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    I wondered why you had so many trees hanging from the mirror. Then I heard how excited for the headlights. Where do you keep the wet wipes? They look awesome. Makes me miss my Red Tahoe.

  • Brian Clifford
    Brian Clifford

    Almost 200k subscribers, your doing it Ryan!!!🤙🤙

  • Christopher Tucker
    Christopher Tucker

    The design teams said, "How can we get the most money out of our consumers? Lets make it impossible to customize or do simple repairs."

  • Jr vz
    Jr vz

    You should do the interior its going to look cool from the outside but the insida lamee

  • Ryan J. Zuvich KRJZ1⃣ BB
    Ryan J. Zuvich KRJZ1⃣ BB

    New fog lights soon?

  • Airballsquad Tv
    Airballsquad Tv

    When doing your headlights

  • Airballsquad Tv
    Airballsquad Tv

    Your supposed to take your grill out to

  • Richard Tirado
    Richard Tirado

    I really like the Tahoe, that's the truck I've always wanted and in that color.

  • Kyrollos Zakhary
    Kyrollos Zakhary

    The headlights are beautiful and perfectly match. Even if you did them on your own, they are amazing ! Great job bro!

  • franco netro
    franco netro

    Hell yeah man love this channel hope u keep doing it


      Thank you Franco!

  • Fatty3232

    Do you charge ppl or is it a hobby for you and more stuff for you to learn?

    • Fatty3232

      @RYAN MAYER wish l lived closer so i could learn from ya.. im picking up so stuff but my hobbies are motorcycles and sound systems... keep up the great work. Im learning alot from you


      I do work for some on the side but just love to learn and grow my man!

  • noTICEme

    You must have the tallest head.

  • MrKawi

    Please take that Serpentini Chevy plate off. Lol.


      Yes sir! Hahaha

  • Lake Powell Guy
    Lake Powell Guy

    Jax wax code isn’t working

    • Lake Powell Guy
      Lake Powell Guy

      Aww man thanks though


      When they run a sale they done let you double up! :((

  • Ricky Dukes
    Ricky Dukes

    Dude that is sick. Them headlights look awesome


      Thanks Ricky!

  • DontShootMe777

    Looks Fantastic!

  • Zachary Castillo
    Zachary Castillo

    Love the vids keep it up boss


      Thanks Zachary!!!

  • Zachary Castillo
    Zachary Castillo

    When is the next video

  • Don Personal
    Don Personal

    after working on a Honda it is easy to notice what a good job Honda does at engineering. these headlights are just one example of how Honda makes a better car. unfortunately they don’t make it in the size of the Tahoe/Suburbans

  • Steve 319
    Steve 319

    Engineers were laughing when they designed the headlights just as they were when they designed the oil plug right above the cross member in most vehicles.


      Really tho!

  • redneck shit
    redneck shit

    Put dual exhaust on the Colorado

  • truck fix boyz
    truck fix boyz

    You do a better job than factory💪 keep it up man😉

  • project_raven _
    project_raven _

    I have to remove my entire front bumper on my 17 tahoe lol very strange design

  • Josip Marinkov
    Josip Marinkov

    Hmm what you thing about Opel Astra G...Is it good car for some moding?

  • Derrick's Outdoor Adventures
    Derrick's Outdoor Adventures

    Just found out we’re moving to wright Patterson in a couple months would be awesome to have a subscriber meetup

  • Ronald Grandi
    Ronald Grandi

    Hey Ryan you and Kate are the best


      Ronald Grandi thanks Ronald!!!

  • Bugle Boys
    Bugle Boys

    Black the Colorado out

  • Brennan Newberry
    Brennan Newberry

    May I ask what brand are the headlights on the Tahoe?


      Alpha rex!

  • Matthew Piper
    Matthew Piper

    Sent you a message on ig about your tis wheels. Just a heads up with your tis center caps. You'll need to put some washers between the 2 pieces of plastic so you dont break the plastic pieces that hold your center cap on.

  • Mallory Vice
    Mallory Vice

    Dude do you not wake up until like 5pm because within the first 5-7 minutes of every video it’s always dark.


      Hahahha no! I just work all day and I give y’all the best 10-30min!

