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  • James Hetfield
    James Hetfield

    Sucks having no imagination

  • eli byrd
    eli byrd

    Where did u get the rims send me a link

  • Brian Pluff
    Brian Pluff

    Them wheels on the eco look so bad ass

  • Josh

    Love your channel though! Never miss a show. Keep it bro.

  • Josh

    Ryan, Going to be the Perfect stance just don’t know about the swirly wheels yet. I put 2” spacers behind my factory wheels lie yours few sizes up on tires and it looks really good!

  • Noah Colter
    Noah Colter

    Riding videos!!!!!

  • RandydaBarber

    I’m Inlove with this eco diesel bro

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Its still mesmerizing how you got 3 trucks and a charger

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Those fuel runners are so dope im happy that spoked rims make you happy i wanna get 5 spoke strada perfectos for the 2019 kia cadenza

  • Cohen Liggett
    Cohen Liggett

    Do a ford

  • Justin Lind
    Justin Lind

    Have you thought about blacking out the B pillars on the Eco Diesel? I've always preferred the flow of the windows without the colored interruption.

  • nathan jay
    nathan jay

    Those are draft gear plates

  • Braeden Bertram
    Braeden Bertram

    Why a eco diesel, ain’t real smart bud😂

  • Camron King
    Camron King

    The truck looks noice, but paint matched bumpers mirrors and door handles with blacked out lights would look killer

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller

    Bro that would be dope to have some riding videos also!! You came a long way since the Jetta fr

  • BigTruck Garage
    BigTruck Garage

    NOOOOOOO IVE HAD THOSE RIMS 24x14 since October and now everyone’s getting them. Love the truck brother🔥😭

  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    I would love to see atv content. I will watch about anything.

  • Diego Goethals
    Diego Goethals

    Put drift taiers on qwat

  • car fan
    car fan

    Can't wait for two red spully snails in the banana ram

  • YoGoPro 1
    YoGoPro 1

    I thought it was black

  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer

    Are Katie and you still together

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    MT2 looks a lot better, I didn’t like the shape of their other one, it looks funky and square and just not cool.

  • Chase Boler
    Chase Boler

    How’s Katie’s truck coming along?

  • Raw Riding
    Raw Riding

    What kinda quad is that?

  • Kid Diesel
    Kid Diesel

    Where katie ryan????

  • Floyd Boy
    Floyd Boy

    New set up looking fresh

  • Jacob Freeman
    Jacob Freeman

    Love what you do man. Would love to see your tool setup. What brand is your hand tool preference?

  • Tyler Gribben
    Tyler Gribben

    ATV and outdoor stuff content would be great for the channel

  • MoparX18

    Enough with the ski resort glasses please

  • Josh Ogiba
    Josh Ogiba

    Changing the front headlights and front bumper on the eco diesel?

  • Davey Jacobs
    Davey Jacobs

    As an old man ,lol, I like the original ones better, js

  • Lane Atteridge
    Lane Atteridge

    Go buy some pallet racks then use the bottom one for a work bench and then put all your stuff up on the shelves to clean up your shop you'll have a lot more shop space

  • Garrett

    When the stimmy hits he gets all new stuff

  • Will Puckett
    Will Puckett

    you sure do love to tease us with not putting stuff on

  • code9876 _
    code9876 _

    Hey what kind of flares does your friend have on his dark grey ram? I’m in the market for some and really like the look of his.

  • Hank 14
    Hank 14

    Hell yeah been waiting to see how it was gonna turn out looks badass!!

  • Dylan Potrikus
    Dylan Potrikus

    What happened with you and Katie

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    Why should we be excited? I just want to see truck build stuff. I love your vids man but I’m getting tired of hearing talk about what your going to do. More building less updates bro.

  • DRO

    Hey my Dad can maybe make you a powder coat oven go check out his website on google the name is

  • TJ Holveck
    TJ Holveck

    I have those same wheels on my 2015 Ram 1500, except mine are 20x10 and -18 offset. Got them in Oct. of last year, get lots of compliments on them!

  • Parker Fletcher
    Parker Fletcher

    I would love some four wheeler content

  • Court Baldwin
    Court Baldwin


  • Thomas Conroy
    Thomas Conroy

    Mud flaps would look good on the lime

  • Dwigt

    Mud tires without sidewalls make me do the head tilt my dog does. I just don't get it.

  • Javier Trejo
    Javier Trejo

    Nice package wheels/ Tires am looking forward how will look mounted on the Eco Ram ... A lot things is going on in ur life Ryan Its a blessed all positive things 👌🏻 👌🏻

  • Pro2

    Those glasses a 🗑

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones

    Loving the ecodiesel!!! Im thinkjng about getting one but not sure if its the right truck for me or not. Keep up the sweet content!!! Not sure if i missed something but what happened with u and katie?

  • John Beyer
    John Beyer

    He needs a baby blue bronco

  • John Beyer
    John Beyer

    The eco diesel got the mini bed

  • Fish N Freaks
    Fish N Freaks

    Dude I would love to see some jet ski work! Love the vid! Keep up the great job

  • Virginia Gordon
    Virginia Gordon

    Did you and Katie separate. Why did she have to get her own shop and work on her truck her self? She needs your help


    They look big idk what youre talking about😂 biggest size id ever buy is a 18 cause 33s look like rubber bands on 20s amd 35s look like rubber bands on 22s

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 91


  • Shawn Tomlinson
    Shawn Tomlinson

    You inspire so many people to work hard and do what you want

    • 007fan091

      Like financing wheels and tires

  • Shawn Tomlinson
    Shawn Tomlinson

    Yo where katie been...what happened to her build

  • Cuban. Boy
    Cuban. Boy

    I wanna see riding videos and the jet ski 😂

  • Devin norwood
    Devin norwood

    Just Curious Where's Katie At did u guy's Break up???........

