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  • Aric Alvarez
    Aric Alvarez

    What’s the link to the website

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    J J

    Any more fake giveaways? You slacking b-ball head

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    Connor Lemmerman

    Tint the taillights

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    Janet Beam

    I’ve only seen the Jeep Renegade in Chartreuse, but a Wrangler by a dealer near me was just ordered. In case you were looking... just saying

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    Kaleb Alsup

    That shortie header paint job is coming off

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    humble caden

    I came here because i watched his basketball hoop video

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    Sam Lucia

    Long sleeve with the logo down the sleeve and a big logo on the back Love the videos, good lunch break material

  • zach S
    zach S

    Mid muffler delete is proven 15 horsepower

  • William Clifford
    William Clifford

    If there isn't already a cold air intake on the hellcat put a nice one on like a KNN bc u will be able to here the super charger wine a lot better

  • matt248524852485

    Switch to electric fans on the silverado its a must you gain so much more room in the engine bay

  • Twitch412

    Need to finish painting the truck , underside of the hood looks like shit and the truck looks half assed .

  • Joe Nut
    Joe Nut

    Sounds wayyyyyy better bro!!!

  • Matthew Page
    Matthew Page

    Exactly what I did to my 2011 Ram 1500 totally worth it. 💯💪💪🐏

  • Blake Benjamin
    Blake Benjamin

    Beer pong cups and free flowing exhaust eagles 🦅 great video!

  • Patrick Richardville
    Patrick Richardville

    "A little more grumbly..like, in my butt"

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    You need a car lift!!

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    Brian Singletary

    Car sounds way better👍🔥💪

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    Ethan Smith

    That’s a demon I thought

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    Peyton Hicks

    Anybody know if he does any commissioned work?

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    Fuller Patterson

    that’s what Merica sounds like

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    kolbi hawkins

    and who cares about what the neighbors say

  • kolbi hawkins
    kolbi hawkins

    you need to wear gloves

  • Josh Eggen
    Josh Eggen

    I’m debating between a charger and a challenger... any thoughts? I live in Minnesota btw so keep them winters in mind!

  • Word to my timbs
    Word to my timbs

    More hellcat!!!!! Please

  • Bangs 2nd shot garage
    Bangs 2nd shot garage

    I’m surprised you don’t put a link to your store in the description???

  • Hard workin 6.0
    Hard workin 6.0

    Great content & the car sounds awesome! & hope your thumb gets better! Love all the builds!

  • Hugo Herrera
    Hugo Herrera

    Ryan how much you will charge for a lift kit install in my f250

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    Isn’t a muffler delete illegal?

  • Ozzy Tapanes
    Ozzy Tapanes

    Is it me, or does the left tip look lower..?

  • Anthony Clem
    Anthony Clem

    Need to invest in a quick jack for working on the hellcat

  • Jesus De La Cruz
    Jesus De La Cruz

    Sooo is LFTD Co a clothing brand or a souvenir shop lol

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    DillonBets 69

    Burnout video

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    F150 Fanatic

    Powder coat tips green or purple

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer


  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer

    That’s funnnnnn ! Lol u know u gotta get used to it! Lol

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson

    Still no sizes for us big guys/women. Nobody offers the big sizes.


      4x and 5x hoodies? Most hoodie brands don’t make em to print on! I will make a hoodie for y’all!

  • Meat Ball
    Meat Ball

    Lol, you’re not convincing me you like the mid muffler delete, but yeah i get it-the neighbors! You need to get the ‘quick jacks’. I love these things they make life so much easier. Slide them under-push the button and you have like 20 something inches under neath and they have extensions to raise it higher.

  • Vlog Production
    Vlog Production

    :34 seconds why is there lotion and other stuff in the fridge? anyone else notice that lol??

    • J. W Tiny
      J. W Tiny

      He likes his “strange” frigid,, ,!!

  • JellyBones5

    when it sounds the same as before 🤣

  • Eliot Douthit
    Eliot Douthit

    Debadge and black details would be awesome man

  • James Gay
    James Gay

    Wow very impressed, was not expecting that at all. Sounds badass very nice.👍

  • Jay Wolf
    Jay Wolf

    Always look forward to hellcat content keep it up man

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones

    God I missed the “welcome backerto the channel”

  • Garrett Pankey
    Garrett Pankey

    What do you want for your stock mufflers

  • Lieutenant Luka
    Lieutenant Luka

    Sounds amazing bro!

  • German muscle
    German muscle

    RIP drive shaft

  • Ironman F150
    Ironman F150

    You should do a custom headliner in your Silverado

  • Noel Ybarra
    Noel Ybarra

    Badass video Ryan

  • Matthew Skinner
    Matthew Skinner

    Yo Ryan, put your clothing up on amazon so us Canadians don’t get destroyed by customs lol🇨🇦 I want a LFTD hoodie

  • Jens Vincent
    Jens Vincent

    Using U-bolt exhaust clamps on a $70k car...or any car for that matter...SMH.

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    I just wanna party🤣🤣🤣

  • Ohiocountryboy 2007
    Ohiocountryboy 2007

    I would have used band clamps. They don't leak

  • Stuart Radz-2022
    Stuart Radz-2022

    How many times did Ryan say “ it’s sounds good that sounds good “ 😂😂all jokes aside lmao keeping pumping out bangers bro

  • EAST SIDE313
    EAST SIDE313

    HONESTLY, there is no reason to keep reassuring us that you're being HONEST....🙉😵😵😵😵

  • Rian Voight
    Rian Voight

    U should purple bed line the under side of the hood to match the rest of the truck looks sick tho 😍😱👌

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    Power 95

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    Brice Bagley

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    Chris Myalls

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    jordan Hummel

    I want a key tag!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jordan Hummel
      jordan Hummel

      I love your channel!!!!!

