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  • Andy Wirth
    Andy Wirth

    Check your flow plug relay on the passenger side valve cover. Low voltage will kill them

  • Matt Logel
    Matt Logel

    The reason the 6.0’s start like that is because they are HEUI injection systems where they use oil pressure to fire the injectors so you have to crank it until it builds good oil pressure to open the injectors. If it’s cranking slow it can’t pump build enough oil pressure. That’s also why they start hard in the cold because it takes a minute for oil pressure.

  • TJ Wallace
    TJ Wallace

    Prime it 2 or 3 times before trying to start it.

    • TJ Wallace
      TJ Wallace

      Also the injectors fire from oil pressure, so its got to build oil pressure before it will fire.

  • William Clifford
    William Clifford

    Power coat The Tahoe suspension and clean the garage so u can put the hell cat in it

  • guyfry101

    You can put a 6.7 starter in it, did it to my buddy’s 03 6.0

  • Coco Gough
    Coco Gough

    Replace the starter bro. Mine use to do that and then I replaced starter and it fixed the cranking problem. Also had to replace the alternator after awhile

  • Wil Status
    Wil Status

    I've had Fury Country Hunter R/T, both 33 and 35. They ride like shit for daily driven trucks.

  • adam.singleton.71

    Change the irp valve by the turbo

  • Dj Jenkins
    Dj Jenkins

    I’m wanting to lift my truck and don’t know what lift kit brand I should go with

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    I’ve never said anything about it.. but it’s not the boots the boots are fine it’s the boots with basketball shorts homie 😂

  • Vernon Dela Cruz
    Vernon Dela Cruz

    “Cowboy boots are awesome” totally agree here in Hawaii we rock the boots with them surf shorts. Love the video bro 🤙🏽

  • corey robertson
    corey robertson

    Sounds like you need an updated FICM for Katie's truck...

  • Diesel Mike
    Diesel Mike

    If the truck is going to continue to sit and not be started often until build is complete look into a battery tender. Batteries running low and cranking like that isn't to good on them 6 liters

  • Trent Williams
    Trent Williams

    He's going to give away the thaoe or got his shop or both thats the news in 2 weeks

  • Jamie Goodwin
    Jamie Goodwin

    Already got a set for my dually and in 4 months 4 of them had bubbled up shit shit shit idk bout the original but the mt 2’s are ass

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd

    That Ram turbos sound really awesome from hall man

  • Frankie Drummond-lowery
    Frankie Drummond-lowery

    My 6.0 doesn’t have a hard time starting and mine sat for 1 whole month

  • Marcus Morris
    Marcus Morris

    New House Announcement In 2 Weeks Im Calling It

  • flying munk89
    flying munk89

    I just found your video while looking up how to do torsion keys. I love your content so far. Glad to find a cool drive way truck channel. I have a 2003 suburban and will be doing some of the same stuff you did on the purple farm truck. Curious what state are you from. Watching you struggle with rust and crap hits home for me. Lol

  • Tommy Hyatt
    Tommy Hyatt

    When you gonna marry that girl??? Better lock that down.

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    So... watching you crank the 6.0. Looks like no oil pressure. Possible a bad HPOP. I'd replace dummy plugs and stand pipes at the same time. Napa sells one directly form navistar but repackaged and extras removed form navistar

  • Trey Piper
    Trey Piper

    I found your issue your not heating your glow plugs before you start do that for 3 times in a row and it shoukd start

  • Moroni Gracia
    Moroni Gracia

    Welcome Back Or to the channel?

  • Nuclearjack 927
    Nuclearjack 927

    If you want it to start quickly, try some john deere ether. It helps fire the engine up and it should start better.

  • Robert Parsons
    Robert Parsons

    The high pressure fuel pump sometimes goes out in them and your not waiting long enough for the glow plugs to heat and the fuel pump to build up pressure let the dinging ring all the way out before you start it when you turn the key

  • Humberto Ortiz
    Humberto Ortiz

    Youu need too move to cali dude

  • Brett Ludwig
    Brett Ludwig

    Who else wants to see Ryan do a dodge 2nd gen or Early 3rd gen truck build?