  • Marcelo Aviles
    Marcelo Aviles

    What’s that song called on minute 11:40

  • Ricky LaFleur
    Ricky LaFleur


  • Thomas Mitchell
    Thomas Mitchell

    Love this channel with the DIY based content. Keep it up man! Got a 2000 silverado I'm rebuilding and an 03 tahoe that's my daily I'm doing little things to appearance wise

    • Thomas Mitchell
      Thomas Mitchell

      @RYAN MAYER mine is the metalloc redfire color and I just cant get over the color of it in the sun. And the interior is mint. It sat for a few years till I got the chance to buy it it and could not turn down the price I gave for it


      Dude.....I love my Tahoe cannot get over it

  • Court Baldwin
    Court Baldwin

    Shuffled through a lot of truck based how to vlog channels and yours surpassed them no doubt your energy and transparency with the builds is priceless #LFTD


      Thank you for the kind words! Love hearing what got y’all here!

  • Nic Mersino
    Nic Mersino

    Are we gonna see another build type like the Silverado? I loved that one would love to see another one like it

  • Christopher Davila-Velez
    Christopher Davila-Velez

    I need those head lights!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Thanks again for doing that bed liner!!! It looks amazing 😍

  • Brian Wolfe
    Brian Wolfe

    Idk man Imo it looked better with the running lights just white. Everything else on the headlight is cool but I would've kept the running light clear

  • Lucas Rudd
    Lucas Rudd

    leave it to ryan to make a truck bed look sexy

  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon

    GM headlight removal is a PIA had a Denali same way Moronic

  • D D
    D D

    That Spanish song is banging!!!

  • Josh Escue
    Josh Escue

    I’ve watched your channel since the Ram was your first project after hours and it is amazing! You are quite the inspiration to take a dream for a truck and turn it into a SEMA show truck as well as your other vehicles and what your channel has grown into. It’s awesome to watch you keep pushing your Dreams and see where this will take you! You’ve inspired me to keep watching and try to pursue those dreams as well. I’ve had several Ram Trucks, one that was lifted and modified, but nothing like yours and a Tahoe that was lifted with a few mods as well. Just never has the vision you did but maybe one day! I will say, I absolutely love the Tahoe and the direction it’s headed! Can’t wait to see the end product as I’m sure it will be amazing!!! Thanks again for all of the inspiration, honesty, gratitude and humility that you put into what you do! Keep up the great work!

  • Gran Magnate
    Gran Magnate

    Does a set of headlights and captions you cant get more custom😒😒😂😂

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd

    Love the comstem headlights

  • Joe Mosher
    Joe Mosher

    Makes it look like a trailblazer to me. Looks good just looks throw backish

  • 03 Bodied Stepside
    03 Bodied Stepside

    You know those toys that the eyes pop out when squeezed? Similar look now! 😂😂

  • Jeff Driggett
    Jeff Driggett

    The Tahoe is looking amazing

  • mayra Vega
    mayra Vega

    Dude to b honest with u your videos are my favorite

  • mayra Vega
    mayra Vega

    Love the music 🎶

  • Domenic Cotoni
    Domenic Cotoni

    Holy sh*t those look good

  • tooltas

    yes custom but not more custom swap the hole clip with a hd sliverrodo or 14 one

  • Ray Trotter
    Ray Trotter

    I started following you a little over a year ago, the reason why I'm still hear is that you take on all these projects yourself, its awsome to see you do all the things, mad respect.. keep killing it.. looking foward to more stuff

    • Ray Trotter
      Ray Trotter

      @RYAN MAYER anytime sir


      Thanks ray! It means a lot!

  • Rick Sasek
    Rick Sasek

    Thank you for teaching us different things on cars and trucks

  • Anthony Mcelroy
    Anthony Mcelroy

    Do a tesla screen in it !!!!!

  • Minecraft Human
    Minecraft Human

    Wow the headlights do look pretty damn cool

  • fred d
    fred d

    Would you do this to my new 2020 ram ?

  • Corey Aviles
    Corey Aviles

    Man this thing is gonna be badass! Keep up the work bub👌🏾

  • Daniel Turko
    Daniel Turko

    Raptor liner is amazing so much i did my whole ram in it

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez

    Epic truck ,great job Man!!!

  • DirtJeeping

    Ur welcome bro but I need u to deck out my 13 Ford Edge ok cool

  • bubba102683

    Have you considered using the pressure wash + sand attachment to scuff the bed for liners?

