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    For some Reason the mobile youtube app isn’t playing nice right now! It plays on the desktop site! Hope to get it resolved quickly!!

    • Yuzzlebub 614
      Yuzzlebub 614

      Are you in Columbus?

    • tramp team
      tramp team

      What did you use to get the adhesive off

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers

      Has she pressure washed the frame yet.. Or is that typical ohio rust?

    • Jordan Solomon
      Jordan Solomon

      Im not having any problems 9n my phone

    • Jacob Boberg
      Jacob Boberg

      Ryan I love this build your doing it's giving me ideas for my tahoe 😍 even though mines just about done lol riding 35s and three inch lift

  • Pikaluarzard

    I Would of only took the ta off the badges

  • sepseven

    Where did u get the gloss black Tahoe emblems? Any links? Or website?

  • Cash Landis
    Cash Landis

    Do they make a pedal monster for 2004 tahoe 5.3 ??

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Had to fast forward through the pos ford exhaust

  • Bobby Roberts
    Bobby Roberts

    Where you get the badges?

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    I didn’t hear you mention doing a hot re-torque I would highly recommend doing that before you put the turbo on, you could literally go out get up to temperature do a re-torque as you’re letting it cool down work on your turbos.

  • PX3_Ops Yt
    PX3_Ops Yt

    Is he gay? Or bi

  • Jeff Driggett
    Jeff Driggett

    I cant wait to see how sweet the Tahoe will look. Where can I get color seat belts?


      Safety restore!

  • Michael Gold
    Michael Gold

    What state and city does Ryan live in??? Just curious when he said mid west...

  • Domenic catarzi
    Domenic catarzi

    That’s called the Carolina squat lol no diss on it but I would prefer a whole lift

  • Gregory Cain
    Gregory Cain

    Ryans like me he ant paying nobody to do shit lol


    What did you use to wipe off the left over glue when you changed from chrome to black?


      Jax wax bug zapper!

  • Dans diecast car Reviews
    Dans diecast car Reviews

    This is like stradmans purple gang

  • Jesse McLaughlin
    Jesse McLaughlin

    Toot it uppp

  • Hall’s Customs
    Hall’s Customs

    Hey man do you still have a link to your vinyl cutter that you have? Thanks!!

  • Justin Szuja
    Justin Szuja


  • BIGCASE Gaming and more
    BIGCASE Gaming and more

    Is it going to be swatted

  • 1_wide_5.4

    Plz take off the t and the a off the badge

  • The V8 Hooligan
    The V8 Hooligan

    Slow but steady. Sometimes this is how it goes 👍🏽 Good to see real world stuff going on. Small things here and there before the big stuff.

  • Justice Wallace
    Justice Wallace

    Where did you get all the badges in one kit? I’m looking for some for my vw Passat in black

  • Tim Arnett
    Tim Arnett

    Are y’all going to some somthing about the frame rust on the 6.0?

  • scraigt101

    *Revs engine* Ryan: "That just never gets old." Entire Neighborhood: "Yes it does."

  • FB3 TV
    FB3 TV

    Would have been clean de-badged.

    • FB3 TV
      FB3 TV

      When I got mines in 2007 I just plasti diped them. 😅

  • BassManBobBassCovers

    Those bastards! They only put 1 LT in the package so you have to buy 2... SMH

  • Larry Deaton
    Larry Deaton

    If you put tow mirrors on it, I would be interested in your old mirrors

  • 19 Denali Ultimate
    19 Denali Ultimate

    While your tinting those windows might I make a suggestion? Throw a layer of 5% on the sunroof while your at it, it definitely helps keep it cooler. I had mine done on my 19 Denali Sierra.

  • Jimbo Collins
    Jimbo Collins

    New subscriber here, super excited about the Tahoe build but.... Durango Hellcat, man!


      I seeen that! 3 rows and 707! Sheeesh!