  • Danny Compton
    Danny Compton

    I gotta say... the stock tire size that was on the eco diesel looks way better than the crazy wide off set with super thin wheels. Just my taste. Maybe only a + size wider tire, but same size rims. Maybe with the same style rim you chose, but with the stock tires or plus sized one up for just a bit more width.

  • Derek Morris
    Derek Morris

    Did you and Katie break up 💔

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob

    Low key the stock wheels look good on the eco diesel but the new ones look even better

  • Justin Magill
    Justin Magill

    My 2nd passion besides my trucks is jet skis. In fact watching you wrap the Eco Diesel inspired me to do some vinyl wrap on my Yamaha FX SHO. Just waiting for the wrap to arrive and a nice weekend.

  • Jonathan Loftus
    Jonathan Loftus

    Ryan let’s get even crazier. I’m in PA let’s give that ecodiesel a evil twin brother.

  • James Gay
    James Gay

    Hey Ryan love everything you've done, been watching your videos since the purple cat eye Chevy. Just wondering if you're going to end up in the future doing trucks for individuals or if you're going to keep doing what you're doing and doing give aways. Just wondering and keep doing what you're doing love every truck you've done. Have to say being a Chevy a guy the Tahoe was my favorite next to 6.7 Lime. Oh by the way Urban Meyer is our new Coach. 🤘

  • 307_ SCOOT
    307_ SCOOT

    Garage looks empty now 😂

  • Ben Martin
    Ben Martin

    You should do a square body Chevy build

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Big things poppn broski 💪

  • Art Mont
    Art Mont

    RANDY MACHO MAN SAVAGE OOOOHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH when I see those snowboarding sunglasses 🤣😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Mason

    Those shades on another level

  • Camden Lollis
    Camden Lollis

    Favorite IRbinr! Love all your builds man!

  • Logan Kazmierczak
    Logan Kazmierczak

    These builds are so unique and badass!!

  • John Quirk
    John Quirk

    I'm interested in the steering wheel if it will work in my 2011

  • Kyle Glover
    Kyle Glover

    I bought these in the candy apple red for my 2020 rebel. Looks good

  • james t
    james t

    Love everything your doing. I'm still waiting on seeing a sling shot on the channel.

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Where is katie?

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Can you work on my ford?

  • GPU2

    It’s really neat seeing how far you’ve come man. We’re all very happy for ya! Not everyone gets to do what they love for a living 😁

  • shavon washington
    shavon washington

    How much for those 1500 stocks Ryan

  • Rocking E ranch Edeal
    Rocking E ranch Edeal

    Put green ram inside or it will rust

  • Chizzles playz
    Chizzles playz

    AnothA one. LOL. Love the vids so much and the trucks look so so good, especially banana ram with that star lite headliner. I think that has been one of the best mods so far

  • Scott Lanham
    Scott Lanham

    Fucking sweet

  • Ram trucks
    Ram trucks

    Yeah you should make some riding videos, and nice video

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Well done my guy

  • FILZ F
    FILZ F

    YesSiRr!! Mate..Hektik Sunny's!! LoL! You de MaN Bruhh...look at thouz Bloody tRuck.. Awesome Machinez!! Thankz for sharing Mate.. much Appreciated!! Stay Bless and Stay Safe out there!! P.s..Now you got a big azz Dumpster bin..Now you gottA watch out for Dumpster Divers!!🤣😆😭🤙👊!!

  • Tim Britt
    Tim Britt

    Wish I could afford rims and tires like that for my truck

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    how about the mega cab

  • Cliff Cook
    Cliff Cook

    Hey did you get my order from October in the mail yet?.... you were going to check on it last week...

  • Christopher Colegrove
    Christopher Colegrove

    Those rims would look awesome with the silver being Orange!!! Just sayin’!

  • Cowabongga —-
    Cowabongga —-

    Great video captain clickbait. If you want to skip to part where the wheels and tires will blow your mind or whatever it literally isn’t in this video.

  • Boudrouxatnight G
    Boudrouxatnight G

    Sick setup!!!! Tho the black with the chrome faces like I suggested and seems you were leaning to also would really have been badass. But these are very nice as well.

  • Shawn Kinter
    Shawn Kinter

    Where's Katie ben having seen her. In the vids

  • RustyBones Garage
    RustyBones Garage

    Yea, Where's Katie???????????????????

  • Lyndon Hamby
    Lyndon Hamby

    Now ya talking. Wheels look good 🔥👍

  • The Country Boy YouTube Channel
    The Country Boy YouTube Channel

    Should have went 24/12 on those wheels

  • Shaun Griffin
    Shaun Griffin

    How about a series of videos lifting your quad, putting big mudders on there

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell

    Where is Katie

  • Deegan Norman
    Deegan Norman

    Are you still gonna build a bronco

  • Shelby Bowman
    Shelby Bowman

    I randomly thought “where’s Katie’s 6oh at??” and then I found out 🤯🤯

    • Tim J
      Tim J

      @Art Mont he replied to someone in the last video why they're no longer together.

    • Art Mont
      Art Mont

      Ok so what’s the “then I found out” tell us what’s the deal everybody keeps on asking for her?

  • Gabriel Haggard
    Gabriel Haggard

    send it. let’s do a atv vlog day lol

  • TX Stealth Fighter
    TX Stealth Fighter

    I can’t wait to see what happens

  • Robert Keen building my Life Show
    Robert Keen building my Life Show

    Major life motivations, goals....