  • Henry McTighe
    Henry McTighe

    It’s the bronco

  • NoboostMiguel

    The f250 needs the 05+ front end swap

  • Aileen Trasmonte
    Aileen Trasmonte

    Hey ryan i think you need to build a dually like the ultimate tow rig

  • SuperDually Tim
    SuperDually Tim

    Better when you jump start the passenger side battery that’s where the starter is connected to Great video

  • Brian Williamson
    Brian Williamson

    get the add ons to that tool box theres a top and sides

  • 112264

    i like the blue hat

  • Rocco

    You can install a 6.4l starter on it. Turns over at a faster rpm. Block heater helps too believe it or not.

  • Miguel Griffin
    Miguel Griffin

    The truck looks awesome!

  • Luis Huerta
    Luis Huerta

    You need to put optima batteries and you need to have it connected with an extension cord. The plug is in the front by the bumper and grill. That will keep the engine warm enough to start faster.

  • Marty Bashynski
    Marty Bashynski

    I’ve got a 2000 7.3 and I struggle with the same issue. Especially being up North in MN with the cold, you always gotta plug it it. Ether may help ya in last resort situations

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    If I send you money can you get me some Amsoil shipped to my house at your price lol ? I don’t want to pay that extra 25$ to become a preferred member. If I’m only going to purchase one a year

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    How I wish I could powder coat stuff under my engine bay like how diesel trucks could

  • DriversGarage_

    Dropping subtle hints? "Ya out grow places rather quickly." I bet they got a new house :D

  • Clay011

    Yo Katie’s trucks about to be clean as hell

  • Clay011

    Lol they look better. The old fury’s tread pattern looks like little peckers on them. 😂

    • EGator 85
      EGator 85

      Never noticed that before but now I can’t unsee it 😂😂

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    I have a suggestion for the pos ford . Junk the ford and beg ur gf to buy a real truck

  • Nathan Selleck
    Nathan Selleck

    It’s called parasitic draw, anything and everything connected to a circuit of electricity has resistance and has amps flowing at all times even when nothing is on. So your ECU’s, gauges, all that use small amount of electricity to keep running even when the vehicle is off. Just take off the negative cable if you don’t want your batteries to die, and connect it when you want it to run. Quick and easy fix

  • Rylan Smith
    Rylan Smith

    Build a lifted side by side

  • Duane Landaal
    Duane Landaal

    Are you gonna paint the tailgate handle?

  • Colton barnes
    Colton barnes

    You are giving away the tahoe

  • CS Garage
    CS Garage

    The lifted hat is Katie’s themed ? Matches her build

  • smcox1991

    The Tahoe is being given away and you’re going to start building another giveaway vehicle 😉

  • Rick Pollock
    Rick Pollock

    Get one of these. Makes jump starting so much easier. www.landmsupply.com/dewalt-1400-peak-amp-professional-jump-starter

  • GMG YT
    GMG YT

    Try actually letting ur glow plugs warm up

  • Joseph V
    Joseph V

    Good way to fuck up the ficm trying to start it with dead batteries let it charge then start it put a battery tender on it if you’re going to let it sit

  • H Black
    H Black

    Sooner or later you out grow places ?? BIG ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!!

  • Kaneala H
    Kaneala H

    i low key thought he was gonna raffle the tahoe

  • Ray Ray !
    Ray Ray !

    The 6.0 might be grounding somewhere is probably why you have a loss of voltage, a battery kill switch might help aid that.

  • Chewsfordews

    I love how when you’re trying to start the 6.0 Katy is like why the fuck are you putting your seatbelt on lmao am I the only one who caught that!? Lmaoooo

  • Raymond Lopez
    Raymond Lopez

    Xs power battery 💯💯💯💯

  • Mann Family Adventures
    Mann Family Adventures

    Sounds like you have an injector bleed down issue or hpop also ohm out the series cables between the batteries they could be killing voltage.

  • timmy leeds
    timmy leeds

    Bro your garage kills me.let me come over and clean it for you hahaha


      Please do!!! Hahahha

  • seth odell
    seth odell

    Someone dropped the F bomb!😲🤣

  • seth odell
    seth odell

    Upgrade those batterys to agm! So much better cranking power an longevity

  • Scooter Burton
    Scooter Burton

    I got my keytag and sticker i ordered from yall, and i appreciate the note yall took to write even if it was just a sentence or two. It shows yalls passion for your supporters. I love content creators like this and will continue to watch all the vids and continue to buy from yall. I really appreciate it!