  • Blake Wathen
    Blake Wathen

    Ryan I have a challenge for you if you can find a lift for a year 2000 2500 crew cab Chevy that's not a body lift i will buy 100$ worth of stuff off your site........ deal?

    • Blake Wathen
      Blake Wathen

      The reason I'm asking for his help is because I've been looking for years for one and I think they literally dont make them like the truck was built it the crossover period when chevy was mixing with GM so it is a chevy but has a GM vin....its a Frankenstein truck

  • lbhamlo

    My RAM Rebel remote start does the same thing, took it in to the dealership and they fixed it since it was still under warranty.

  • Henry McTighe
    Henry McTighe

    What year is your hellcat

  • Devyn Shaw
    Devyn Shaw

    Just letting you know the link to your website isn’t working. it’s not blue.

  • Bro Gaming
    Bro Gaming

    Yo Ryan you should make steering wheel covers with your company

  • Dallas Quebedeaux
    Dallas Quebedeaux

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    T.C. Murphey

    Found the channel and watched the purple bedliner video. Channel is sick

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    Grant Thompson

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    Jay Money

    The hellcat sounds BAD ASS

  • Paul Norville
    Paul Norville

    Next time put something to block the front wheels cuz your driveway is on a slope. Nice work tho!!! 👍🏽

  • ToxicMayhem

    I love ya bud... But I would have to disagree... I know we're talking 6.4 naturally aspirated vs 6.2 super charged, and maybe that's the key here but after I did the khaos Motorsports mid muffler delete I ended up finding a borla atak cat back on eBay for stupid cheap.. had to grab it at the price it was offered at... Night and day difference!! Don't get me wrong.. the mid muffler delete sounded good, but that borla made the chally sound sooo much better!! Still a great vid though! And for under $100 you can't go wrong..

  • Hagi Woodworks
    Hagi Woodworks

    I love 4 minute merch plugs

  • obs_ Community
    obs_ Community

    When I first started going on the trails where I’m from I used my blinkers and people put me on blast for it lmao and I’ve used my blinker to back up to it’s not just you 😂😂😂

  • Rome Brown
    Rome Brown

    That's why you should wear gloves my brother

  • Rome Brown
    Rome Brown

    Like this background music

  • D-man 1424
    D-man 1424

    Now remove the resonators 😈

  • hicksboyz media
    hicksboyz media

    Ouch I feel your pain and I’m at my pc watching this and I’m like man that hurt 😞

  • Rich Bentley
    Rich Bentley

    For the love of God please please please pull that blue tape off the driver's door. It is driving me insane.

  • Can’t stop won’t stop
    Can’t stop won’t stop

    It’s been said in the comments already but purple tips for the hellcat need to happen. Yes, just the tips.

  • James Lenzen
    James Lenzen

    Check out carven exhaust for the tips

  • steve h
    steve h

    Matte black is also good for tinted windows. Gives a ghost effect

  • Jared Osborne
    Jared Osborne

    What kind of tuner did you use for the Silverado?

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    Danny Silva

    Just added u on snapchat btw 😂

  • Danny Silva
    Danny Silva

    All I gotta say is...... WOW

  • Ashton

    I like how the inside of the hood is still maroon

  • Bradley Wadsworth
    Bradley Wadsworth

    How would I make a good IRbin channel I work on a 1997 Ford and I was curious how to start off a IRbin channel

    • J. W Tiny
      J. W Tiny

      Bradley Wadsworth explosives,,, Blow it up. That will get views. Then get a GM or RAM to build going forward. Lolooololl. Good luck. I will follow if u nuke the ford.

  • J. W Tiny
    J. W Tiny

    You need to watch Tommy Boy. “Hey, there’s even a fridge,,,,, you could put six packs of bee,,,,,,,(looks at his dad) soda, errr milk, yogurt” haha Hahahahahahahah. Hysterical.

  • Jake Nash
    Jake Nash

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    Jake Nash

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    Samuel Hunter

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    Wee Man

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  • Heather

    Are you getting full zip hoodies? 🇨🇦❤️

  • will mccune
    will mccune

    yo ryan, how did u wire ur day time running lights in the headlights on ur truck. i wanna put some aftermarkets with my 2014 Ram 2500 that doesnt have drl’s stock but still trying to figure out how to wire em.

    • J. W Tiny
      J. W Tiny

      will mccune Morimotos. 1300 bucks. Worth it. Easy job to do. It’s all plug and play with 1 additional site to the panel box under hood. Takes 5 seconds for the fused wire. Mayb an hour for the entire job. Good luck. I get compliments every day.

    • J. W Tiny
      J. W Tiny

      The lights are Morimoto and have one wire that u add to a fuse in the panel. Takes 5 seconds. He has the link on that episode. They are a bit pricey but worth it. It’s about an hour job with just a few tools 1400 bucks but u can sell your factories and recoup Mayb 5-600.


      Fuse box to a switched power fuse!

  • Will Knight
    Will Knight

    SOUNDS WAY BETTER 🔥🔥 great video brooo

  • Jon Hernandez
    Jon Hernandez

    Why don’t you try to powder coat the tips? Idk if I’m just being dumb, but that was the first thing that came to mind when you said you wanted to get rid of the chrome

  • will griffin
    will griffin

    I hope the wheels are 10 wide 22 chrome reps

  • malibu 2016
    malibu 2016

    U need the Borla attack

  • whatsG00DYjay

    Ryan put a BWoody intake on ur hellcat bc that thing will Whine so damn loud

  • Levi Alexander
    Levi Alexander

    Can we get dually wheels

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    Hero Song125

    Nice vid keep them coming

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    Marty Kik

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