects. I know the financial aspect is difficult to work it out but so worth it. Maybe a lift is in the works for your channel??🤔🤔😂😂❤️❤️Love the channel man keep it up


      I’ve been saving money for a 2 post lift!! It’s just the place to put it! I need a garage built but there’s no room where I’m at now!

  • Koda's Restoration
    Koda's Restoration

    Can I barrow couple Raptor liners?? I’m building my 2016 Ram3500 work truck, and after your bed liner vid. I’m going to bed line the whole truck. Lol jk but gota love the Cat eye headlights. Whole truck so easy to work on.

  • 2yan Gaming
    2yan Gaming

    5:29 what was that noise lmao

  • Pat Flanery
    Pat Flanery

    Do a HD Swap

  • Aiden McGuire
    Aiden McGuire

    Would you recommend to other people to do their own paint and body work like you did? I want to do a second gen dodge built and I would appreciate your insight on wether or not to do my own paint and body work.


      It’s good to learn!! Worse that can happen is you sand it all off and have sombody do it if you don’t like the results!! But I found that you can fix and make anything look awesome if you try and learn as you go!

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    Just bought a decal on your website, so I can put it on my lifted 4Runner. I completely built it in my garage, so it’s awesome to watch you build all your stuff at home. You’re my absolute favorite IRbinr, and I enjoy watching every video you put out. I definitely learn a lot from them, and get inspiration to jump into new stuff like you do!

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook

    Fenders are pretty cheap it looks like on line I don't know how much shipping is but it might be worth it by the time you do Bondo work and just the labor it might be worth it


      Shipping was the $$$ part $180 fenders came up as $470 in my cart! Ouch!

  • Dan Tyrrell
    Dan Tyrrell

    Love this!! It's how I start my day...for real. I wish you could make 'em more often😅. Happy B Day (late).

  • Civic 1978
    Civic 1978

    Why dont you rent a place to work in... ruining that garage with all that paint etc....

  • Phillip k
    Phillip k

    Get some clear zip up bags with a place to write on. For all the bolts to mark where they do

  • A1.Tonoffrod RoadKingsxNSB
    A1.Tonoffrod RoadKingsxNSB

    Sure hope this clickbate

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    I like this channel some things are cringe but at least he’s doing on his own... not like that Evan Shanks dude. My shop of a crew of 18 think shanks is the Down syndrome of car building...

  • Andrew Hicks
    Andrew Hicks

    I wish i had the time and motivation to do this stuff lol



  • Tate Vande Slunt
    Tate Vande Slunt

    To get those little plastic clips off, take one of those kid's single floss thing and take the floss out and boom

  • Billy Batross
    Billy Batross

    Dick cepeck rims would look good on it not to exspensive and not to cheap and look good , do a 4 inch lift with 33s would be a great every day drive as well as off-road when wanted

  • Young Goat
    Young Goat

    Ryan, if you do chrome, I will unsubscribe

  • Southpawsgarage


  • Daniel

    Colormatch the custom headlights, or restore and colormatch the stocks just for the content. Don't actually have to put them on the truck after, but it would be fun to watch and cool for you to learn

  • Alex Parra
    Alex Parra

    Do lime green rims

  • Spencer Mack
    Spencer Mack

    Just buy new fenders so you don’t have to worry about rust in a couple of years

  • Shelton Rides
    Shelton Rides

    Chrome wheels with the back of the rim lime and do suspension pieces lime 👌