  • bblazeff1

    Wow those headlights look dope. I want those for my Ram. Edit: How much to re-do my bedliner with that? For you to do it?

  • Braeden Harder
    Braeden Harder

    Gotta love the basketball shorts and cowboy boots

  • Kyle Phillips
    Kyle Phillips

    I wanna lift my 08 escalade so im following this! I cant find much in Canada

  • craig antone
    craig antone

    What kind of light bulbs r u running on the Alpharex?


    That is the hottest Tahoe

  • lbhamlo

    Looking very good! Question: Can Raptor Liner be sprayed onto a plastic front bumper fascia?

  • Austin Sartori
    Austin Sartori

    She’s looking mean know🤙🏻

  • Cayden Bennink
    Cayden Bennink

    Put halos for the fogs

  • Jesus Nunez
    Jesus Nunez

    I’ve never been a fan of building a Tahoe, I think your starting to change my mind

  • kaden hayes
    kaden hayes

    Twin Turbo it??

  • Zachary Cole
    Zachary Cole

    Slap SS in the grill and it’ll look like a trailblazer...

  • Depressed Potato
    Depressed Potato

    You should do a ranger build next

  • Alexander Pagan
    Alexander Pagan

    Awesome work!!

  • Winston Jessop
    Winston Jessop

    So is 100 psi good for raptor liner because I tried to spray raptor at 40 to 60 psi and it did not turn out well, I thought it was a low psi

  • Elpina backwards Is a niple
    Elpina backwards Is a niple

    With those headlights it kinda looks like a trailblazer now. Everybody with a trailblazer in indiana gets headlights like that

  • Fortnite

    That’s how a lot of vehicles do it with that 3rd headlight bolt It sucks lol my 2010 dodge 1500 was the same way

  • Underpaid OwnerOp
    Underpaid OwnerOp

    Check your dms Ryan

  • zach S
    zach S

    I would consider putting it on Katie's F-250 for the frame

  • zach S
    zach S

    Maybe for your next winter project do paint match raptor liner on the rockers for extra corrosion resistance.

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    Probably so that the headlights won’t fall out easily- they aren’t supposed to come out easy 😆😂

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    My wife had to rock me to sleep last night cause the headlights are so aggwessive and Scarewee! 😆

  • Ruthless Jesse James
    Ruthless Jesse James

    Great Video! Love the bedliner!

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Can’t wIt for ur girl truck to get going

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Next is the fog lights

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    All new Models are that way. My 2014 Toyota tacoma is that way too

  • ryan cenzer
    ryan cenzer

    The lights turned out great . Total different look. Ready for the lift and tires

  • Keith Pierson
    Keith Pierson

    All you green quad and car should have purple like the truck

  • Jimmy Paskoules
    Jimmy Paskoules

    Looks good man... you need to get that plate delete for the middle of the front bumper get that bright ass plate out of there! Cant wait to see the rims on it lifted

  • Nolan Jenich
    Nolan Jenich

    Tahoe is looking fire🔥 love coming back to this channel for a new video

  • bigcoutree1986

    quality channel subscribed.... i just picked up a 07 escalade myself

  • Maui Boy
    Maui Boy

    Maybe so no one steals it as easy.

  • Jason Wiroll
    Jason Wiroll

    Chevy does that to this day with their headlights

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    This lift needs to hurry up and arrive already. Want to see this project finished!

  • jadon borwn
    jadon borwn

    #favorite IRbin channel

  • Yediel Velez
    Yediel Velez

    Good Spanish song

  • Iese Tuuao
    Iese Tuuao

    You the man Ryan! Thanks for all the work in making these video. Keep up the good work bro. Come to Hawaii, I got a 2016 GMC Yukon XL that I want to lift and trick out. Take care🤙🏽

  • ACE Automotive
    ACE Automotive

    To replace my 2015 altima headlight housings i had to take off the whole bumper and a lot of the plastic in the engine bay. peeling back the wheel well a bit doesn’t seem too bad to me

  • Jared Marcelino
    Jared Marcelino

    Hey Ryan I’ve been subscribed for a while now your builds have inspired me to build my truck and post on IRbin it’s a 2004 Ford F-150 my wife and I love watching yours and Katie’s videos keep on the grind

  • David's Island
    David's Island

    daaaaang son! yikes wrong video .