  • Blade Bibelhauser
    Blade Bibelhauser

    I think it would look better without the LT honestly

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    JaxWax Bugzapper to remove the emblems 😂 never would of thought of that but does it seem to remove it pretty fast

  • G D
    G D

    6.0 sounds awsome and I’d just leave the Tahoe badges off... way cleaner look IMO

  • Fatty3232

    Why don't you like Chrome?? The black looks good but Chrome is shinny

  • Caleb Wallace
    Caleb Wallace

    Black out the windows

  • Shane B
    Shane B

    Ryan where did you get the new gloss black Tahoe letters??

  • Dylan Landon
    Dylan Landon

    What product did you use to remove the glue from the badges you removed?

  • Devin Reimers
    Devin Reimers

    How much for the Tahoe wheels and tires once you lift it? I’m trying to find a set with decent tires for the winter

  • Blake Novitski
    Blake Novitski

    If you spray the rubber part of exhaust hanger with WD40 and then let it sit for 10 seconds they slide right off. Can’t wait for the tahoe build!!

  • 7.3L

    If it were my truck I would go with a more rugged look, smaller rims like 20x12s with 37s or something + a brush guard bumper lol... common look here in tx

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    Hey Ryan what did u used this time to remove ur adhesive from the emblem? I know go gone but u didn't like it so just wondering if u used the decal remove wheels tool or something else? Thanks

  • BackWoodsJare211

    def could use your touch on the frame.. maybe get it sand blasted

  • Ruben Padilla
    Ruben Padilla

    What tuner are you running on ur charger

  • Whocaresno1

    Why not a new tahoe looks outdated

  • J B
    J B

    If you really want to make it badass you’ll have to take those stupid moldings off of the doors

  • Tony Decker
    Tony Decker

    dude really likes those black tips..... lol jk nice vid

  • Stacy Pfeil
    Stacy Pfeil

    G! Where is the owner of the truck? Thought she would work on her own truck!

  • Dino Nuggets
    Dino Nuggets

    It’s not gonna be tooted up 😔

  • Fuwell 810
    Fuwell 810

    Did you sell the Silverado? I guess I haven’t been watching much recently!

  • Jared Osborne
    Jared Osborne

    What did you use to get the adhesive off? Thanks in advance

  • Ford Tough
    Ford Tough

    Tow mirrors on the Tahoe an true dual straight pipes on it

  • Matt G
    Matt G

    Now that Ohio changed the front plate requirements you have more space for sponsor stuff on your builds 👍

  • N_Larsh14

    A little tip next time you're doing emblems like this, put tape underneath to get the straight line then mark the edges of each letter that way you can put the letters back in the same spot and be 100% straight. Just an easy and simple little trick for ya bud!!

  • Larry Selfridge
    Larry Selfridge

    What adhesive remover are you using ?

  • Tyler Richardson
    Tyler Richardson

    Straight pipe the Tahoe

  • John Overman
    John Overman

    Imo remove all the emblems. Looks so clean with all of them off.

  • Patrick Ford
    Patrick Ford

    Take the T and A off of you Tahoe badge

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Awesome congratulations to all the winners 👍🏻 Tahoe looks good

  • Blade's Toy Shop
    Blade's Toy Shop

    I've got the little brother of this bad boy; a 2004 Trailblazer. Love it to pieces, except for the blasted roof rack. That is going to be going away soon.

  • kyran boldt
    kyran boldt

    New Escalade taillights would look sick on the Tahoe

  • Antonio Woods
    Antonio Woods

    came because i saw “toot it up” in the thumbnail left because he said he ain’t doin it😐

  • Jake J4x4
    Jake J4x4

    Just a suggestion, maybe u can make some (LFTD CO) emblems for ram tailgates.

  • Rustin Jackson
    Rustin Jackson

    You should watch everythang diesel on his compound install

  • joshsfoxbody

    Do the Tahoe in red and white and use the extra three badges and put ho ho ho on the back👍

  • Steve Dyer
    Steve Dyer

    Paint make it what it ain't!