  • Jacob Marizek
    Jacob Marizek

    Add a top box and a locker to your tool box for more space

  • El Borrego
    El Borrego

    The alternators are to little on those 6.0 get a bigger alternator.

  • k300zx

    Can't hear you talking over your loud music.

  • Brutus

    Nothing like a blue oval ditch the Ford just saying

  • mike9fore

    Feel like the FICM is about to die!!!

  • michael galloway
    michael galloway

    Love your videos Ryan

  • StoneWell Forever
    StoneWell Forever

    I have 33x12.5x22 gladiators

  • Cade Thompson
    Cade Thompson

    take the battery cable off when you park it for a long time.

  • Ramiro Guerrero
    Ramiro Guerrero

    They sell a disconnect for the battery so it won’t drain

  • Thad Tyson
    Thad Tyson

    I’m sensing a Tahoe giveaway...

  • Davis Price
    Davis Price

    Wait for the glow plugs when you start it.

  • Dirtymax2500hd t
    Dirtymax2500hd t

    I like these new tires!!!!

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    how to fix a F O R D? scrap it!

  • Blake Gardner
    Blake Gardner

    Hook the jumpers up the starter battery on the left side. She’ll start right up plus 6.4 starters on those are great!!

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Yeah throw those batteries on trickle charge see what happens or go back too motor craft batteries for some reason it works my buddy said the same thing are crazy and the guy at shop told him he’s never another problem IDK . Anyway great video Ryan

  • Steve Hall Jr.
    Steve Hall Jr.

    Take the 6.0 an do a over haul on it with new injectors an new ipr valve or high pressure pump

  • Joe Colwell
    Joe Colwell

    Cummins swap

  • Kyle Krause
    Kyle Krause

    Where’d you get the moog hubs?

  • Zachary Graves
    Zachary Graves

    Any guesses he got a shop?

  • Justin Fornes
    Justin Fornes

    The glow plug relay could be goin bad, if you get the one for lower temps you shouldn’t have to plug it in over night

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    "Baby's got her blue jeans on" By Mel Macdaniel was written for Ryans ol lady.

  • Caleb E. Kover
    Caleb E. Kover

    The sub in the Tahoe and the trucks im pretty sure are under the center consoles

  • Hunter Cox
    Hunter Cox

    7.3 are the same way with starting had to throw a high torque starter on it and if the glow plugs are weak it will cause a no start once the outside temp drops below like 60 and the gem module can draw amperage as well if you didnt already know

  • victor wright
    victor wright

    Can you please replace your hood light to an led looks weird lol.

  • Sawyer Peterson
    Sawyer Peterson

    That would be 6 1/2 years of bad motors they made half 7.3 and half 6.0 in 2003 and 2011 was the first year of the 6.7

  • Sawyer Peterson
    Sawyer Peterson

    Turn the key don’t start right away you have to wait for glow plugs in them old diesels

  • Dillon

    Hopefully they aren’t as junk as their other MTs

  • EZ Games
    EZ Games

    I had the same starting issues with my 7.3 . I replaced batteries, alternator , starter and cabling between them. I found that if you plug in the block heater it helps immensely. A disconnect switch on the battery to stop the parasitic draw for when its not being driven often is good . You can also buy really nice aftermarket starters that crank fast and build up cylinder pressure quicker than the oem starters. Ive been told that if the injectors arent in great condition its harder to build pressure quickly when starting. Good luck im sure you will figure it out

  • Travis Harding
    Travis Harding

    Bro we get ittt you got a place 😂! Hope it has a shop.

  • Robert Keen
    Robert Keen

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 motivation brotha. lol stay out the Fords lol.

  • James Rumsey
    James Rumsey

    Ford motor craft batteries I plowed with my 6.0 no problems

  • Jake C
    Jake C

    he’s gonna lift a school bus i’m callin it

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo

    It might be your starter that’s fucked up dawg

  • Noqten

    Idk alot about fords but at work i drive a 6.0 and my boss always says turn the key on and leave it for a sec for the glow plugs to warm up

  • Dead_Yet_Awake

    “I know a lot of you .. 😐 NASCAR?”

  • Travis Burch
    Travis Burch

    If not subscribed to Katie channel you are missing out .

  • SuperDutyMan

    The 2 greatest days I owned my 6.0 the day I bought it and the day I sold it lol mine was a lemon had it 6 years it was reliable for 2

  • Irishawn

    Tires look good. Cant wait to see Katie's truck finished.