  • XanMan1980

    The black badges are definitely better than the chrome ones. But it would look way cleaner if you just debadged the entire Tahoe.

  • Humberto Guevara
    Humberto Guevara

    S/O 815

  • Michael Melanson
    Michael Melanson

    where do you get your black badges from

  • jake pritchard
    jake pritchard

    Where’s the purple Silverado ?

  • PowerStroke For the win
    PowerStroke For the win

    I don’t know if you have thought about this or not but I would put a nice exhaust and a cam in the Tahoe

  • Steven K Irving
    Steven K Irving

    Can you wrap rims? and not buy new ones?

  • Quickscope dipping
    Quickscope dipping

    This did cheating with the heat gun 😂 when I did mine I used fishing string

  • zach S
    zach S

    Am I just cheap or would anyone else leave the LT off.

  • Emiliano Zepeda
    Emiliano Zepeda



    Loving the vids dude, keep it up and keep liking our comments!

  • Kodi Hull
    Kodi Hull

    A cummins guy loves the ford powerstroke sound sell the cummins and build a badass powerstroke

  • Jk Outdoors
    Jk Outdoors

    Where other truck


    Squat it

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    Some ideas for new merch that I would love would be a mechanics style button up shirt

  • smokey joe
    smokey joe

    Kinda jealous on how easy the 4inch went in on the 6.0 I did the 5inch and had to fight a little with it so I didn't have it touching and rattling against frame and cross member

  • Jason MOWREY
    Jason MOWREY

    What's the best aftermarket exhaust for 19 cummins

  • Justin Hatfield
    Justin Hatfield

    Hey with the 6.0 don’t use claps weld it cuz the claps with just vibrate lose my ole 7.3 did that

  • LUCiD

    So hyped for the build progress

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards

    Woman's truck bro I tell her

  • Aldo Rivera
    Aldo Rivera

    Tint the hellcat’s tail lights looks WAY better!

  • IProSplit

    Toot it up

  • Vesten Metcalfe
    Vesten Metcalfe

    Where you took the DODGE letters off the you should put green dodge letters back on that would be so sick with all those black emblems

  • ENBarber

    De badge it bro no letters no bow tie badge

  • ENBarber

    lol man why do dudes do that to there truck lol raise it up and make it lean lol always cracks me up .... it’s like they only had enough money to raise the front and not the back

  • Jeremy Norwood
    Jeremy Norwood

    Don’t forget the front srt badge on the hell cat

  • malyk 188
    malyk 188

    Red and purple Tahoe 🤔

  • Jeileel Benekin
    Jeileel Benekin

    I’m so ready for the finished build on the Tahoe🥶

  • Gucci Bonds III
    Gucci Bonds III

    take a note from dmax Ryno '05 build. That will be a real build. You mom van Tahoe aint gonna be cool no matter what u do bro. its a v6 gas job SUV....

    • XanMan1980

      Are you dumb? It’s a v8

  • Gucci Bonds III
    Gucci Bonds III

    team unsubscribes cuz u bought a mom suv and cheeped out

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    LMAO, this kid is giving away shit people don't even want. WTF are you supposed to do with wheels you don't have a car for? bhahahha

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    185k subs and 50k views a video doens't get you a $2k lift kit from a supplier. LOL This kid thinking he can get freebies with his small viewership.

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    This dummy removed the cat on an already nasty smelling diesel. LOL

  • Phil Matters
    Phil Matters

    After the lift it’ll be a “Tall-Hoe” 😂

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Can’t wait for the build! Also think you should’ve just left out the LT

  • Marty Bashynski
    Marty Bashynski

    6.0 is the build I’ve been waiting for🤘🏻

  • Caleb Kitchen
    Caleb Kitchen

    Didn’t think I’d be so excited for a Tahoe build. But it looks goooood

  • Brevan Hansen
    Brevan Hansen

    Tint the reverse lights on the hellcat so it is solid black back there, also the Tahoe looks 10000000x better